Mistress Ryo's New Profile Page

ryonew prof

We renewed the tall beautiful domina Ryo (also known as a Amarcord staff)'s profile page!
Please check the page from here.

Sessions in Hiroshima with Mistress Shinobu


We have a good news for our members in Chugoku area!
Mistress Shinobu will visit Hiroshima soon!

☆February 15th, Friday Hiroshima Session☆

Place:Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
(Please contact us for other locations)

We are open for appointment from February 1st(Friday) to 13th(Wednesday).
Please contact us if you wish to have a session other than the time above.
If you are not our member yet, we can work together to have a session in Hiroshima.
Please contact us on the phone for appointments.

*She won't be able to prepare elaborate tools/costumes due to the distance of the location. We hope you can understand she will bring basic tools with her.

We all are looking forward to hearing from you!

Shinobu's blog "Far east XANADU"

It Has Already Gotten Wet... So My Ropes Become Dirty... By Sayuri


"...Doggy style"


"It has already gotten wet. My ropes are becoming stained with your juice."

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."


"You are very bad..."

"...Ah!!...Haah!! Unn!!!"

"Siii!! Be silent!! Don't leak your voice!!!"


"No!!! Keep Silent!!!!"

Precious moment ☆


Quoted from Sexual Impulse

Rope Bondage Practice By Nina

I am working at what I am not good at: rope bondage.
Practice after practice...

These are the shots of my self-suspension. The upside down pose made me feel dizzy though it was a good experience to know how it feels like being suspended.



I had ligature marks around my waist, where the blood vessels have burst under pressure leaving many tiny little bruises. Not really painful, and they fade within days.

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Akiho's Schedule in Feburuary, 2013


The natural & powerful mistress Akiho's schedule in the coming February!

*Akiho's Schedule in Feb, 2013*

Feb 3 (Sun) 14:00-Last
Feb 5 (Tue) 15:00-Last
Feb 10(Sun) 14:00-Last
Feb 25(Mon) 15:00-Last
Feb 26(Tue) 15:00-Last

She will be off on 17th(Sun) and 24th(Sun), but she will be available on 25th (Mon) and 26th (Tue).

It is winter and that means it is a season for leather costume and boots!
How about a sensual session with Akiho in cool leather wear and boots?


We are looking forward to your contact for the reservation!

La Siora

Leather Suits by Shinobu

I studying English every day.
I've come to be able to express what I want to say in English by little and little

Today's photo is a leather suit.
I have gradually increased the leather costume.

This is very Mistress, I like This.


Quoted from Far east XANADU

Discipline...Punishment...How To Use Stocking


「..three, .......two, ......one, ..........!!!!」

You cry sexy when I pull stoking which bind your cock and ball.

Oh, you seem to feel like heaven despite I give you pain...

「Ok, get lighter on the table.

.... hurry up, or I pull stronger than before.」


Quoted from Sayuri's English Blog Sexual Impulse

About Free Observation by Baby Dominas

domina boots

Hello everyone.

Since we have new baby mistresses, we would like to explain about the free observation by a baby mistress.

After a Baby Mistress joins La Siora, she schedule flows like below.

step1, When a baby domina joins La Siora
The domina is not prepared for solo session and needs many training.
Available for free observation anytime during her working time.

step2, After starting to have solo session
After a few weeks or months of training, a baby domina starts to have solo (not free) session by herself.
Still available for free observation, but only when she does not have another solo appointment.
Members who makes solo session reservation have the priority to keep domina's schedule.
Therefore, even during free observation, the mistress might have to leave on the middle of the session if she gets another appointment.

step3, After becoming a regular domina
After she proceed to a regular domina, she wouldn't be available for free observation.

Sayuri is already having solo session and Makoto will start having solo session from Feb 1st.
Therefore, if you would like to keep their schedule for sure, making double mistress session appointments is better.
If you focuses on having another mistress for free, it is the best to make an appointment before she starts having solo session, or wish no one tries to make an appointment for regular session at the same time.

If you have any question about the system, please feel free to contact us.
mail: lasiora2008@yahoo.co.jp

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

You all have a nice weekend!

La Siora

Mistress Shinobu's additional schedule on Feb 11

ShinobuJan additional

Rope bondage specialist Shinobu will be available on Feb 11 (Mon). 13:00-21:00

Instead, she will be off on Feb 8 (Fri).
Please be noticed.

If you would like to have an appointment with her, please contact us!

La Siora

Mistress Murasaki's Osaka tour!


Here's a big news for our members living in Osaka!
Mistress Murasaki will visit Osaka from Monday 4th February until Wednesday 6th.
We would announce the detail on our website later.

La Siora

added (Thank you for visiting ME!) more! By Hikaru

Sessions with the foreigner increased after new year began.

It makes me happy and I'd like to tell the messages for you!


How are you doing?
The day we have a session was CRAZY WEATHER!!!


Although the session was TERRIBLE which means EXCELLENT for BDSM!!!

I'd neaver forget them!

Thank you for given me some special experiences!

>Mr. AF

It was a first time that I had a Enrollment procedure and without the free talking before the session!
I was glad to have a message of the impression.
You gave courage to me.

Please enjoy staying JAPAN!


Thank you for comfortable time with me!

According to the place to hear, this hotel seems to have good reputation too.


Be a nice pet for me.


You MUST NOT catch a cold.

It is proof of the LOYALTY to KEEP IN GOOD HEARTH!!!




Quoted from ☆HIKALUX☆

Mistress Reiko's schedule of February


We would let you know "Siora's sexy spy", mistress Reiko's schedule of February.

02(Sat) 15:00-Last
04(Mon) 15:00-Last
09(Sat) 15:00-Last
16(Sat) 15:00-Last
18(Mon) 15:00-Last
23(Sat) 15:00-Last

If you'd like to have a session with Reiko, please feel free to ask us!

La Siora

Mistress Ruiko's schedule of February


We would announce our beautiful&evil domina, mistress Ruiko's schedule of February.

02(Sat) 15:00-23:00
10(Sun) 15:00-23:00
16(Sat) 15:00-23:00
20(Wed) 15:00-23:00
24(Sun) 15:00-23:00

She might specially be able to have a session except above schedule, please feel free to ask us.

La Siora

Domina profile page Updated!


We updated domina profile page on our Japanese website.
Please check the beautiful photos of our dominas on the following link!

La Siora

Camille by Nina

Elle s'en va

Pour que l'amour me quitte

Quoted from Nina's English Blog Nina's Life-Long Nap

New Photo Gallery

We have created a new photo gallery page!

Please click this link below.

You can see older gallery pages from HERE

La Siora

New Mistress Makoto!


We have new baby mistress Makoto joining La Siora!
She started session observation with other dominas.
She can join your session for free as her training.
She said she had never been a mistress before, but she loves BDSM and enjoying being able to experience the session.
As you can see, she has beautiful well-balanced body and long legs.

She doesn't speak English, but she is very nice person and curious about everything.
So please don't hesitate to try seeing her.

*Makoro Session Observation Schedule*
Jan.18 (Fri)14:00-22:00
Jan.19 (Sat)15:00-17:00
Jan.25 (Fri)14:00-22:00
Jan.26 (Sat)14:00-22:00

If you would like to her to join your session for free, please feel free to ask to the receptionists.

We are preparing her photos now.
We can upload them on our website pretty soon!

La Siora

How to Get to the Meeting Spot & Hotel Area

Hello, dear members!

We heard that many members had trouble to find the meeting spot and hotels. So we listed how to get to the meeting spot and hotel area by Shinjuku Sanchome Station.
If you are lost, please use the information below.

Sta.search 1
input/arrives(To) : shinjukusanchome

Sta.search 2
input/arrives(To) : shinjuku-sanchome

Meeting Spot

Kabuki-cho (Motel)Map

Tokyo Hotel Map

La Siora

New rental body bag By Shinobu

Hello everyone,

It has been cold these days, how have you been?
Hope you don't catch a cold because healthy body is necessary for kinky plays.

Today, I am introducing you a new tool.

Thanks to Rie-san, a body-bag is added to our rental goods!


It looks just mere object.
I can completely take some essence of humanity away.

What's wonderful about it is the zipper on the chests and the crotch.
I can be naughty with your unmovable body thanks to the zippers.


Since here may be some space depending on the body size,
mummification with tapes or wraps, TIGHT rope bondage on it,
or stuffing many kind of things in it...(the whole bag is washable)

It looks really, really fun♪

*I can't stuff anything that will cause hygienic problems.

Quoted from XANADU (in Japanese)
Translated by Amanda

Shinju is now Available this Friday!


Since there was a cancellation in Shinju's schedule on 11th (Fri), we are able to make one more appointment with her! She will be available after 8:30pm. Do you want to spend sweet Friday night with Shinju? Now it's chance for you!

We are looking forward to your contact!

La Siora

Domina Schedule in 2 weeks


Since we renewed our website, now checking domina's schedule became easier.
Please just click this link, and you can see all the domina schedules in 2 weeks.

* Domina Schedule *

You can also see the schedule at the bottom of our website top page.

Have a nice day!

La Siora

Give Up Being Man Soon... by Sayuri

I love

insect which is the dying under my feet...

I love

pigs, horses, dogs and any animals...

I love

furniture and toilet bowl...

So I hope

you become the dying insect, an animal, a furniture or toilet bowl soon...

From my heart, I hope you give up being man...


QUoted from Sayuri's English Blog "Sexual Impulse"

Mistress Mao's additional schedule

Mistress Mao will be available on Saturday 26th and Thursday 31st January in addition to her regular schedule.

5(Sat) 5:00pm- 8:30pm
31(Thu) 6:00pm-11:30pm

If you'd love to have a session with Mao, please feel free to ask us via e-mail or on the phone!

La Siora

Mistress Akiho's extra schedule!


Here's good news to Akiho fans!
Mistress Akiho will be available on following dates of January in addition to her regular schedule.

12(Sat) 3:00pm-Last
18(Sat) 3:00pm-Last
24(Thu) 3:00pm-Last

If you'd love to have a session with Akiho, please feel free to ask us via e-mail or on the phone!

La Siora

Heaven or Hell By Shinobu

This entry includes grotesque expressions.

Do you Know what this is ?


I don't want to say what I used. Only many pain and many blood.

This is our secret session.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

Holiday Announcement on Jan 15 (Tue)


To have a meeting for all dominas and staffs, we won't be available for session on that day and only reception will be opened. Open time might be changed later, so please keep checking this blog.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

La Siora

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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