A cat suit of Demask and a gas mask made in England By Ukyo

Hi, I am Ukyo.
During a holiday of the period, I had a photo shooting for making some materials of my blog.
I was took photos to wear a gas mask made in England and a rubber cat suit of Demask.


Super cool, aren't they?
If I am dressed these items with platform boots like drag queen and go to a fetish party, I am the focus of public attention.


This photo, my eye looks scary.
Everybody says that my eyes are like this when I am excited during a session.

Translated by Nica

Bud-Girl style By Akiho


*(reference photos)

Now, Akiho's Beer Garden has "Akiho Special Beer" which was brewed in the special place.
Let's drink nice, smooth and fruity Akiho's beer like a fish on this occasion!!

The way to drink is to splash from a beer server!!
Shower of beer is the best knack to drink.

Freshness is the most important thing!

No Akiho, No Life
Enjoy Summer!!

Translated by Nica


We will take a day off for La Siora meeting on 12th Sep(Mon).
We will open only telephone receptionist on the day.
Thank you for your understanding.

I have updated details on my English blog [Hearts Mosaic].
[Click here!] for more information.
Rie Asagiri

Aug.28 diary By Murasaki

I went to a hair salon to cut my hair.
As my hair is short, I need cutting my hair in short term.
My hairstyle is short black bob.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Mistress Akiho's Visit of Hong Kong


Mistress Akiho will visit Hong Kong.
There will be an exhibition which mistress Akiho was a model of Harry C and Aya Sindo works.
She will attend their opening party on September 8th.
Their works looks wonderful thanks to her beauty and attraction.
You can't miss this exhibition if you live in Hong Kong or would be around the area.

Aya Shindo and Harry C. Exhibition
Dark Beauty . The Dream of a Queen

Venue: ilivetomorrow
Address: G/F 45 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2517 8900
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 -- 19:00, Sunday & Holiday 13:00 -- 19:00
Closed on Monday
Web: www.ilivetomorrow.com

Date: 2011.9.8 (thu) -- 2011.10.30 (sun)

Producer: Nicola Borg--Pisani (ilivetomorrow)
Cooperation: Taka Nakanishi and Daisuke Nakanishi (ASHU)

Special thanks to Baby Doll Tokyo, Akiho, Claire, Nadia, La Siora, Sugi Shindo,
Theseus Chan (WORK) and AsiaOne

Information( Japan): ASHU
Address: LA VITA #A, 2--8--2, Jiyugaoka, Meguro--ku, Tokyo, 152--0035, Japan
Tel: 03 3725 8877 Fax: 03 3725 8841
E--mail: info@ashu--nk.com / Web: www.ashu--nk.com

exhibition110828 akiho110828

Also if you would like to have a session with mistress Akiho in Hong Kong during September 9th to 10th, please feel free to contact us.


The anther day,I met [HENTAI BOY].
He said,[You must not be surprised to see me,becouse I am handsome,and young].
I think he's not handsome.Besouse he is HENTAI,BAKA,human Chair,and My toilet.
look at this photo!!


he looks BENKI!!
he is not human.becouse, he must not be hangsome.
he going to live as our toy in the future. and,he becomes our purse.
his life will become a miserable life in the future.


Quoted from snowqueen

Aug.25 diary By Murasaki

I went to ballroom dance lesson today.

I danced with a male teacher for the first time.
His penis and ball touched my thigh over his slacks several times.

If I get skilled dancing, I'll touch it with my thigh of my own accord.
I would like to play with him pretending not to know.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Bitch Auction By Canon

Hi, kinks.
I went to a slave auction the other night. It's quite interesting looking at future products, so I'm gonna report how it was.

Of course the buyers were all women wearing beautiful fetish and bondage costumes.

There were a numbers of masochistic boys on the stage. Unexpectedly, most of slaves were quite young, just a few are dead! old.

MC made them talk about themselves and there appeal one by one. Starting prices were decided by there looks, usefulness, physical strength, and feeling of skin.

If you get fortunate, and someone take you, you can spend lovely time with your new mistress. If nobody want you. Your garbage and are thrown out.

You would think "young and handsome guys must get high price". Actually, it is not like that.

If it's a woman slave, young and handsome boys fetch a good price, but for men the slave has to be useful.

The lowest slave cunt shows his desire when appealing to a mistress to by him. These are the lowest types of slaves, slaves who say things like "I like it when women spit on my face!" oh fuck off, you need to pay to be a slave of a mistress with that attitude.

High priced slave could show there usefulness such as
"I have car, I can pick you up whenever mistress want."
"lf you are planning on moving house, I can help you out with my strength."
"I have brilliant asshole, you can have fun with this"

I got a pair of miserable slaves in the end, and they stayed at my feet all night.


Quoted from Cannon Attack

You are BENKI by Nana

You know? You are NOT HUMAN!!

You dont look like sub guy, but you want to be my chair, my dog, my cleaning cloth, my licking machine, and you want to be MY TOILET! You give me so much money and you want to be my toilet...what a stupid you are!


Your life as a human was finished. 21years...It was very short life.

Quoted from 【Nana' blog】

Nagisa's Schedule in 1st/2nd week in September

We announce English Speaking Mistress Nagisa's schedule in the first half of this September.


2(Fri) 15:00-Last
3(Sat) 15:00-Last
5(Mon) 15:00-Last
8(Thu) 15:00-Last
9(Fri) 15:00-Last

If you would like to have a session with Nagisa, please feel free to cantact us via e-mail/phone call.

Aug.18 diary By Murasaki

I went to English conversation lesson and ballroom dance lesson today.

In ballroom dance lesson, I'm learning the step of "Cha Cha".
Hip Twists was difficult for me.


After the lesson, I went to a seminer reunion in my university days.
Schoolfellows were same as usual.
We laughed heartily.
We had a good time!

Mistress Shinobu's session in Hiroshima

We'd announce that mistress Shinobu decided to have a session in Hiroshima from 2:00pm until 9:00pm on Saturday 27th August.
We'd accept the booking requests from our members until Friday 26th.

If you'd love to have a session with her, please feel free to ask us.

Mistress Nana's schedule of September

We'd announce mistress Nana's schedule from 1st September.


Please feel free to ask us if you'd like to have a session with mistress Nana.

Is she male? By Murasaki

You cannot believe but she is male.
She has actually a very sweet cock.


She has a very cute breast too.
She looks nice rope bondage for chest(MUNE-NAWA).

Quoted from MURASAKIs VIEWs

Aug.15 diary By Murasaki

I went to the movies.
It was a Japanese animated cartoon and a film entitled 'FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (Hagane no Renkinjyutsushi)'.

The movie theatre was humid.
The air-conditioning was hardly works.
Probably It was for power saving.

In Japan, electric power is not enough now.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Aug.12 By Murasaki

I went to IZU to fishing from rocks by the offshore.
It took 6 hours to get there.
IZU is far away, however good place for fishing.

First we went to the fishing port, next we went to rocks by the offshore by boat.
Target is largescale blackfish(MEJINA).
We could catch many threeline grunt(ISAKI) after all.

Any fish is ok as long as tasty!

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

La Siora Europe Tour in Autumn '11


This autamn, Mistress Murasaki, Akiho, Canon and Nagisa will visit Europe.
We haven't made clear schedule yet, but probably they will stay in France and Belgium in October.
It might be possible to make a reservation with them.
If you would love to have a session in Europe, please wait for a while until we announce the detail.
By the beginning of this September, we will announce when exactly they can have a session.
Thank you very much for your support.

Aug .7 diary By Murasaki

I went to FUKUOKA.
It was a one-day trip, so I was very busy.

I could meet a very good slave.

He was a Japanese middle-aged man.
He seemed hungry for BDSM and domina of truth.
We talked about many things.

I does SHIBARI for him using only just two ropes.

He said
"I had forgotten this sence... Well, I just remember.
I've been want it."

He looked so happy.
And I was so happy.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Notification about Reservations for Mistress Murasaki


From August 10th (Wed), we accept your request of a session with Mistress Murasaki on every Wednesday if you contact us at least a day ahead of the session.
Hence if you would like to make an appointment with her on Wednesday, please make a reservation by Tuesday.


I will nock on your hotel's door.

We are friends,,,no, we used to be.

Because I have decided to make you change,

maybe we can't fix same relationship we have so far.

I will take handcuffs and ropes maybe shackles or collars in my bag.

But I don't care.

I want to build new relationship with u.

Let's do real communication.

You said

I can accept anything about you.

No, you don't know...

I think BDSM is beyond just having sex.

Because BDSM is more like TALK.

We think our relationship is the most important thing between SM partners.

Some men just came to a girl because they want to make love with a girl.

Their mind are full of just their primitive idea.

But real SM is different I guess.


so I will build new relationship...

it is more fun than just having sex.


Mistress Murasaki's English blog has opened!

Mistress Murasaki who has started studying English language for visiting Europe this Autumn, opened her English blog.
If you'd find some mistakes, pelase tell me secretly and gently ;)
... mistress Murasaki said.

Please check it out!


Updated mistress Nagisa's comment&pictures

We updated mistress Nagisa's comment and pictures on her profile page.

Please check her gorgeous body!

Mistress Coco's photos

It is possible to see mistress Coco's photos on the album.
Our dominas bring it when you'd have a session.
We're planning to update her plofile pictures on our website.

Mistress Nagisa became a regular domina!

Mistress Nagisa became a regular domina.
Please check more information on Rie Asagiri's blog.
Please wait till we'd upload her new pictures and comments in a few days!

Her nomination fee is 2,000yen if you have had a session with her before.
If you have already booked with her until yesterday, her nomination fee is 1,000yen.
We'd appreciate your understanding.

AUG .5 diary By Murasaki

Today is holiday.
I spent a day at my home for the first time in ages.
I read a book and watched two DVD.
I had a relaxing day.

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views

Mistress Nagisa's schedule 15th-28th August

We'd announce mistress Nagisa's schedule from Monday 15th until Sunday 28th August.

15th(Mon) 15:30-Last
16th(Tue) 15:00-Last
18th(Thu) 16:00-Last

22th(Mon) 15:30-Last
23th(tue) 15:00-Last
25th(Thu) 15:00-Last

If you'd love to have a session with mistress Nagisa, please feel free to ask us.
We're looking forward to your call and e-mail.

Mistress Bigyoku has left from LaSiora

We are sorry for such short notice, but we'd announce that Mistress Bigyoku had left from La Siora.
We appreciate those who has been supporting for Mistress bigyoku.

Recently, LaSiora is in festival mood because brilliant baby dominas joined us.
Though there are a lot of encounters, but the sorrow stands out in relief.
We hope that she will play an active part in the future.

Please read mistress Bigyoku's greeting message on Rie Asagiri's blog.

My smell

My recent epidemic can inhale the smell to make masochist.

"Please let inhale"
"Yes, go ahead."
There is no by

"Let me inhale the smell of you," If I had to do not want to inhale.

I want to inhale the odor forced!


【Will work in August】

8/09(火) 15:00~Last
8/10(水) 14:00~20:00 closed
8/12(金) 14:00~20:00 closed
8/13(土) 14:00~20:00 closed

8/17(水) 14:00~20:00 closed
8/19(金) 14:00~20:00 closed
8/20(土) 14:00~20:00 closed
8/24(水) 14:00~20:00 closed

Quoted from Far east XANADU

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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