cruel dictator! By Kotono


You are such a stupid pig and I can't help to discriminate you.
Because you are disgusting maggot and very very ugly,
I have to destroy you.
I can't stand you.
Hey, stupid good for nothing,
get down on all fours!
I made you kiss my boots.
You have to wear a gas mask!!
If I loose my temper,
I will make you inhale terrible deadly poison gas!!
Yes, I am a your dictator.
Can you understand, jerk?


Shibari lecture for 3days


We La Siora, Bar Amarcord and Le Donjon had a Shibari(rope bondage)seminor for 3days.

From La Siora, Baby domina Narumi and Kotono, fresh regular domina Canon, Moe, experienced dominas Akiho, Shinobu, and Tamaki joined it.
We apologize that we had some difficulties to arrange appointments for 3days because many dominas were in the seminor.

It was very practical lecture.
The lecturer was Maestro Tsuyoshi Arisue.
He is known by his great Shibari performance and lectures in his films.
We kicked off the lecture dreaming to use ropes like him.

We learned besic pattern of hanging, but new dominas(Narumi, Kotono, Canon and Moe) still need to get used to useing ropes. Although they can do simple hangings, they need time and smoothness. They will try hangings in their sessions if members understand that they are not perfect yet and still allow them to do that.
They should have more experience more floor work skills.
Their performance and skill are being developed although they are full of vitality for challenges.

We will introduce more about the seminor on Rie Asagiri's blog in a few days. Keep watchin!

Murasaki's schedule will be changed soon!

Mistress Murasaki's schedule will be changed from February.

Before:Wed,Sat 17:00-Last

After:Tue,Wed,Sat 15:00-Last

We got more chances to see her.

Currently she is planning to visit Europa in this March.
We will let you know the detail for Murasaki fans in Europe.

garter belt By Shinobu


When I sit, my legs with garter belt is Most beautiful view,
don't you see that?

Quoted from Far east XANADU

New Photos UP!

We uploaded new photos of Europe trip!

The train trip from Venezia to Barcelona...
Check them out!

Real Communication by Kotono

When I abuse you, I always do very hard.

I do it by Japanese, but you can feel what I say to you.

Do you believe in soul?

I really do.

I try to hit my soul to yours.

Feel my energy.

Feel my soul.

Feel my pervert love.


Original entry from Mistress Kotono's English blog

My butler by Kotono


I am a strict your master.

You have to submit my order absolutely.

I will punish you hard if you can't observe my order perfectly!

Comb my hair slowly and carefully.

A cup of tea please.

I am hungry.

reserve the restaurant.

make me put the dress.

Give me ride.

Make this form perfectly.

and, and, more!

All this things are your job.

because you are my faithful butler.

Quated by Mistress KOKO's world

I'll leave La Siora by Maria

Today I have important news for you.
I'll leave La Siora on 2nd of Februaly.
It was hard to make this dicision.
But I dicided to start new things.

I had a choice to continue little by little.
But In japan we have a idiom
This mean is
"If you chase after two rabbits, you won't catch either"

I won't fuck around.

I'v been belonging to SM club as a domina for long time.
So I can't imagine that I'm going to go to straght world.
But now,I'm simply going to enjoy BDSM.
Just I feel and do what I want to.

I still have a time yet.

Let's have a fun!

[The schedule until the last day]
2月 1日(the)1pm~Last
2月 2日(wed)1pm~Last

Quated by Maria∞Mania

MK Studio By Mao

I had a session at a studio where Casablanca had been held.





Rental fee is usually 30,000yen 3 hours but he said he could rent 20,000yen 2 hours by negotiation this time.

There is a very large room and the voices resound very well.
There is an very attractive space for BDSM lovers because there are a lot of big bontage tools and a pulley.

We can enjoy whipping all we want because there is a pretty spacious.
This session was only whipping one with various bontage machines.

sounds of whipping and voices echo in a silent space
(Lifting his wrists and whipping him whom on a Berkley horse)

Alpha Inn, S3 Studio and other studios are also nice, but I recommend this studio because of the size.

Drawback of this studio is that the shower room is pretty simple.
It seems that you have to bring your towels here.
You will be able to enjoy if you would be careful of it.

MK Studio is located in Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku.
It is about less than 2-meters taxi ride from meeting spot.
It would be about 3,000yen to get there and back.

Wouldn't you like to consider using this studio if you plan to have a session with the genuine play equipments?

More details >>> MK Studio

Translated by Nica

I want to dominate you till heart By Kotono


Now here is your collar.
I make you naked slowly.
Come here. good boy.
Let's walk with me for a while...
I can see your hips moving clearly.And also your horny boner too.
It's so funny...
I sweat a little bit.
Kiss my feet and lick it slowly...
more slowly! I hit you hard.

Quated from Mistress KOKO's world

There isn't SM room in Emperor Tower Sekitei anymore! By Nana

We'd accepted a favor from Room #301,Emperor Tower Sekitei as very few SM room in Kabuki-cho.

St.Andrew's Cross was removed from there and became a normal room when I visited there.
The hotel which has SM room is only Yurakuzen where we can go on foot.
Well, room #303,LA PIA was also spoiled because there was a PC in front of valuable bondage rest...
Recent circumstances of fashion hotels in Kabuki-cho is bitter a little to SM lovers.

But, I could find something happy also.

Emperor Tower Sekitei #301, a couch and ottoman are put into place where was vacant lot of St.Andrew's Cross.
They are perfect for bontage!
Making human furniture,using as spanking furniture,it is convenient for various things.

I will take photos next time and let you know more informations!

Translated by Nica


I stayed alone at the hotel. This is the first experience by the life.
It was a hotel that the superb view is seen.

<Mt. Fuji>

Will you think that it is a wonderful view?
Mt. Fuji was able to be seen from a large bathroom. It was a very wonderful hotel.
I felt that big power had been gotten from Mt. Fuji by this travel.

Mt. Fuji is wonderful when seeing in the vicinity!

Quoted from Far east XANADU

It really hurts!!!! By Kotono

Today I went to sports massage shop.
Have you ever experienced Japanese massage?
It sometimes called like Seitai整体.
They try to modulate my body's bones.
But it really hurts!!!!
For being a good condition, you must stand this pain...


After the massage, my body was really light and I felt so comfy!!!

Quoted from Mistress KOKO's world

Baby domina Narumi has debuted!

Baby domina Narumi has debuted!
We could recieve bookings of Narumi solo session without high skilled BDSM.


She has a small build and fair complexion,sweet-faced and sweet-voice.
She doesn't have coercive impression but don't be fooled!
She has plenty of push.She is intriguingly off-center.


She doesn’t speak English.
So she is not accept a single session with no-Japanease=speaker for the near term.
She would join your session for free charge between her own appointment.
Please ask for receptionist when you make a reservation with regular domina.
We’d appreciate your understanding.

New equipments by Canon

Hey kinks.
I'm gonna show you what I get from father christmas in London.


This is my favorite new strap on. Isn't it so beautiful? The designer Shiri Zinn graduated MA Central Saint Martins School of Fashion. I adore her products. This ceramic dildo has a golden leaf decoration. Its also removable so i can use others as well.
The strap fits me amazingly well. It allows great movement i'm sure you will love it. God I'm so cool.


These two top strongly hurts your nipple and one down joint with THIS.

If your cock gets hard (which it will), it will punish you autmatically.
You can't escape, because I got a pair of locking fist mitts.


Of couse you have to walk with me with all these acsessories.
Walking on all fours.


I've got a pump plug and penis pump too. Such nice christmas presents.
I can bully you so badly.

Good Dog.


My plum colour latex suits coming in 3 weeks!

quoted by 【Canon Atack

Gallery updated!



A lot of photos of Tour to Venizia are updated at once!
Check them out here and here !!

lick me gently! or punish you! By Kotono


I love to think how I play with you by Kotono


I love to think how we play.

When I go shopping, I can't help think about play...

For example, if I go to the corner of kitchen, I always think what kind of

goods can be used in the play.

My imagination is coming more and more!


I found a big carrot in the grocery store...

Suddenly I thought I wanted to screw into your secret hall!!

It's fun to imagine how to play!!!!

original entry
Mistress KOKO's world

Venizia Photo updated!


Photos of dominas who visited Venezia last year are uploaded!!
check the album Here!

New female costumes - Black lingerie and Garter belt By Murasaki

The version up of female costumes since last year, I took charge of lingeries.

Simple and elegant black lingerie, garter belt.
And black garter stockings.
I bought this set which was probable but improbable for rental.

A black brassiere with rhinestones. The size is female 3L/D cup.

lace panty and garter belt matching a bra. This is also largish size.

Back style of bra is also lace same as panty. This is elegant and cute!

I dressed her.
I was worried that these lingeries were too large for her, but it was OK for this slender M girl.

I tied her up with rope. looks erotic,very nice.

wonderful point of this bra... it is front-fastening!
So, it is possible to take off while binding her...

It is also possible to molest her...

Please tell us that you would like to wear these costumes when you would make a reservation.
Because this is only one set, it would be likely to be rented by other member at the same day.
We'd appreciate it if you'd understand it.

Let's be hot lady with elegant lingeries and let dominas get horny!

by Murasaki

Long leather gloves By Maria

Did you have a good vacation?
I had a really good vacation and I could refreshed so much.


And I bought a beautiful leather gloves.

It's very soft and smooth leather.
And length is up to the elbow under.

When I put this glove...
It's so beautiful,isn't it?

Quoted from Maria∞Mania

At Amarcord in Shinjuku! By Kotono

Yesterday I went to Amarcord in Shinjuku.
As you know, Amarcord is a fetish bar that La Siora's owner Rie produce.
I hadn't come over to the bar for a long time.
But finally I went there yesterday!
There were many people and we enjoyed drinking.
There were Mistress Murasaki and Narumi(New Mistress of Siora).
In Japan there is a traditional culture that we do Kakizome in January!
Kakizome is doing calligraphy.
We did it in the bar!!


I was too busy to go to drink with people often.
So now I would like to talk and drink people who are interested in SM.
I will come over Amarcord next time with Mistress Moe.
If you see me, feel free to talk to me!

Quoted from Mistress KOKO's world

My sexy cigarette By Canon

A Happy New Year 2011.
Did you have good christmas and new year holiday? I'm sure you did.

Basically, these holiday are just excuse to drink and get pissed. In some countries, smorkers have got very limited space to smoke cigarette, so I do join them for social reason sometimes. I don't smoke normally, so I don't have special brand that I constantly buy. But I found beautiful one.

Isn't it so pretty? I think it's fantastic.
This flamingo pink body and gold tip is just for gorgeous woman.


When I've finished the very complicated tying up of your body, I'll have some break with it. I decide.


Quoted from Cannon Attack

Rope bondage's practice By Kotono


These days I practice rope bondage.



Because its sometimes really dangerous, it needs decent skills and methods.

I use my legs.

To tie beautifully we need lots of practice.

I would like to tie you more smoothly so these days I often practice it by myself.

My rope is coated by bee wax so its really smooth.

I want you everything.

I wanna rule you more...

Tie you and make you mine...

Quoted from Mistress KOKO's world

Happy new year! By Shinobu

Happy new year!

What New Year is you spending?

I was able to complicate one's cold, and was making it obediently at home.
It is regrettable though is a special New Year.

Loved SM will be done from tomorrow because it has already become energetic now.

My best regards this year.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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