Baby domina Sakura's schedule

We would like to let you know Bady domina Sakura's schedule.

5th April(Tue) 3:00pm-11:00pm
6th April(Wed) 3:00pm-11:00pm

She can join your session for free as her training.
Please ask us if you would like to invite her to your session.

*We'd plan that we would like to accept booking with Baby domina Sakura for solo session from next week.

I'm back! from Canon


Hey guys.
Im back from Europe BDSM tour! It was so much fun.
Special thanks for people I met in this trip.
It was a big drama in my life. I donno how can I say about this feeling yet.

Well...Just let you know I'm back!


Quated by 【Canon Attack】

Baby Domina

We just welcomed a new baby domina.
She has big eyes and snow white skin,cheerful person,She is beautiful.
She is pretty short but seems taller than 157cm.

We going to accept her free visit join session with senia domina's session on date below.
She will be in plain clothes.

24th(Thu) 25th(Fri) 28th(Mon)
PM3 to PM10

For oversea slaves By Akiho

Thank you for warm massage and praying for Japan and Us.

We are OK here in Tokyo.

And I am praying for the people in hard situation still now.
I believe that we can recover.
I hope to see you with relief and smile soon.


Notification  3/20(Sun)

We're closed to business on tomorrow 3/20(Sun) for various reasons.

But our phone line is available on 1PM to 3PM as usual.
We'd appriciate to give us a call by customer who has a appointment on 21th Monday for reconfirmation or if you'd like to make a booking also.

We would appriciate your understanding.
Thank you very much.

La Siora

Devil may care! By Kotono

Maybe I cant stop live like this way.
Cause I am a natural born stupid girl who just have
goddamn special luck.

I live on the edge such as devil may care me...
I am protected by humanlike guardiqn angel in Belgium!!!!

I become a guest domina in Mistress D mona's salon.
Please check the website.



Mistress Kotono

Quoted from Mistress Kotono's Japanese blog

Now in Brussels. By Kotono

Because of Japanese problem,
I decided to stay in Brussels till 21st of this month.

Brussels is very quiet and peaceful
and I and Canon are quite fine here.
Hope everything fine and people's safety.....

I will come back to La Siora from March 26th.
See you soon.


WE OPEN TODAY March 13(Sun)

Dear members

We have been closed since the big earthquakes that broken out on 11th.
We apologize for all the inconvinience.
Our office and all domina/staffs are fine. We deeply thank you for many wishs.
We decided to re-open since today. Please feel free to contact us.

Please understand that schedules might be changed according to the situation.

Thank you very much for your concern and we all wish for people in trouble after the disaster.
Best regards.
La Siora

12 Mar (Sat) Closed

Because of the effects of large earthquakes in Japan, we close for security reason.
We are very sorry for causing inconvenience.

La Siora

Alive in Venise. By Kotono

Now I am in Venise.
I wear Japanese KIMONO.
There are so many people from many countries!!
Today I walked around Venise with Mistress Moe and Mistress Amlita.
We were very standing out in the crowd.
So many people made us stopped and taken photos...
For them kimono was rarely seen.
people wear masks and I am enjoying their fantastic costumes!!!!
There is no boarder between us,
Masks hide our boarder.
I can't tell people's gender, countries, and classes.
We are just enjoying carnival!!!
I am really excited.


On the hill of Montmartre. By Kotono

I went to Montmartre in Paris today.
It was really beautiful place and we went to famous
Le Bateau Lavoir which Picasso and many artists used to work here.

I sit down a cafe near it and just close my eyes.
It was a beautiful afternoon tea time.
I have felt I am in Paris really.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Louvre.
And in evening I plan to go to dinner with a French.

I am enjoying Paris very much.


Now in Paris! By Kotono

Now I am in Paris with Mistress Moe.

Our schedule is...

Paris March 1st till 6th
Venis March 6th till 9th
Brussels March 9th till 14th

We are going to add sessions with people in Paris, Venis, Brussels!!

I am excited to see you soon!


Mistress Kotono


sparkle in demon eyes... By Kotono

You said there was sparkle of demon in my yes.
It's interesting.

i know.
I can say you never be satisfied with 'NORMAL' level stimulation.
You need much HOT and SPICY something.

what is NORMAL?

it means the same as something others.
It means there are many things like that.
It means you saw them many times and always inside your expectation.

It means BORING.


I am NOT a normal.
you know it right?
Can you understand what it mean?


Sparkle in demon eyes... By Kotono

I had a session with a French guy.
It was very fun.
His apartment was very nice and I had a nice time.

After session he made a special quiche.
I was so surprised because he was really good at cooking.
I ate many quiches...

Thanks a lot.



lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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