Have you ever smelled women's underarms?

I sweat under my arms so much...

I heard the smell of people is different from each person.

I wonder what kind of smell I have.

My perfume is melting at my body temperature...

Have a Happy New Year By Maria

My 2010's last session has just finished.


I could enjoy alot this year.
I want to say thank you to all of the slaves.


Have a good year .
I hope to see you in next year.

I'll start to work on 2011
Jan 7th 13:00~Last

All my love

Quoted from Maria∞Mania

My New item By Shinobu

Hi,I'm Shinobu.
Did you guys spend a sweet Xmas?

Yes,I got a new item that you may like it.


This called "sounds" insert to urethra.

I'm not smoker just compare a size although,
you can see how big in particularly big right one.


It's almost similar as pinky.

Dilate urethra?Overload?

I don't have a urethra item a lot but now,
I can't stop to imagine how I'm going to enjoy with this.

Translated by Angelica

Changed schedule

Merry Christmas!!
How are you getting along?

There are only a week left this year.
Some domina's schedule will be changed from next month.

Wednesday : 13h00 - 20h30
Thursday : 15h00 - Last
Sunday : 13h00 - 19h30

Canon / English speaker
Tuesday Friday Saturday : 13h00 - Last
Sunday : 13h00 - 19h30

Korono / English speaker
Wednesday Thurssay Saturday Sunday : 17h00 - Last

Thursday and Sunday : 15h00 - Last

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday : 13h00 - 21h00

Moe became a regular domina!

Greeting from Mistress Moe who just became a regular domina!
(Please understand that her nomination fee is 2,000yen now.)


This is Moe.
I became a regular domina.

I've observed many sessions and met many M people in Europe.
That was precious experience.

I bought many lingerie and costumes there as well.
Im excited to have a session in rubber suit that i got in Europe!

I will tease you a lot.

Original entry by Moe
Translated by Lily

I love cane. By Maria


I love to mix cane and rope bondage.
But now I want to do like this style.

You are wearing your outfit, you just expose your bottom.
Like this.

Classic style.
I want to do this.
You come to see me on the way to the home from your office to be punished.
Sounds great.

After the caneing,you just wear your pants and kiss my shoes.
And you go home.

This is one of my fantasy.

Quoted from Maria∞Mania

CBT By Shinobu

Hello everybody.


Today's blog introduces a favorite tool.

Can it be this imagination of anything?


This is a tool used for CBT.
CBT is Cock and ball torture.

This is an image taken after a lot of this tools are used today.

My slave said, 'It was suffering like the hell'.

However, he seemed to be glad why.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

Purple leather gloves By Kotono


Hi, this is Kotono.

I post on this blog about costume first time.

They are rare, purple leather gloves.
There are some stads look painful on them, aggressive one.
It is good for choking your neck, slapping you across your face,
or I would caress you (if I am in a good mood)

They have a smooth feel so much.

Translated by Nica

My promotion to regular domina By Canon

Good news, I've graduated and become a regular domina.
Thanks to all my kinks!
Thanks so much for all the senior dominas at La Siora and all my other supporters!

My technique and power has increased, and it will continue to increase over the coming months.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.



Quoted from Cannon Attack

After that by Maria


After you flash back your memory,that is the start.

Do you know why I make you recall old time,the day you had impressed.
Because I think that is the start.

It become to our time.


You are falling into a snare.
Because you will never forget me as a girl who gave you a shocked.
Did you realized?

What shall we do next time?

Quoted from Maria Mania

Mistress Kotono's English blog

Mistress Kotono finally opened her English blog!
Have fun knowing her daily life and her exciting sessions.

"Mistress KOKO's world"

Here is the greeting from Kotono.

"Nice to meet you.
This is La Siora TOKYO's mistress KOTONO's blog.

People call me Mistress KOKO.
I know sometimes it's very difficult for foreign people to pronounce JAPANESE names.

Hope U remember me.

I have played in La Siora for almost 4months.

I can speak English so looking forward to talking with you

as well I play with you.

hope to see u soon☆



Quoted from Mistress KOKO's world

Tow baby dominas special By Canon

Kotono and I had fucking funny session yesterday.
It was in the fantastic SM hotel room 601 called "hells dungeon".

We are totally excited because of the place, but what makes us more excited is that we are both baby domina.
You might think its easy like " Huh!? A baby can't do so many things.".
Whoooo, that's a very dangerous way of thinking.
In fact, our doggy begged us to stop when we started his ass fucking and face sitting ordeal.
"OH PLEASE STOP!" our doggy Begged.
We laughed saying "nah, this is just baby level. This is nothing, Take it bitch."
When he finally took all of my fingers, he'd gone to the hell.

So much fun thorough the session, it was fantastic kinky night.


Quoted from Cannon Attack

Cane and hips By Shinobu

The skin of my hand has peeled off today when Cane hits a lot of hips of the slave.

It is Cane at whom here works hard.

It is bloody.

And, this is hips to which it gave up.

It was this actually wound several times cruel though saw the print wound as seeing in the photograph.

It was very wonderful time for me for him.

Quoted from Far east XANADU

New costume : A beige tweed suit by Ayatsuki


A beige tweed suit.
The size is L/14(US)/44(EN)



The suit is quite big so it is wearable even if you are bit plump.
Wanna be a elegant lady?


This is the texture!

We bought many wigs as well, so feel free to request them!
High-heel and sandals are available too!

original entry by Ayatsuki

Translated by Lily

Lady must have Items by Shinobu

This is Shinobu.
I introduce new make-up tools today.
These look like the files...

Here you are!!
They are all pallets of make-up tools.
42 colors only lip rouge.
It is flexible for match-up because there are many variety of types like foundation,powder, eyeshadow,etc.

Diva can increase their variety of make-up so much with these tools.

By Shinobu

New wigs by Maria

Hello everyone.
I,Maria introduce new wigs these are 3 pieces.
I show you them step by step.

First of all,

blond semi-long and curled softly hair.
This is the same one which Ms.Ayatsuki put on when she introduced 【Chic dressing From Lady's Closet by Nana】 on the other day.

looks like from the side.
This wig is convenient for rope bontage because of middle length surely cute.

Next one is here,
light brown long hair curled.
It's add this instead of old one because this type was popular.

It's color is brown mixed pink a litte bit and looks like very feminine.
It fits glamorous mood.

At last,
typical beautiful lady hair.
it must be match every kind cloths.


I picked them up for all of situations,to be cute,tidy,glamorous like anytype.
I think it will be delightful match with new cloths.

Well,what kind of styles do you try?

Translated by Nica and Hiromi

From December by Kotono

This is Kotono.
How are u doing?

My play schedule are changed from December so would like to inform it.
It will be....
Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun (pm3:00-last)

Oppotunity that I meet you is increased!!

Hope to see u soon!


Chic dressing From Lady's Closet by Nana

from last entry, still I'm going to show you new costumes for Diva!


It's shiny and smooth material ribbon shirt.
coordinated in black mermaid type skirt.

You can coordinate with black pantie horse and heels like model Ayatsuki.
(FYI,this heels is available for a rent.black velvet material,size 10.5 to 11 inch.)
It's chic and stylish.


front ruffle and ribbon make your look so classy.
Also you can outfit with raspberry colored tiered skirt that i show you previous entry.

This Shirt is ladies LL size.
Perhaps it might be too tight if you have a rugged structure.
Instead,you can wear a dot print shirt that i show you last time or sleeveless dress (I'll show you next entry!)

And the skirt is size around 75cm,adjustable.


You know what,I'm on fire to mess a girl who wearing classy like this.

Translated by Angelica


lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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