Leather season! by Akiho

It will coming "Leather season" by now.

It must be feeling "hard fetish" in a flash.

Slave who never interested before but appearance with leathers that slave beocomes stuck on gradually.
I,Akiho also used to receive influence by my slave "leather-fetish".

So,come over here.

Leather boots step on your berry,it's about time for snake whip next.

Really match with leather fetish and whips.
The reasons to join at SM would that appearance,image of bondage fashion,slave could't realize stuck on the world.

I as domina give strong whip that can see it in the mirror,sounds teffic.


That's fine.

I don't have the sence so was got some stimulation during fetich session.
A power of worship in visual that I take abuse-advantage of the power in my session.
The result is Akiho fetish.

I want to get seriously item which is real-black-leather coat in my winter trip to Europe.

If you see a lady wore ebony leather cost,,,

How expect for ,,,?

A lot of costumes and tools never show on the web-site.

Can wait for futher info??

Translated by Hiromi

black devil and a white devil by Shinobu

From early morning today
It has gone to take a picture with Mistress Nana and Mistress Murasaki.

It took a picture to commemoration with my digital camera at the intervals.

※It was by Mistress Photographer Murasaki.

It is a two-shot of a black devil and a white devil.
It looks forward to placing in the La-siora homepage though it takes a little more.

Quoted from 【Far east XANADU】

Add;Schedules modified

We've announced that some mistresses schedules.
■Mao(special schedule)
28th of Oct (Thu) 4pm to last

■Ruiko(in November)
4th (Thu) 3pm to 9:30pm for 70minues
13rd (Sat) 2pm to 8:30pm for 70minues
18th (Thu) 3pm to 9:30pm for 70minues
27th (Sat) 2pm to 8:30pm for 70minues

■Maria (changed regular schedules)
Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday:1pm to last / every Sunday:1pm to 8pm for 100minutes

■Shinobu (changed regular schedules)
Every Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday:1pm to 8pm / every Saturday:3pm to 8pm for 100minutes

You can make sure in 3days schedules as "BBS"

Rubber masks by Maria

Breath restrains and masks are my favorites.
(I do have many more favorite things though:p)
I love sounds of your painful breath very much.

so, this is what I found!
Rubber masks!!!

I bought 2 types of them.

This is the first one.

This one might be too tight for guys.
There is a little hole around nose and eyes are totally covered.

I wanna also tie your body up and leave you like an object or something.

This is the second one.

I should use this when I play with M who I want to see his painful eyes during the session.

Which one will work better on you?


(translated by Lily)

original article (in Japanese)

To, 98% CHIMP by Canon

Yes. It's you.

Your ass drink quite a lot of water, and I made you keep it in there till you got home.
I expected you might have a terrible accident on the way home!! Did you?

Take care.


Quoted from 【Extreme Canon Attack】

My favorite bu Shinobu

It is becoming cold recently.
I purchased the enamel pumps for autumn and winter.


Like a beautiful red dripping?
My favorite color is red.

This pumps so beautifully decorate my feet,
It is necessary to always keep them beautiful.

To persons in charge of the cleaning.
The preparation for the shoes cleaning is OK?

Quoted from 【Far east XANADU】

Reservation of Marika.

Thank you very much for our members who have been waiting for a month.
Mistress Marika is back finally!

We could receive her reservations if you agree the following below;

・Please inquire by yourself on her own blog first about your schdule of the session,completely necessary with your membership number and registerd name.
・Then it will be fix up if the schedules correspond each other.
・Only city hotel for session place.
・Please make a reservation by 1 week before and over 6 hours course is only acceptable.
・Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays only.
・It is possible to have brief talk before your session starting but without our questionnaire which is you write it down when you sign up.

Thank you very much.

Domina Kotono's schedule

Domina Kotono have been extend her schedule in deference to our member's wishes.
We are able to accept from 17h00 every Saturday and Sunday.
She has light on her feet and humorous,she is intelligent.

A woman teacher's vestige.

There are some prompts that lead you masochistic pleasure...

But recently I recognized that one existence affects them strongly.

'A woman teacher'.

She was the first woman who you met a Lady.

I mean, an adult lady.

Except mothers, I guess women teachers are the first women who you meet.

She wore a clean tight suit and high heel.

strict, but very sweet.

How shocking it was...when she hit you hard.

Felt moment pain, but at the same time you felt a something pleasure.

She made you obey.

She was a rule of you.

You couldn't oppose her.

She taught you how to submit.

She was a secret Eve you met in the earth.

Never forget her vestige.

A woman teacher...

Quoted from ♥KOTONO'S EMPIRE♥

Fetish Journey

Hi guys,

So many surprises when I join this fetish world.
Its ridiculous, there are so many kinds of fetishes all over the world.
It's interesting.
I'd never even thought that craft tape was sexy.

One of session at night with Mistress Kotono was about the smell of feet after work.
A Girl sweats inside her stocking over a day, and it's somehow sexy.


This is one scene of our play.
Put our shoes on his body like this, and I said
"Yeah! This is T's Tea NY!!!"
I don't know what this technic is called, but it doesn't matter.
Double baby domina makes play so mishmashed and so fun.
Are you scared?

On my second solo session. The kink loved pin-heel shoes and feet.
I was wearing some beautiful gucci pin-heel, I stamped on his balls.


He loves pain and imagining pain, lots of needle, caning and nails.
"Yeah, take this pain."
While I pinched and twisted his nipples, he was imagining so much pain and was feeling it as well.

Just yestaday, I had a session with Mistress Bigyoku.
It was a beautiful new fetish world which I've never seen.
We coiled his body with craft tape, and made him lay down.
And, we kept striking a lots of matches.
The smell of leather
The smell of acid smoke
Two mistress looking down on you with light of a match.


You have no idea how beautiful it was.

What's is my fetish?
It's your face begging "please mistress, please!!".

So adorable.


Quoted from Extreme Canon Attack

Thursday 14th Oct,Domina study session and dinner

We won't accept your book on Thursday 14th Oct.
We will open only reception desk which please note.

Our dominas will conduct study sessions.
They will learn BDSM skill and have a discussion about BDSM to thier heart's content.
And we will have a dinner to deepen exchanges.

Our dominas take shifts so,they don't get to talk each other owing to pressure of work.
They work together and our office is a small and family-like club.
Despite this,dome dominas have not see each other !!

Our dominas would like to discuss topics of mutual interest,BDSM.
So they need to have enough time.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Updated pictures of Maria


She is one of our cute voice domina Maria who has shooting recentlly.
You can see on her profiles here;
【maria * index】

Domina Kotono

Domina Kotono started to accept orders for single session.
She is already have some repeat slaves.
We trust her growing capabilities.

But she has day job everyday and busy so,she morphs into domina at the weekend.
11th Oct,national holiday will on the day.
She will morph into domina specially!

11th Oct(Mon)13:00-early evening
She is a good English speaker.

Updated of Moe&Kotono



Thank you!

I always say (by Shinobu)


”Worry. A cruel thing is done though the pain is not given. ”

This is sentences that I always say.

What kind of thing did you imagine?

from Shinobu's English blog
"Far East Xanadu"

My Photos Uploaded.(by Canon)

Hello bitches.

Did you check my profile photos?
Not yet?!
How dare you, you idiot!!!
Click this NOW!
Hehe ;-)

Here is my recent play skill details.

Rope bondage; Skilled (I love it.)
Hanging; Under Training (I love it.)
Spanking and Caning; Skilled (My favorite. You have to take at least 10!)
Whipping(Snake whip); Under Training
Whipping(Others); Skilled
Candle wax; Skilled (Do you want mistress's HOT present?)
Enema;Skilled (Feeling full. Don't let go.)
Anal stimulation;Skilled (Fist or dildos. It's your choice!)
Smothering; Skilled
Mummification; Skilled (Take it bitch.)
Nipple stimulation; Skilled (How hard do you want it?)
Penis stimulation; Skilled (Kicking? Tramp on your cock? Take my pin-heel marks.)
Forced masturbation; Skilled well (Yeah, show me you filthy dog.)
Humiliation; Skilled (YOU WILL BE)
Verbal abuse; Skilled (Yeah, naughty boy needs to be what to told.)
Cross-dressing; Skilled (I like boys in dresses. Frilly dresses!)
Session in public places; Skilled (Dogs sleep outside.)
Maid and Servant; Skilled (Do you want to serve me? Yes you do.)
Role-playing; Skilled
Golden shower; Skilled (Let me cool you off.)
Coprophagy; Skilled (If you want my extra special present.)

My solo session will start from 5th Oct.
Did you book already?
Good boy!


from Canon's English blog "Extreme Canon Attack"

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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