The Rosy Crucifixion by Nina


......and the blue candle night. I want those candle boys...!


Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

(Information of a schedule in September ) By Hikaru

Summer of Japan was very hot!
It rained and it became cool today.

I will have rest on 15th Monday to 23rd on Sunday in September.

Thank you for your understanding.

Other introduction is renewal of a gallery.

Sweet Revenge 2


enjoy it!

Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Steaming Hot by Nina

P is one of my talented submissive who can create his sub-zone during the session. Our session is getting intense each time, and I'm sure we both expect that.
This time he was tied up, caned and whipped hard, suspended with rope, electrified, nipple and penis tortured, wrapped by a bondage tape and tramped.
I was wearing a latex dress with pair of leather boots. Sweat streamed down my body and made the floor wet. So was he!





Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Domina Mao is Taking a Long Vacation


As some of our members already know, domina Mao is taking a long vacation.
She is expected to be back in 2 to 3 month if earliest.
To all the fans of domina Mao, please wait for her to come back.
We will announce here and on our facebook page if there is any updates.

Domina Mao's blog and Rie's blog have entries about the vacation(written in Japanese).

Notification: confirmation of the appointment in Singapore


Dear our member who booked with mistress Akiho at 7:30pm on Thursday 29th August in Singapore,

Could you please give us the confirmation email as soon as you'd read this topic?
Because we should let you know the detailed information about your session.
At that time, please tell us your membership number and name as usual.
We'd appreciate for your cooperation.

We are looking forward to your contact us.

La Siora

Akiho Singapore Session Available!


Hello, how are you all today? We have a good news for Akiho fans in Singapore.

As one cancellation occurs on Akiho's schedule in Singapore, now we are able to make a reservation on Aug 28 (Wed) from 16:00. In addition, as we got so many offers, we decided to have sessions on Aug 30 (Fri) 16:00-20:00 as well. You have chance to make a reservation even if you are not La Siora member yet. Don't miss this chance!

*Aug. 28 (Wed)
Time: 16:00~ 70min or 100min
Notice: Only La Siora member who had had a session with her before.

*Aug. 30 (Fri)
Time: 16:00-20:00
Notice: Anyone can make appointment on 30th, but please reserve a room for the session by yourself. Hotel should be in the central area in Singapore.

We would like to thank deeply for receiving so many mails from La Siora fans in Singapore.
We look forward to hearing from you this time, too!

Domina Hikaru's gallery part 2 Updated!!


We just updated domina Hikaru's gallery part 2!

"I invited my subordinate out to dinner with a secret intention, but, she was a sadist!"
... You will imagine such story when you will see her gallery.

Please check the beautiful photos on the following link!

Hikaru /Sweet Revenge2

(What is your language?) by Hikaru

I was born in Japan.
I grew up in Tokyo.

I speak Japanese and little bit of English.

I think Language is not enough to tell our emotions for sometimes.

I wonder if we could talk to each other easily,
the world should be changed...

That's why I like to express myself without language.

But it is not easy to take off our clothes of our stress, misunderstanding and vexations also pain.

So I hope BDSM is a way to refresh your mind.

I will kill you.
And I give you a re-birth as a mother...


Tell me your language.

*Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Domina Akiho's session schedule in Singapore!


Here's a great information for Akiho's fans!
We would llike to announce that Akiho will visit Singapore in the end of August!

Central Area in Singapore.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us via e-mail.

La Siora

Midsummer Greeting

Happy summertime!

I have been absent for a long time here, this is Rie.
Today let's take a journey to a summer resort!
Well, not taking a trip to somewhere far, but right here in Tokyo.

When it comes to Japanese summer,
it's watermelons.

Furin(a wind-bell).

And goldfish!
Don't they make you feel breezy?

And let me introduce an aquarium unique to Japanese summer.



Those who visiting Japan on your vacation,
those who are on Japanese bon holiday,
and those who are working in Tokyo,
how about dropping there by after your session or work?
I am sure everyone can enjoy!
Good thing it opens late until 11:30p.m..
A night aquarium you can visit when the sun goes down...how romantic.

Enjoy a wonderful summer night!

Domina Akiho's Singapore Trip!


La Siora's summber lady, domina Akiho will visit Singapore from Wednesday 27th August to Friday 30th August!
We will update her schedule as soon as it is confirmed, so please wait for the next update!

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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