DEMONIA By Shinobu

Hi !
I came back to Japan from France.

A fetish event,DEMONIA,was held.
In DEMONIA,I had ​​a show of KINBAKU(Rope bondage).
I get a lot of applause and cheers that I was very happy.

I felt very thankful the night to many people.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

Reiko's Schedule in July

"The Sexy Spy" Mistress Reiko's Schedule in July is up!


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you!

La Siora

Additional schedule of mistress Shinju


Mistress Shinju would be available at 3:00pm until last on Thursday 5th July.
This is a special chance for you who would love to have a session with goddess Shinju on a weekday!

Instead, she takes a holiday on Saturday 7th July.
We'd appreciate for your understanding.

Please feel free to ask us on the phone or via e-mail.

La Siora

Ruiko's Schedule in July


Here's Mistress Ruiko's schedule in July!


Why don't you have a stimulating hot session with Ruiko??

We are looking forward to your calls/emails!

La Siora

Floggers part1 By Nina

For you pain-lovers,

Today I would like to introduce some of the floggers I have, 4 kinds, material and heaviness vary.

Floggers are usually light and smooth touch compared to whips, thus good for warm-up in the beginning of the scene. I usually start with spankings though as this is more intimate to feel my warm hands rather than a cold equipment. I will have another time to write about spankings, this is another good topic.

What’s good about floggers is, they are painful enough still won’t leave much marks. I’ve tried all of them on my body (I strongly believe that when you use a equipment you should try on your body first before applying to others) so I know how each one feels and the level of marks it gives.

As long as I use floggers as a erotic discipline not a punishment, it’s a good idea to start with the lightest one with the lightest force and then gradually develop the force and the level of harshness. When your buttocks or backs are getting deliciously rosy pink, it’s time to move on to the harsher flogger and then start with the lightest force and then gradually develop the force. By the time when you receive the final one you’ll be able to take the harshest one with harshest force but you will less feel pain as pain and it will be rather pleasurable.
Imagine the ballet music Bolero by Maurice Ravel. The rhythm is constant and unchanging throughout the piece but the volume is increasing very gradually. The basic idea is same.
A good shot gives you very warm and erotic feelings.

OK let me introduce the floggers:

1. Tailed Moose flogger, 20 inch long tails, with checkerboard patterned handle. Nice thick hide, very thuddy, no sting. Good for buttocks and back.


2. Flat Braided Cat
Buffalo Flat Cats are super. Slappy, supple, nasty, mean and sadistic, this cat is a lot of fun to hurt someone with. Get nasty! Good for buttocks.


3. Cat-o-nine
Roan and black outline chevron handled cat o nine. Round braids with terminal turk knots and a 3 inch long fringe. Good for shoulder and back. Sharp pain.


4. Horsehair flog
Beautiful blonde horsehair, in a saddle tan and chestnut colored, 16 plait Outline Diamonds patterned handle. Lighter thump with good sting, plus scratchiness. Approx. 22 inch long hair.


Each one of them are my favorite!
I am going to add some more in the collection, until then enjoy these beautiful, nasty floggers!

Quoted from Nina's Life-Long Nap

Sexy Typhoon

Good afternoon fellow kinky friends!

It is said that a big typhoon is approaching to Tokyo tonight.
Traffic jams and train troubles are expected. Please be careful and make sure you go home safely.

Although many troubles come up and we get annoyed whenever a typhoon comes, I enjoy indulging in my fantasy in my room. I don't know why, but wet and dark atmosphere during typhoon's visit makes me sexually excited.
Every time I feel that the nature is uncontrollable, I remember how lovely uncontrollable sexual desire is. When you follow your desire as your heart tells you, it turns out beautiful, unforgettable moments...right?


By the way, this lady is a Japanese idol girl Yuuri Morishita who released a CD entitled "Sexy Typhoon". That came up as I was writing this entry. She has nothing to do with us, I just wanted to mention about the CD title.

Anyway, have a safe & good day!

La Siora Lily

Mistress Ayatsuki's additional schedule


Mistress Ayatsuki will be available at 3:00pm until 10:30pm on Sunday 24th June.
If you'd like to have a beautiful session with her, please feel free to contact us!

Your New Go-To Fetish Shoes

Hi guys.

If you haven't seen this, you are truly missing out. This adorable pair is from Addidas Original for this coming Fall/Winter. Limited edition designed by Jeremy Scott. Aren't they just...awesome? I love them. SO much. You can easily add a hint of fetish-ness to your outfit.


It is exciting we will see people walking on the street with these bondage shoes. I am sure you guys will rush to Addidas stores.

La Siora Amanda

Baby Domina's New Schedule

Baby Domina Hikaru and Nina 's schedule is slightly changed from next Monday June 18th.
Please check that out if you are planning to have sessions with them.

Hikaru's New Schedule
※She will be availble from 15:00 on June 22th (Fri).

Nina's New Schedule

It's been unsettled weather in Tokyo these days.
Please take care of your health not to catch a cold or something and let's have nice kinky days!

La Siora Lily

My recent days By Murasaki

Hello, slaves.

All my time is taken up with dancing lessons recently.

I demonstrate ballroom dance with my dance teacher in the end of July at a party.
I dance rhumba.

I'm training only rhumba too much, so my skill of other dances is not improving.

I wish I could practice waltz more and dance at masquerade ball in Venis.

And also boat fishing.
There are many kind of fishes and way to fishing in Tokyo bay.
It's difficult but I'm not bored.

There are many rivers in Japan and this country is surrounded by the ocean, so many people like fishing.
But there are less lady anglers, so every man angler are very kind and gentle for me even if I don't behave like a mistress.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Nina's Additional Profile Pictures & About Baby Domina

Hi guys,

We added some pictures of Baby Mistress Nina on her profile page.
You can see her in feminine look cloths.

Please click this link to see her new photos.

Since new mistress Hikaru and Nina joined La Siora, we got so many calls and e-mails about their schedule. Now it is very difficult to keep their time for free sessionobservation because of their popularity. We thank you for your understanding. But there still be a chance, please feel free to ask info.
If you wanna meet them for sure, it would be the best to make an appointment of solo session with them.

Let me introduce my impression about new mistresses...

For me, Hikaru is full of pure curiosity for BDSM now.
She is kind, fun and honest mistress who has very beautiful hip and legs.
It seems like she enjoys everything she experiences in the sessions everyday.
She has been very busy with her appointments, but she is very willing to play more.
Perhaps she is not very skilled yet, but you know sometimes sincere heart and curiosity makes a wonderful chemistry during the session.

Nina is very elegant lady who seems to have a strong passion for BDSM.
She talks very softly but she is not weak at all.
She has well balanced beautiful body and mysterious eyes.
She is learning very quickly throughout session observations with regular mistresses.
Some veteran mistresses said Nina reminds them of when Mao was a baby domina.
I agree that Nina and Mao have something similar with their personality/atmosphere.

It is surprising that so many members already had had sessions with them multiple times. There must be something make you wanna see them again I guess.

Have a good weekend!
La Siora Lily


Hello, how's your weekend?


An annual big fetish party Nuit Demonia will be held in France.
Though this event was held in winter last year, it will be held in June this year.

Three ladies will perform in the party.
From La Siora, Mistress Shinobu will be there for rope-bondage show. She will tie up French lady. From Bar Amarcord, Rina and Riko will join the party. Rina is brashing her skill up recently. She will tie up a porno actress Riko.

V.I.P guests from all over the world are introduced on the website.
Look at VIP page.
Look at those beautiful & attractive people!
Shinobu's picture is outtanding! Isn't it?

Our boss Mistress Rie is also shown there. (but she said she will not do anything in the party...)

Oh boy, what an exciting party! I wish I could be there.
If you live in France, why don't you go there and witness the beauties?

La Siora Lily

Domina's profile page of Hikaru and Nina updated!

We just updated the profile page of Hikaru and Nina.
Two attractive baby dominas' photos are also updated, please check them out on the following link.




lasiora tokyo

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Business hours : 7days a week

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