hi every one

information from me

I'm going to go to berlin for two weeks from tomorrow.

so I can't see you guys for a while.


I'm looking forward next session with you.



Why I can't quit SM By Maria

I dominate you.
And you are dominated.

It seems violent action.
But I don't know why I feel some kind of relaxing.

That's why I can't quit SM.

What about you?

Quoted from 【Maria∞Mania】

live with Antinomy by Bigyoku

live with Antinomy

serious and comedy

dramatic and sensity

kindness and coldness

reality and dream

spontaneous and stillness

these are something that can effect human'life both in a good way and
a bad way.
In a bad way of getting effected by Antinomy I mentioned,
some man may enjoy that moment.
It may be rediculous, but I preffer those men who are following their

However I'm a realist.
A optimistic realist... perhaps.

Quoted from 【Paraphilia_bigyoku】

Kobana has left LaSiora.

Kobana was obliged to quit LaSiora due to became tight schedules by one more job.

She couldn't take a off recently,so we hope to take a relax for a while and enjoy her life continuously.

Thank you very much all and have a wonderful life Kobana!


New Baby Domina Shinobu's Pix is available!


We updated new baby domina Shinobu's new profile picture which is shooted by domina Murasaki.
You can see she's in bondage,office lady style and lingrie.
We bet you definitelly attractive on her big eyes.you can't miss it!

*Go Page domina Shinobu

La Siora

JIU-JITSU by Mitsouko

Do you know Rickson gracie who is famous martial artist(only in japan?), brazilian JIU-JITSU .

I am a huge fun of his since I saw his fight with Mr,TAKADA.

His ability,consciousness,concentration of fighting was through the TV, and reached me.

and it grabbed my heart.

then, I started training brazilian jiu-jitsu from 2 and half years ago.

got a blue belt in winter last year.

I've worked steadily ground technique at studio twice a week.

My most favorite technic is “sankaku”(how to say in english? triangle?).

my lower body is extremely strong, so its easy to clench your neck.

if you wanna die, request it.

Quoted from 【LADY MITSOUKO】

Played beside,,,by Akiho

I like water.

So much.

I love slave stuck in smother in water.
He rememberd that I said I wanted to go room has pool.

Looks vacation at resort,excited!
But he was bad because of didn't bring inner tube,bad boy.

This one is shower with jet.
It cannot be stop sooner after press the button ,all wet when we just come in there.

I dropped him into the pool,he tried pay back me from bottom.
He did extremely bad!

Lite shenanigan has heavy guilt.

One pin put his there on by forced.
And more without his opinions.

Three,I choose a bit small one.

Last one is secret point,was present from me due to happy mood.
You must be keep it carefully.

I get relief water beside,,,what make it strict and cruel session.

Water evil called on me.

Someday,I hope to do like this torture continuing for 7 days.

Make it!

This equipment has hotel is here;
『Shibuya P&A PLAZA』
#901/rest : 14,000yen (taxi area)

Enjoy yoru session with water play!

Here is my own blog;
【Akiho * Fetish】

Translated by Hiromi

Gallery updated


We've updated a gallery that Europe2009 part 4.
A gallery of thistime is visiting BDSM club Avalon in Berlin.
It was nice chance to go there,you could tell a good vibes by those picture.

Hey,wanna have SM?
If you say yes,you should go check this now!
【Europe2009 part 4】

my suitcase by Mitsouko

my boss says

「play without hasitation, even if you get complain, thats ok, do as much as possible you can do. 」

I think so, thats bored “so so play”.

I want to play ,,like we are playing in under trance.

thats my ideal.

but , for that, we need something “key”.

I am always looking for it on you.

thats like a psychik or channeler.

and my boss also says 「if you are a great mistress, you don't need to carry your baggage by yourself.」

I totally understood, and went to next session.

but he was so difficult guy to understand, calm, and shy, not mention well.

but after our session, he carried my baggage until we said good bye.

it happend first time for me.

to be honest, i was so glad.

this picture is my champagne gold suitcase.

it is communication tool, too.

Quoted from 【LADY MITSOUKO】

Baby Domina Shinobu's schedule!

We LaSiora recruited our new domina Shinobu!
She is not so tall (about 5.3 feet) but has beautuful face and well-balanced body.
Also, she already have BDSM experience before and is well prepared as a new domina for our precious customers! Don't miss the chance!
Shinobu's schedule is listed below.

23(Sun) 2pm-7pm(if you inqure by 7pm)

regular working day
Tue/Wed/Thu 1pm-8pm (if you inqure by 8pm)
Alternate Saturday 1pm-6pm (if you inqure by 6pm)

She could have long session if you inquire by end of each shcedules.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about her!

Memory by Maria

Today,I'm going to talk about myself.
When I was 3,4 years old.
I was shy around strangers ,sore loser and I used to shed tears of regret.
I was like this girl in my memory.

My mother told me some memory of my childhood the other day.
" Do you remember a boy who you used to hit and kicked
when you were kindergarten child?"

I think I was just a shy girl,I don't think I did like that.....maybe.

My mother continued
"His mother told me that I don't mind that.
Because he has few friends,So he needs you in that ways.
But I really worried about you and him."

I didn't expect that I was choosing a people even I was a child.
Unfortunatelly I don't remember about it well.
But I have a another story.

When I was 9,10 years old.

There is a boy at school,
who is always crying and he dosen't have a friend either.
He was tardy and get me wound up, But I couldn't leave him alone.

I became to order him.
Because he can't do anything by himself.

Sometimes I hit him when he couldn't do as instructed.

Like i did,Children do some inhumanness things,you know.
I'm treated him in that ways and he always follow me.
He seems pleased to be with me and I'm the one who became his first friend.

We were friend in strange ways.
But if we met now, we could be a slave and domina?

Quoted from 【Maria∞Mania】

Information on 20th (Thu)

We have significant meeting for all of dominas therefore earliest session is available from 8pm on 20th.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.
We would appreciate it.


Yumeji leaving

Domina Yumeji left La Siora.
It was a short time,we appriciate all of La Siora members cooperation.
She was working so hard durling her office lady job.
We'd like to post her comment as soon as we had.

La Siora

misunderstanding by Mitsouko

i mistook knee high boots and thigh high boots.

new my boots i got was thigh high boots...

sometimes i take “funny misconception”.

latest one was...

when its difficult natural defecation for coprophagy play, senior domina gave a advice that insert pickled plum into my poop hole(do you know japanese“umeboshi)”.

i tried that, and its helpfull.

but so tough job , because pickled plum was very sticky, so i messed around my poop hole with plum.

mistress special care...such tough job....I thought.

but it was big misunderstanding.

plum meant senior domina gave a advice was just plum candy.

senior domina burst into laughing when they heard my mistake.

i was so embbrassed ...

nevertheless, it succeed that by my own way .

I suppose to use pickled plum for coprophagy from now on.

what do you think?

Quoted from 【LADY MITSOUKO】

22th? Akiho!


Domina Akiho will be here on 22th (Sat) PM1-5.
You can see her both day of next week end.
Why don't you spend a passionate time with Akiho?

Bigyoku's new profile pictures


We uploaded Mistress Bigyoku's new pictures on our web site.
It is first time that she shows her face in pictures, you do not want to miss it!

She is radically growing up as a mature domina and her brilliant beauty is outstanding.

Please go to Mistress Bigyoku's profile page and check her new pictures!
【Bigyoku * profile】

La Siora

Emi will be here for you on May 16th!


Good news for everyone!
On May 16th, Mistress Emi will be available from 6pm to midnight.

Since she is not usually working on Sundays, it is a great chance to spend wonderful weekend with her.
Please reserve a session with beautiful domina Emi before her schedule will be full!

La Siora

Mistress Bigyoku has started her English blog!!


Mistress Bigyoku also opened her English blog!(as domina Maria already did)
Please go to the URL below and check what she writes out!


Don't miss it! byMaria

Hello guys.
I start English Blog!

I already have a Japanese Blog.
But I got a request to write in English.

I love to speak English.but It's hard to write for me.
Anyway I'm going to try hard ,
So you try hard to understand my English!:-]

It's going to be a good tool to know me.
Don't miss it!


Quoted from 【Maria∞Mania】

Domina's English blog

Domina Maria startsEnglish blog!!
Two our dominas and our producer,three members have English blog.
Please check thier blog!!

[ Maria Mania ]

Mitsouko's English blog
[ Lady Mitsouko ]

Our producer,Rie's English blog
[ Hearts Mosaic ]

Akiha's schedule changed


Mistress Akiha chenged her schedule so she will be available on 19th May (Wed).
She will be working from 13:00 to 19:30.
And she will not be availabe this week, sorry for inconvinience.

Would you like to escape from daily routine for little and spend nice afternoon with Mistress Akiha?

costume by Mitsouko


finally, I got my knee high boots!

to be honest,I want to get more,,,cat suits and mask, leather skirt whip,bra bra bra,,,

but , its difficult to find favorite one because of my tendency.

I'm looking forward to tramp your balls down by this heel...........huhuhu.

Quoted from 【LADY MITSOUKO】

Photos of Berlin

We've updated a photo gallery of trip to Europe in last year.
This time is shopping and visiting around Berlin.
We'll able to show you soon a photos of durling a shooting,visiting to BDSM club.
Check it out★


Europe2009 Berlin1
Europe2009 Berlin2
Europe2009 Berlin3

Nana's schedule on 8th.

Domina Nana is not regular schedules on weekends but you can meet with Nana on 8th fortunately!!

Please check the schedules on the BBS

Thank you!

New reception staff!

Hello La Siora members, my name is Lily and I am a new reception staff just started working this May. I will be at reception mainly on Saturday and Sunday and pleased to assist your precious sessions. Since I used to live in Oregon, I believe I could be helpful for people who need English explanations, so please feel free to ask anything. Thank you!


beautiful jewelry box by Nana

“It is necessary to put the beautiful jewelry in a beautiful jewelry box.”
Beautiful high-heeled shoes that he said so and he presented me.

“Your foot is jewel.”
he said. What a romantic metaphor it is!

I went out putting on these shoes for the first time yesterday and I feel so good...like a trampling you down on the street.

Quoted from 【Nana * blog】

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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