American police costume By Nagisa

Hi, I am Nagisa.
Though updated on my blog, I show my favorite costume to you.

American police costume.

Almost request of costume are lingeries or bondage, I have never worn this for sessions yet.
Does anybody like this costume?
I rarely show this style, please let me know if you'd love it.

You're under arrest!


Mistress Shinobu will be back!

Finally, mistress Shinobu who has been taking long vacation will be back to LaSiora on Tuesday 14th June.
Please check her schedule as following.

Tue/14th 13:00-21:30
Wed/15th 13:00-21:30
Fri/17th 15:00-Last
Sat/18th 13:00-21:30

Tue/21st 15:00-Last
Wed/22nd 13:00-21:30
Fri/24th 15:00-Last
Sat/25th 13:00-21:30

Please check her blog,too!

Mistress Ryo and mistress Nagisa's photos Updated!!

She can have a session from 3:00pm.
Please confirm detailed schedule of her.
You need to make an appointment until previous day.

She can have a session at 3:00pm every Monday.
Please ask us her schedule if you'd like to have a session expect Monday.

Please feel free to contact us!

Lady with fur... By Kotono


Very soft and sweet...



3 NEW beutiful high heels By Murasaki

LaSiora just purchased 3 heels for who love to dress lady.
So today,I'm going to introduce you!


This heels is enamel material.

We have red and black of a diffrent colour.
This would be fit for size 7 to 9 (25cm-27cm).
Heel is 7cm as reguler heels.
Why don't you try to go out with it.

This one is enamel also.
This bland is popular to Mistress!

Black sandal,size 9 but it may adjustable around a centimeter.
And heels is 12cm including storm.

Anyhow,this is super high pin heels.
You have to standing beautifully.
We mistress train you very very strictly If you totter along.
Be lady,must rock with it.

If you want try these beautiful heels,ask reseptionist feel free.

Translated by Angelica

Brain ecstasy... By Kotono


Someone said that SM is beyond body's ecstasy.

You feel strong ecstasy in your brain when you are doing good SM play!

You want to fulfill your brain with Fantasy...

It's really strong desire if you have well imagination.

Brain needs SM...

That's interesting...


It was hell By Canon

If this isn't the hell, what is?

A huge kick ass vibration and a wine bottle up his arse. His bloody red wine splashes all around his body. Moreover, he is in the middle of eating mistresses brown thing.

You can not imagine how awful and disgusting it was.

I want to go deeper in to that hell.


Quoted from Canon Attack

Akiho's BDSM Tour in Europe!


Good news for those want to have a session with a domina of La Siora in Europe again!

Mistress Akiho will visit Europe in next month.
This is second time that her BDSM tour in Europe!!
She is going to stay in Paris and Brussels.

Her current schedule is below.

12th June-15th June, Paris
15th June-30th June, Bruxelles
Perhaps, she will travel another place in this tour.

During the tour, she can not take appointments in Tokyo.

Mistress Akiho will be able to accept your request of reservation at this club in Belgium.
[ Maitresse D.Mona ]

You are able to make an appointment with mistress Akiho there from Monday 20th June to Tuesday 28th June except weekends.
If you would love to have exciting time with her, please contact this club.

This is the chance to experience Akiho's skilled beautiful session in Europe.
Don't miss it!

La Siora

Mistress Akiho's schedule of this week

Mistress Akiho will be on Wednesday 18th, however she will take a holiday on Thursday.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Mistress Narumi's new schedule

From May 30th, Narumi's schedule will be changed.

Wed/Thu/Sat 18:00-Last

Please feel free to make an appointment with Narumi.

All leather by Akiho


Glove,Boots,Coat,Vest and pants,I'm wraped in leather.
My full of body shine blackly and swallow you.

I wear leather all year around though I put coat back in the closet.
face sitting with leather pants is adhere tightly to your face which I loooveit.

Me and rich smell of leather.
You,go chocke.

Translated by Angelica

Mistress Narumi became a regular domina!

Mistress Narumi became a regular domina.
Her nomination fee is 2,000yen if you have had a session with her before.
We'd appreciate your understanding.

Please check new photos of her here.

Mistress Akiho's schedule of this Sunday

Mistress Akiho's schedule will be changed as following.

Sunday 8th/1:00pm-5:30pm

Mistress Ayatsuki's schedule of next week

Mistress Ayatsuki's schedule will be changed only next week because she will take a holiday on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th.

She will be on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th.

My rubber mini dress By Murasaki

I got new costume in Europe.
It's rubber mini dress.



This is my first costume of rubber.
Though it needs take a time to wear,I'm already in to this shiney material.It's beautiful!

Acually,I bought rubber's stockings just right after this photo shooting.
See?You can tell how much I attracted on the rubber.

Why don't you come to see me in this black-shiney dress?
You definitely love it.

Translated by Angelica

Baby domina Yuki solo session debut!


Baby domina mistress Yuki will start having solo sessions from May 9th.
However, she cannnot have a session with non-Japanese speakers for a while because it is difficult to have a discussion previously to perform satisfactionable sessions.
As she gets experience, she will start having sessions with English speakers shortly.

She can still join the session for free as her training after May 9th, but only when she doesn't have another appointment.

Her next schedule is May 6th/15:00-Last.
We are getting so many mails and phone calls about Yuki's free observation.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to have Yuki join your session!

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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