Mistress Kotono's new schedule


From May 3rd, Kotono's schedule will be changed.

Tue/Sat/Sun 15:00-Last

Please feel free to make an appointment with Kotono!

The leather body harnes by Akiho


The leather body harnes from Europe just came in our rental play tools.

I was looking for this in Japan but I couldn't find I like.
Then I finally met this one in Belgium's fetish shop where it's like a basement dungeon.

Most slaves have had a waking dream that Mistress in beautiful leather costume.
In like wise,you might have been dreaming that if oneself could be in full-blown slave costume.
And this is it.

A slave in picture is 165cm tall and he usually wearling size L to LL.
I guess this would be fit for well built.
Though I haven't let wear this to a who is slender but it's adjustable by chest 85cm.

Also it's able to conbine to the othere leather restraint.
Look heavy,very orthodox school,fully experience a feeling of slave.

Please request to a reseption if you want to try.
Whatever,I'll let slaves on it when I want!


Translated by Angelica

Mistress Kotono will come back!

Mistress Kotono is finally back from Europe!
How did she change through her experience in Europe?
Witness by youself!

4/26 (Tue) 15:00-Last
4/27 (Wed) 15:00-Last
4/30 (Sat) 15:00-Last

Please contact us by an e-mail or phone to make an appointment with a eccentric dominatrix Kotono!

GW Moe's Schedule


Moe's schedule will be extended during Golden Week!

She will be available 15:00-Last on May 4th and 5th.
If you make a reservation previously, 13:00 session is also possible.

Please feel free to make holiday appointments with Mistress Moe!

New Baby Domina, Sakura and Yuki

We recruited 2 new dominas recently.

Baby Domina Sakura

She has big attractive eyes, white skin, bright smile...
She is 157㎝ but looks taller as her proportion is good.

Monday 15:00-Last
Thursdady 15:00-Last
*Mistress Sakura will start solo session next week.
*She can join your session for free as her training between her own appointments.
*Since she doesn't speak English, she only has a session with Japanese speakers until she gets experience long enough.

Check Sakura's more pix&profile

Baby Domina Yuki

She is still under training, but very enthusiastic for learning about BDSM.
Tall and sexy fresh domina!

4/18(Mon) 15:00-Last
4/19(Tue) 15:00-Last
4/21(Thu) 15:00-Last
4/25(Mon) 15:00-Last
4/26(Tue) 15:00-Last
4/27(Wed) 15:00-Last

She can join your session for free as her training.
Check Yuki's more pix&profile

Please feel free to make an appointment with them by a phone.

La Siora

New Lether Restricts by Murasaki

I got some lether restricts when I visited Europe last month.

Thick lether hand/foot restricts and a coller.

Restricts are nessesary SM items, but I did not have very good ones before.
So it was nice that I could find them in Europe.

I visited a shop that has a lot of lether goods collections.
After I spend long time to make a decision, I chose profound ones that'd suit with Japanese size.


When I use them, the style naturally be a combination of Japanese Shibari(rope bondage) and Eastern restricts. Would you like it?;)

Compared to sensitive shibari, lether restricts looks heavy and hardcore.
They both are very different but also attractive.

I want to visit other shops to buy some more if I have a chance to visit Europe again.

Original entry by Mistress Muraski's blog 責女目線
Translated by Lily

You are MINE. by Canon



yes, this is about YOU.

I can smell it.

You smell like your mine.

I know you want to be my slave.

No matter how you feel at this moment.

I aimed at you.

I decided that your to be my slave.

You said you are just a SM beginner.


I can make you a good slave with the strict discipline.

I'm not joking.

April fool has been finished yesterday.


Quated from Canon Attack

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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