New Domina "Kotono" coming soon!

As we announced before, our new baby domina joined La Siora.
Her name is "Kotono" and she is very neat Japanese beauty.
Her profile and pictures are coming soon, stay tuned!

She will start free session observation on September.
Get ready to witness our new fresh mistress and feel free to ask about her to receptionists.

Makes me beautiful

One of my slave told me
"Women became more beautiful sucking the life out of men"


Well, I suppose that's right.

Slave can make mistresses more beautiful.
It's wonderful isn't it?

Since now It's your job.
Makes me smile and Makes me more beautiful.

quated from Maria∞Mania(Mistress Maria's english blog)

Hard job.


You know, my toilet training is really severe.

I'm gonna bury my gold without an interstice, until your mouth is filled to overflowing so much that to shut your mouth will be a hard job.

Do you worth receiving it that way?

I will use you without mercy.

Quoted from Paraphilia

new baby domina free reservation

Today Aug 22nd from 3pm, new baby domina joining us soon starts free ovservations of other domina's sessions as a part of her training.
If you would love to halp her, let us know when you make a reservation today.

She have not decided her name yet, but she is in her 20th and elegant and intelligent lady.She is also a fluent English speaker.

She has just finishd a hygiene lecture and has some SM experience in her private life but it will be her first time to see real SM session.
Please feel free to ask her to join!

Marika will be available on Mondays!

Our baby domina Mistress Marika will start working on Mondays
She will be available at 15:00-Last on every Mondays.

She got a lot of reservations since her debut and her schedule is almost full already.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering to have a session with our beautiful baby domina Marika!

La Siora

Ha na bi by Maria

A hot day continues in Japan.
Like these days,Let's do something I can do only in summer.


I went to festival with Bigyoku and I did firework!
This is stick type of firework and it is common to do in summer.

When mistress has a fireworks,Be careful!

I chased slave with a firework.and I did fire work on the slaves stomach.

Do you know it was really really fun?
Look at my smiley face.

Quoted from Maria∞Mania

I found a reasonable hotel in Kabukicho by Nana

That was really reasonable price may be lowest price around Kabukicho area that called
"La France Paris"

It located near by New Elegance,line of Yurakuzen.
◆Rest price : 2,500yen / 3 people : 3,750yen

The hotel has "Paris tower" and "France tower (maybe?)" that I used the room number 21 in Paris tower which is wide space Japanese style Tatami with equipment simple hanging and brace.

But,be careful in summer especially cause air conditioner doesn't work!

I'm going to upload more information when I try it later and gathering futher info!

La France Paris
2-6-8 Kabukicho Shinjuku ward,Tokyo

Translated by Hiromi

Mistress Marika's schedule!

Finally, our new baby domina Mistress Marika will start having sessions all alone from August 21st(Sat)!

Mistress Marika's schedule in August is shown below.

Also, if you make a reservation by the day before, she will be available from 9am.

Moreover, she could be available from 9:00 to 15:00 on 25(Wed),27(Fri) if you make a reservation bt the day before.

Who wants to be her first slave?

a change of Mistress Bigyoku's schedule

We would like to announce a change of Mistress Bigyoku's schedule.

Besically she started session at 3pm, but now we can make an appointment with Bigyoku from 1pm on Wednewday, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays if you make a reservation by the day before.

Don't miss the chance to have a nice early afternoon session with Bigyoku!

P drool bib by Akiho


I'm going to fit in your P cause you always starving,flowed drool.

Need to make discipline like you bad baby.

If I said obey me,you do hand job but you cannot come.

More faster....you see?

no reasons,quick faster,move,move,move!

no permission to stop your job,if you give up that cames up my anger storm!

no take a rest during discipline,absolutely

Taste of pleasure of control,I'll teach you but you don't have any enough.

to be a dog with Choker ring,order just stand up,don't move,patience face,
agonizing face,want to see more and more again.

Take it off....and?

Translated by Hiromi

rug duty by Bigyoku



100812_bigyoku3.jpg 100812_bigyoku4.jpg

Face in floor - massager - footstool If you have fantasized about being objectified as a footstool/rug for me.

Quoted from 【Paraphilia___bigyoku】

Obon schedule

Obon week in this week in Japan.
Many people receive company holidays during the Obon period and go back to their hometowns.
What's Obon?Click here!![Obon(Bon Festival)]

Our dominas are just the usual during the Obon.
But some dominas will take a vacation and be bound for abroad in order extend from Obon to the end of this year.
I will inform you as soon as a decision is made about thier schedule.

We show schedule for a three day as usual at [BBS] on our website.
Please see till 13th August on it.
We show in this week's schedule here.

Emi/14:00-Last(Please book till previous day)

AKIHO/13:00-20:30(Englisn speaker)
Maria/15:00-Last(English speaker)
Marika:15:00-23:00(Baby Domina)
Emi/14:00-Last(Please book till previous day)

Baby dominas info!

We vave two of baby domina who first is Moe has debut!
She is going to torture you,must be enjoyable with her,but!
If you want to meet her ,please ask to reception staff who is available with Moe because of she is not good at speak english that recomend you to have a session with english speaker domina.

And more baby domina Marika came back since she got injury.
Also she is possible to join your session free on her shedules below;

10th (Tue)/14th (Sat)/15th (Sun):between 3pm and 11pm.
She is going to be here on her own stabe schdules are Tuesdays and Saturdays between 3pm and 11pm.

Please ask us for appointment schedules of them.

My summer vacation by Maria

I'll take summer vacation.
It's going to be a eleguler sift.
Check my schedule!

 9,Aug(Mon)Day's off
10,Aug(Tue)Day's off
11,Aug(Wed)Day's off
12,Aug(Thr)Day's off
13,Aug(Fri)Day's off
14,Aug(Sat)15:00~Last【Extra Shift】  


I'll enjoy my long-awaited vacation.
I'm getting more and more excited.

Quoted from 【Maria∞Mania】

Shinobu regular domina

Rie Asagiri has updated for information of Shinobu who became a regulae domina!

For mistress Shinobu's nomination fee which is 2,000yen from this month.
It will be updating on blog with her own words.

At this moment,pleaase check on Rie's blog about her.(here is Japanese text only)

【Rie Asagiri * blog】

P drool bib by Akiho


I'm going to fit in your P cause you starving always,flowing drool,too.

Need to discipline like you bad baby.

If I said obey me,you should do hand job during fitting in but you can not come.

More faster...you see?

Absolutely,quick your hands,move,move,move!

No permission to stop your job,if you do,comes up my anger storm.

During my discipline,you are not allowed to quit your hands.

The taste of pleasure within control,you can't feel enough but I'll do that.

to be a dog with choker ring,just stand-up but don't move,
your patience-face,agonizing face,want to see sooner.

Take off and....?

Translated by Hiromi

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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