Schedule from 1st May to 5th May

What cheer?
In Japan,we are having Golden Week holidays!
Do you have some plan during holidays?
We have updated domina schedule from 1st May to 5th May.
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my fantasy by Mitsouko

everybody has own fantasy,hasn't it?

today's “he”is the one of them.

we met at tea house before our session in first, and told me his erotic story precisely during whole meeting.

however ,I also have own fantasy, he was so lovely that teling me his fantasy as enjoyed and excited very much, so, I hustled to make coming true his fantasy.

we separated once after tea meeting, then today's our story started when I opened the door of hotel room.(we had done businesslike thing at tea house already...payment,phone call, )

no border, reality and unreality,,,,

it was so exciting session for me.

do you like it?

Quoted from 【LADY MITSOUKO】

Smell by Mitsouko

today, i was crazy to let my boys smell my cunt.

i was impatient with my panty.

how nasty...

Quated from 【Lady Mitsouko

Schedules modified.

It's been passed already one third in this year.
Do you have any plans in "Golden week" in Japan?

We are going to say some of dominas will have changed for stable schedules from next week.
Refer to below;

Maria / Tue,Wed,Fri:6-L Sun:3-L
Mitsouko / Mon,Thu:1-10:00 Tue:4-L
Murasaki / Wed,Sat:5-L
Akiha.T / Tue:3-10:30 Fri:5-L Sat:3-L

You can check on the web site Here

New Tamaki

We've changed a top page and updated Tamaki's picture.
Go check and feel she's good vibes.


La Siora

master of KINBAKU by Mitsouko

finally, sunny day today isn't it?

the other day, I surprised my friends as spread a mat, and practiced KINBAKU(japanese bondage) with hemp ropes at the yoyogi park.

as reading a KINBAKU text which written by most famous KINBAKU master in japan, GO ARISUE.

I like his style , wear KIMONO(sort of), and sun glasses , not mention anything but tie his slave up drastically, passionately .....

I suppose ... aspire to becoming a female GO ARISUE?

are you curious about mysterious japanese female KINBAKU master?

new style isn't it? haha

Quoted from 【Mitsouko * blog】

Enthusiasm for new toys by Akiha

Hey babies
It's spring!yeah☆☆☆
Let's enjoy the session,hah!?

Abnormality is on my mind always,so I'm stuck in getting new toys by enthusiasm.
First one is,I love it ,here is chastity belt.that useful "come saving".
Off course I tried!

It is not enough to save coming.I did many things to challenged on your body.

Welcome to try my session☆

Secound one is,Picks.

I used to take it in private.
Grope torture by one piece or slip on your back by picks gathered.

Same as daily tool which is rubber gum.
I tie you up and shoot you,especially your "P"!!
That'll be fun due to face-to-face daily and BDSM world.

And one more thing,cute panty!

Everyone can see your center point because of bore design,yeah~~☆

Sound good?

Transrated by Hiromi

new leather skirt by Bigyoku

Finally I've got new lether skirt.
This is short and very tighny.

you like hard dressing?so do i!

I also get this stocking name of race queen pantyhose.
It's very garish and shiny.


Dressed these together,it's like a go go dancer style!!hehe

Angelica translated

Ruiko's Photos Updated !

New photos of Mistress Ruiko have just been released !

She is now showing another new aspect with new hair-style.

Please take a look on 【Profiles * Ruiko】.

Thank you !

forbidden sweets byMitsouko

I had a chance to vomit the other day.

in fact, I'm good at vomiting.

I bought a lot of sweets for that play, and so excited on the way to him.

generally, I' ve been quitting to eat a sugar for my health, but to be honest, I sometimes desire to eat sweets!

so, its like a forbidden pleasure for me.

when I was biting into“his”cream puffs, he musterbated by himself, we were looking each other...

what a romantic and erotic time!!

if you want , please bring many delicious cake for me,,, no, for you!!

Quoted from 【Mitsouko * blog】

Tamaki's picturees updated.

Mistress Tamaki covered of 【Sniper EVE】.

We've updated new costumes photos on the 【Tamaki * Profiles】,extra pictures,too!!

Check them out!

Japanese Rope Hanging by Akiho


I just found a nice room at Hotel Emperor Tower Sekitei - a boutique hotel in Kabukicho.
Inside this room, rope hanging is possible !

This room is No. 501.

Room charge is 5,500 yen with using 1,000 yen coupon.
The coupon which is not valid for Saturdays is available in hotel rooms.

In spite of the fact I visit this hotel so many times, I have not known this room.
It is a good surprise for me to find the ceiling with a relatively strong beam in this room,
because I recently tend to do rope hanging.

The photo shows that the slave just returned to the earth from a trance in the air...

I realised that this room is maybe useful for those who want to try upside-down figures,
as a room bed may absorb shocks.

Translated by Mayano

Updated Schedule of Ruiko

Mistress Ruiko's schedule is now updated !

Starting next week, her working day is Tuesday bi-weekly and time is from 16:30 to 22:30. (Last session is available to start from 21:00 and length is 70 min.)

So, April schedule is as follows :

13 Apr (Tue) 16:30 - 22:30
27 Apr (Tue) 16:30 - 22:30

However, it may be also possible on Saturdays & Sundays if her schedule is permitted.
Please feel free to contact us !

Thank you !

Making for "LTR" by Murasaki

Though "LTR" - Lady Time Romance (Perfect Gender Change session)- session photos have been so far uploaded on this blog, today I'm going let you see making of LTR.
It would some essence of your gender change.

First,We talking and decide outfits.
clothes,lingilie,accesories and shoes.
While this time,she seems very happy.

As well as make-up,making body carefully.

The difference between diva and lady is skeletal.especially pelvis size.
A butt can't be bigger,instead make a waist.
This body suits is Miss Yuriko personal effects who modeling this time.
A blue corsets on the body suits is our rental stuff.
doubly make your body perfect shaped.
This is a point of beautifully attired.

Ladys.Have a manicure if you pay attention to more detail.
Hands expression is on camera anyhow.
Have a manicure.it's enhance your gorgeousness like,
when you take a casual pose such as put your chin in your hands or hold a mug.


This photo is scene of attacheing nail tips.
You can get easily in any drug store.
Easy to attach and Easy to take off.

Then finally she's perfect!!!!
Look,she is fabulous body build,end of the finger.

Once time,Model is Miss.Yuriko Machida.
She's skills of posing is better than before.
Day by day,She has been increasing her lady level.

Hair&Make SHINJU

Translatd by Angelica,Mayano

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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