( VOYEURISM ) by Hikaru

2013⁄06⁄01(土) 10:24
Recent I had a very interesting session VOYEURISM.

If the BDSM is a game of catch,
mistress trough balls to slave on same consciousness.

But VOYEURIST never catch a ball,
it must be DEAD BALLS.

Can you guess?
How do they receive these dead balls?

Imagination is a key.

And you become closer in distance than a person because it is treated as a thing.

Motherhood ultimate with the domination.

If VOYEURIST is a sense to return to the body of mother,

You get rid of one's existence and may get deep sympathy...

(author HIKARU)

Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Two Personas by Nina

Ever since I got a Mistress name I have been in a confusion. I haven't claimed this little agony to anyone because it seems non big issue to them and I thought I was too sensitive. Having two personas, a dominatrix (Nina) and melancholic myself (Real Name) have always conflicted inside of me. When I dominate Nina comes in front, when I'm off Nina recedes deep into the heart to take a rest, and me as a real name comes back and I can be myself.

Sometimes I made mistakes that wrong side of me comes out in a wrong situation. I spoke in a cold, demanding way in my private life and made them hurt. At times at work I wasn't really a good dominatrix when I wanted to hold true myself the fullest than Nina. Conflict it was, it was immature behavior of mine and I'm sorry.

There was a long silence during my holiday and I had a breakthrough - the conflict does not exist any more. I accept Nina is an integral part of me, a part of my devotion to BDSM. Separating the two personas in one body make the conflict, because there is only one core of me. It's like a tree, I have two branches, but the main body is one, that is the true myself no matter how many branches I have.

Two faces now integral, it connecting to the core of mine. So I no longer worry or make a mistake. I can relax and find happiness and freedom there.

The Power of Denial by Nina

A lot of memories come to ache on a rainy day.
This spring I lost one important thing in my life and I have been struggling to recover from it. I haven't realized the thing was so important until I lost it. We tend to appreciate something it's gone, and it's too late when we realize. I feel stupid myself because I have been repeatedly making such mistakes in my life. I am a dominatrix yet of course a human being, I am hurt, feel vulnerable, and feel isolated. I have many dark sides that derived from the dark experienced I had, those things were tough and some I even don't want to recall, however it's true that those things made me who I am today. Should I appreciate those tough experiences? I am different from others and I like that, but, in order to be unique do I have to continue experience those harsh things, because I hate being ordinary.

I believe I am strong because I have been debastated throughout my life. So I know your weakness and the desire to find a woman who is strong enough to embrace you in her arms. I do domination and I enjoy the power, but, of course I am not a goddess or anything. I am just a person who knows sweet and bitter things in life. But I feel you - are seeing me only in one direction, a goddess. Do you want to believe I am like that? If you keep seeing me in this way there is a strong power of denial in you. You do see the things the way you want to be.

As you know, I am your sad friend. I pray to god for help, for not receiving difficulties anymore, and to have hopes. I am a weak human being.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Sissy Maid Boots Polish Training By Nina

I would like to have my leather boots nice and shiny. You, shoe shine slave, perform the duty.


Before you begin to polish my boots, you need to make sure that you clean the boots of any dirt or debris. Make sure that the bottoms of the boots are free from any dirt or debris as well. Use toothpicks or your tongue to pull anything out of the treads.

If there is dirt on the leather surface, lick them to clean. I want to avoid getting too much water on the leather, so just lick the dirt part lest you ruin its appearance. Then rub with the soft cloth and let them dry naturally.

When they are dry you start polishing. Use an appropriate polish to nourish the leather and rub it all over the boot. You may not need to nourish the leather every time you clean and polish my boots but you should certainly do this each time my boots get wet, especially for someone who can't help himself but lick the boots in front of his face! Remember to dry them naturally before start polishing. If you lick them again, you have to let them dry again and you are doing the same thing forever (what a pity habit)!

...ok, assuming you finished polishing, then you will need to buff and shine. Use the piece of nylon hose. Smooth it over all of the exposed areas of the boot. By they way, these are my used nylon hose. You might want to smell the pantyhose you are holding, but hurry, move the pantyhose quickly over the boot so that the excess polish is removed.

Make my boots nice and shiny - and make me smile. This duty can take some time, but you wouldn't mind getting a greasy look would you? This is an honor and a privilege.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Berlin Trip --Thank you note-- by Nina

Thank you for the ladies in Avalon, for showing me around, for teaching me how to use the equipment, for your friendly support, etc. etc. The ladies are superb!

Thank you for the clients for coming to see me. For those who came from afar I appreciate your courage... I hope to see all of you again!

Thank you for Rie-san for giving this opportunity, arranging and giving me helpful advises.

I am glad that I chose to invest in my BDSM education. The trip surely expanded my horizons.

Many thanks,
Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!!

I'll be start working in La Siora from 26th May, Sunday!

Quoted from Berlin Trip Nina's Life-Long Nap

Domina Akiho's portrait updated!


We just updated our artistic domina Akiho's portrait page.
Cool black leather jacket, elegant white blouse, beautiful high heels...
Her sharp eyes will excite your secret desire!!
You can see some new photos of attractive "Ackie-ho" on the following link, please check it out!


Rough schedule By Murasaki

I am planning my summer vacation.

There were some Japanese slaves that planned to see me at the Japanese Golden Week but actually I was in the Southeast Asia as you know.

For slaves in the distant areas I will let you know my rough schedule.

On June 20 to 27, I will be away to Okinawa as I am every year.
Then I will be off twice on Thursday.

I would like to go to the Southeast Asia once again in August.
Singapore was quite nice so I go again, maybe.
Possibly with BDSM sessions one day or two.

I learned there was a lot inquiry from Singapore.
You may have chances this summer.

When my schedule is fixed, its announcement will appear in the web.

Furthermore, I will attend amateur demonstration of
socail dance at the beginning of August. It might be difficult to have irregular sessions in end of July.

The mid July is realteively open; Maybe to Osaka?
Please send us your requests.
This is up to you.

Travelling is quite fun.
I like feeling something special during travels.

Bye for now.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

(Tickling Heaven or Hell !?) By Hikaru

What kind of action makes you feel torture?

Titillation can be a torture?



I had a session with TICKLING LOVER with KINBAKU!(rope bondage)

So he couldn't move, run away from me!


Is that your HEAVE or HELL!?

Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Dark room by Nina

Nothing can beat Avalon's studio rooms. As soon as you step in the entrance you will know that you surrender and all you should do is to give yourself to the Mistress, your guide.
It is a dream of you being tortured by the beautiful ladies in a seductive way. Suffer and happiness come at once, what a contradiction... Such complicated human beings.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Sessions in Avalon

I'll be joining Avalon, one of the leading BDSM club in Germany, as a guest domina for following week.

May 13th 13-20 (time)
May 14th 13-20
May 16th 13-20
May 17th 13-17
May 19th 13-20
May 20th 13-20

They have world famous studios and the ladies there are very skillful, this is surely a great opportunity to expand my world!

For session with me please contact La Siora office +81 3 6380 6568 lasiora2008@yahoo.co.jp
or to my email address written in the link.


Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Ttrample By Shinobu

I'm trample on your face by bare feet.


How do you like to be trampled ?

Quoted from Far east XANADU

visit to Singapore By Murasaki

On my last visit to Singapore I enjoyed myself very much.

This was my first visit to Singapore.
So I found everything novel and interesting.

Chile crab!



Singapore Sling!


Then the local session was fun, too.
I enjoyed sessions very much.
Slaves who I met in Singapore , Thank you!

As I liked Singapore very much, I would like to go again soon.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Domina Shinju's portraits Updated!!


We uploaded new pictures of domina Shinju on her portraits page!
You can see her gorgeous and graceful photos on the following link!!

Domina Makoto's New Photos Uploaded! Part 1


We have uploaded newest pictures of domina Makoto!
She became our regular domina and now the number of her fan is growing. She looks fascinating in her leopard pattern costume, we can feel her superb femininity through the photos.
There are lots of her new pictures coming, so please look forward to the next update!


There are lots of her new pictures coming, so please look forward to the next update!

Singapore now By Murasaki


I'm in Singapore now.
It's a beautiful day.

For my slaves, see you soon!

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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