Human pony By Shinobu

He is a very famous human pony in Japan.
These are handmade of him.

He is put spurs my Thigh-high boots.


He said, this is not selling quantities is small.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

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sugar rush by Nina


Thank you everyone for giving me lots of sweets, cakes, tart, pies and chocolate! That was so sweeeet :))) I still feel like I am immersed in sugar. I can't put all the pictures here, but my home was filled with lots of sweets and every time I saw it my heart melted.


最近我收到了很多的蛋糕、朱古力・・・好開心。士多啤梨(shortcake)、栗子、每款都美味、唔太甜正。Cherry pie 的香香甜甜的感覺真的很好吃。多謝~

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Pianists By Nina


I grew up surrounded by classical music. I played piano for quite a long time and one of my hobby is listening to piano.

Nobuyuki Tsujii (辻井伸行) is blind since he was born, but was gifted with a talent for music. I'm still in awe that one can play such incredibly touching piano... He can see the sound.
I would love to see his live performance.

[Chopin Revolutionary Etude]

[Cliburn Competition Preliminary Recital]

I also like Yundi Li (李雲迪)'s performance. He is the winner of International Chopin Competition in 2000.
[Yundi Li 14th International Chopin Competition (2000)]

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Shinobu's Hiroshima Session on July 17th

Hello dear La Siora fans!


Good news for people live in the west side of Japan.
Shinobu will be available for the session in Hiroshima on July 19th during 16:00-20:00!

Area: Central area of Naka-ku, Hiroshima City.

◇Reservation Starts◇
from July.5 (Sat) 12:45~

If you are not our member yet, you can do the registration in Hiroshima and have a session.
To know more about our system, please check this page.

◇Reservation Ends◇
July 17 (Thu) 22:30

If you have any requests, please let us know by the reservation ends.
She may not be able to bring too big tools.

Instead, she would be OFF on July 20 (Sat).

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(~The stage of Venus in Fur~) By Hikaru

I watched stage of Venus in Fur!


I felt that SM was taking root in one of the popular genres.

Only two people act this stage for 2hours.
I never felt boring till the end.

There was no whip and candles,
but I felt the smell of BDSM as well.

[SM not to use the tools for]

In other words, I think that there was the hint of the current theme called [ Cycle of drama for SM].

Should I say it POWER GAME!?

I seem to disagree, but my play style is [to use a lot of tools].

It is pleasant for present me to draw a full picture on the canvas with many tools.

But I know the beauty of the blank.

Even the blank lets you have a captive of enjoyment.

Not only techniques.
Not only mind.

Tie difference and difference with Heart!

Three dimensional world keeps the secret.

I love this world.

I walk today.

Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Notice : new baby domina and mistress Amrita


We would announce two great news today.

(1)New baby domina Lum will join La Siora!
She can join your session for free as her training at 4:30pm until 10:30pm on Saturday 29th.
Please ask us when you'd make an appointment with a senior domina.
* She will start her own session from Saturday 13th July, then, she is available at 4:00pm until 10:30pm every Monday&Saturday.

(2)Mistress Amrita comes to Tokyo!
The world wide famous domina, mistress Amrita is scheduled to stay in Tokyo from Thursday 20th June until mid-July.
If you'd love to have a session with her, please feel free to contact us.

We would let you know more information and details later!

La Siora

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La Siora's Tumblr page


We would put the information on our page of Tumblr.


* You need to sign up Tumblr to see our page.

Makoto's New Photos Available!


We updated Mistress Makoto's portrait page!
This time, we uploaded her new catsuits and PVC bondage costume!

Dusk sky, shiny black costume, and beautiful mistress...so seducing.
Click the link below and see her portrait page!

Compared to other photos, those new ones reflect her toughness and coolness as a domina.
Since she joined La Siora, she keeps having enthusiastic sessions.
Now she is radically becoming a skilled mistress.

Interested in meeting this beautiful mistress who has both feminine gentle atmosphere and toughness as a woman? Please feel free to ask for the reservation.

*Please know previously that she doesn't speak English although she can have a session with non-Japanese speakers.

La Siora

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Immerse in Green By Nina


How much I loved Berlin's greenery view... Once I stepped into the park it was another world. the shining fresh green, the rustle of the trees, singing birds... I saw serenity of nature and the dignity where beyond human power. It soothed my mind and always gave me a silent encouragement.

I find myself lost in the green, completely enveloped and finally able to surrender and lose control. I trust it so deeply that I can let myself fall and relax into it without a need to control what comes to mind or heart.

How I love the smell of grasses and how I miss forests and the ripe smell of earth.
Green, my friend, my muse, my place to go when I need absolute solace and the beauty you have. I enjoy silence. I enjoy being alone. Green was always there with me.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

【Event Info】 ADDICTION vol.3


【 ADDICTION Vol.3 June 22 2013 20:00 OPEN】

A dreamy fetish party produced by the legendary mistress Rie Asagiri is coming back for the 3rd time!
Let's experience a seducing night with many beautiful mistresses/ladies!
This time we would organize this party with a mix style bar "Neo Masquarade".
"Neo Masquarade" is known as a place loved by women, men, cross-dressing lovers, shemales and many various people who have their own special fantasy.
How about fun drinking with wide range BDSM/Fetish session, from casual teasing to what we call "torture"? You can experience what you had been fantasying for long. Don't be hesitate! Open you kinky door and find what make you excited the most. Anyone over age 20 can join us!

---Entrance charge---
1PASS ¥3,000- / 2PASS ¥5,000-
If you buy 2 passes, you can enter both bars!

You can buy a coin with \500 and use them as currency in the party.
Soft Drinks:1ticket
Alcohol Drinks: 2tickets
Session: Some tickets

---S3 Building---

1F AMARCORD - Drink Space
2F Cloak
3F S3Sutdio - Show and Session Space

---NEO Masquerade---
B1F Show & Drink & Session Space


*Bring your ID to prove you are over 20.
*We don't serve alcohol to people come by a car.
*Medical service like needle, public exposure, scat, vomit session are strictly forbidden since those play may harm others' good time.

WEB : http://amarcord.jp/


With broader horizons beckoning I am in exuberant and chatty good form. I try to stay close to what I feel inside and keep writing.

In Berlin I have visited the Museum of Checkpoint Charlie (as know as wall museum). Through its presentation of the many ways people tried to escape East Germany, hot-air balloons, cars, suitcase, oiltank, underground gallery, sewing and wearing military costumes etc. etc. Behind the success stories there are thousand of people who were killed at the border. Some were chased and found even after they passed the gate, some were killed just a few months before the Wall collapsed. I read the memories of those people, surrended by belongings of the dead I could not stop crying and wondering why such tragedy happened.

Come to think of boundaries, not as macro level as the Berlin Wall, we all have boundaries or borders in person to person relations. I established mine that is thick, tall and firm to protect myself, because I felt comfortable in that protected area. Sometimes someone tried to be close to me and tried to jump the wall. That was the fear moment because I was cautious that they will break the place I built, and was afraid to eventually lose myself by the oddly close distance with them. So every time I re-built my wall higher and thicker so that no one can actually jump into the wall.

I also really did not realize there are boundaries in their side. I was so eager to be close to someone and did not care the approriate timing and force to knock the door. Trying to shorten the distance with others does not mean you can behave with your ego... sometimes I behaved like breaking the egg shell. Breaking other's boundary without thinking they want or not. The consequences were bad. There was an awkward moment and the distance got even far, they have to build the boundary again. That would be the worst thing in human relations.

So I learned the way to respect others as well as how to set proper boundaries. I also try not to make unnecessary connection with others, as I don't want to waste their time and mine. If there is fate to meet someone with whom you can make a bond, let the fate take its course. Otherwise, I enjoy being myself all alone.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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