Schedule of today for Shinju.

We received cancel for domina Shinju today a while ago.
She is available around 9:30pm tonight for long session as well.

Please call us or asking if you have planned to visit us!

Thank you!

Bikini style bondage&Long gloove by Bigyoku

I wanted to show the pictures of PVC bikini style bondage and long gloves.
This is my favorite style, tough,and hard boild thas is so diffent from ligerie.
I will wear the PVC glove with it, Action style Bigyoku, Here I come!
Come on darling, I am ready to fight!

Translated by Kyoko

Cream pie By Claire

I finally decide to ejaculate to my slave's hall.
"Cream pie", It's a fantasy to wearing strap-on girls.

First,tread your mouth til it's get wetty.
"Hey,this one go into your inside,you just suck it"

your face turned to purvy.
It's alsmost time your under-mouth want to have something..?
"You like this? oh how you naughty."
"Here, As promised I'm gonna ejaculate your inside.


white gel give a sweet aroma which is from your pervy under-mouth.
"Put it out by your self,like,slowly slowly..."
I told him and I took many pictures.
Durling I take an embarrass scene,
white gel that I ejaculated still comes out from his hall.

Dirty scene.this is what I wanted.
You know what is this so realistic Claire-cum.


It's Morning Banana! (popular yogurt drink in Japan)
seems sooo realistic, right?
Even I see this in just front of me...I won't to know it's yogurt.
You can let slave to eat also,it's gonna be fun.

Translated by Angelica

Akiha`s new Picture!

New Photo of today is Akiha .T.
Click here!![ Akiha.T * New photos ]

It seems completely diffrent image of her.
She could be a cute girl or sometimes really sexy lady. She gives us a fresh impression all the time. She changes her character from here to there,,, just like that.
She looks hot in her new set up Jacket and skirt.
She will take a break from 7 Dec to 18 Dec due to her trip to Europe, paris and berlin.
She visited paris couple times before, but she will visit there with fun coworkers this time,
It will be a unforgetable trip.
von voyage!

EMI`s new picture!

Here are New Pic of EMI!
It`s been a while since she uploaded her new profile pictures last time.
These pics are totally fresh that were just taken yesterday.
Clich here!![ Domina Emi * New image ]
Some our clients worry about her weight loss, but she concentrated her body making that remaining sexy and powerful body .
One of her wish is ` Do session like a life version of Namio Harukawa`s paintings`
Look at her perfect body! How amazing she is! work!
[ About Namio Harukawa ]
[ Namio Hsrukawa official site ]
Here is Namio Harukawa`s paint

Stay tune for another domina`s new pictures!

After lesson on 12nd of Nov and ,,, By Rie

It was lesson after learned Kinbaku trained and meeting.
The first domina Ruiko has a requet to learn whips,the other dominas,too.They have a theme each other how to show the way to pleasure something like that.
No easy way to give a comfortable,just hit the back?far from it.
Some of submissive men who square up to use a whip during session,may be get rid of scare by some each situations.
Need the time,bother, but it must be draw you into whip lure if you have experience.
Really hard to be domina who can do that...impossible just to get skilled well.
Every dominas are serious.Is it appearance domina can do whip as a purification?hahaha.

I don't have any pictures but show you the other one!
I think some dominas has felt there is each of defferent character by Shinju and Akiha's style.

By the way!
Meeting,training,,,,,afterthat,,,,Let's get a party!Nabe party!
We are wondering we can not have "Bonenkai" (just have dinner party in Dec because of last month the year!).We have so busy schedules in every December.
So we had a party that called "Run,Run,Run until the end of this year".
Many of people that ex staffs,some ladies was LaSiora domina,total over 20 people!We have had a confortable time.

Sight with sweet love.

Kissing with sweet love.Anywhere,anydominas kissing.

Cheerful and cute translator&receptionist.

Translator&receptionist also baby domina Yumeji!They have own characters.
We are going to visit Hanazono shrine from now on.

At Hanazono shrine.
Pray and give lucky-charm to everyone.
We are going to good time with health and we hope to play in next cock fair.

In December,some of dominas will leave Japan to visit in Europe.
There is no ending for traveling BDSM.
We are going to run with improvement for brush up!

Thank you!
By Rie

Domina training on 12nd of Nov by Rie

Today,we would like to update for last domina-traning of 12nd of Nov.
It is once every 3months that was closed LaSiora for training and meeting.
No special theme that was received from own opinions by dominas and teaching dominas who are necessary something to improve skills by my own sight.

Sometime seriously but sometime not so strict lesson.
This time was third lesson,I think, can I offer next time lesson without me,,?no I want to escape to be honest (just kidding,haha).

We've trainded today each other KINBAKU again and also whip lesson,too.
It's started now high skill technique due to finished last time based Kinbaku and hanging.
Ruiko has a request to learn more deeply for whip this time so it's good chance for the other dominas,too.

Kinbaku theme was "acquire by only sight".
I will not teach them after give a lesson of base.
It must be the same old domina if we were teach all of things.
Trainer was T.Akiha.
She is the top of domina in Kinbaku world of Japan by her skills completely the best.
She offerd hanging in this time.

You can see thier faces seriously.

Some dominas has problems but need to do before worry!
If they do,they could know bad points or good skills through an action.
Why don't you thinking worry after you can tie it up?I took leave to say.

I think it doesn't need to make a perfect all of things,just only one,do the best.
That's waste of time to keep the problems without doing best because of that is enough only one thing.
A person who want to escape from bad situation, it is just a kind of throw away problems,avoidance and postpone problems,,,It will become more big problems and it must be get crushed by oneself.
We hope in the lesson and meeting,we think we need to learn not only improve skills well but also above.
Get back to Kinbaku,,,,

Dominas's done for base Japanese Kinbaku "Ushirotakategote" (which means, hands on the back when it is hanging),these hanging are not suitable for modern people,on the other hand not enough to do within another session contents.
So I gave a theme the other hanging style I meant,not all hands on the back.
Domina Mao do practice immediately.

After Kinbaku lesson,it's learned about whips (snake whip mainly).
I was a trainer so nothing pictures then.

See you next time after lesson info.
By Rie

Regular shrine-events by Mai

Hey this is Mai in shrine.
Today taking place Torinoichi event at Shinjuku 3chome Hanazono shrine.
It will be finish for Ninotori until 24th (Tue) in midnight.

So many people there!That will be fun and want to drink a glass of SAKE....

We LaSiora dominas and receptionstaff visited a few days ago" Ichinotori".
It's taking place a performing *** at narrow room (but that is outside,a bit cold!)
But I couldn't make it cause of didn't have a time.

I need to go there!!Ahhh!(like feeling of duty).


Translated by Hiromi

New boots by Nana

This is "COMEX" leather boots many of LaSiora domina who bought it you already know?
Soft and material is a sleek,just size for me with amazing outline and thin and high pin-heels,,,,
It looks like completely include preferences and favorite for submissive men.


I think it is rare boots that suitable calf-size and small shoe size like me.
You could smell it with particular flavor just now good timing!
It will be fun you addict by the boots or to torture harder,,,,

Translated by Hiromi

Domina Schedule


Domina Shinju,Murasaki,T.AKiha will take a off on 7th Dec(Mon) to 18th Dec(Fri) for tri to Europe.

This 10days must be 100persent into BDSM and fetish from the morning til the night!
In German,They have a photo shooting by local photographer,
They just can't wait to get there anyway.

After they got back Japan,Domina Shinju and Akiha.T start to working on 19th (Sat),
Domina Murasaki start to working from 23th(Wed).

On end-of-year, We open until a 30thDec(Wed).

Thank you very much.

Changed hair? by Akiha

I've been blow off my enthusiasm of BDSM, and I've been trying to calm down flowing energy of BDSM,,,But I've having spending happy time!☆

Btw,it tkks place for filming at a famous studio in Saitama pref.
There is blow by chandelier,wonderful pool in the garden.

I prefer to shoot around everyone forget last one shooting.
So this is my first time in 2years.

I have many ideas cause of long time before so my ideas is,first one!
I think it is important visual,see?
One more!


It's a secret all of contents yet,but wait for futher info before on sale!
Most atmosphere was to torture to submissive men but this time main content was for submissive girl!
Really look forward to see it☆☆

Translated by Hiromi

Can't stop to get new tools by Nana

My bag has already full!Tools boxies,too!

It is full my own locker by so many tools such as Bangladesh density of population (now is not top-ranking),,,but I wanted to buy them!

I got many things e.g. ring for P,restraints tools it not makes leave mark on body something like that.
This ring is similar dog-collor which is material a bit soft,so just fit if your P is delicate,but,,,I will be remake more hard one


And this one.
This is most interesting now "medical goods" which called perception searcher.
I've tried on my own arm at really soft skin,now it is quite stimulation.That wouls be fun if I tie your P up tightly then put it on!

I'm going to enjoy with it in my session!

Translated by Hiromi

Lady Time Romance 2009 Autumn Collection By Murasaki

One of our fabulous perfect transvestite project "Lady Time Romance".
Here is a model Miss.Yuriko Machida who is familiar this project has shooting and she donated so many things for gender change session.
Please check this out★

【1.Pink cami lingerie】
091118-1 091118-2
confusing in this pic but this is tint pink color,
Wearling like a mini dress but this is lingerie acrually!!

【2.Border Knit dress】
091118-12 091118-11
This would be cute with a knee high socks.
simple necklace is gorgeous.

【3.caramel gold color dress】
091118-4 091118-3
Hair color and Knit color matching!
looks snug and sexy .

【4.Sequin mini dress 】
091118-9 091118-8
This is hot sequin mini dress!!
dazzlin sequin dress like this one can be a grown-up adult lady depends on your cordinate.
girls night out must wear like this gorgeos one!

【5.checked tunick dress】
When you have a tea party with your girls,what about this casual cordinate as girls have a good impression?
Team color stole and tights and shoes show you up good taste!

【6.moss green color tunic dress】
feel relax wearing dark color in autumn-winter.

【7.red twin knit and black tired mini skirt】
091118-6 091118-7
This is royal road that mostly boys beloved cordinate. 
If you wanna be his sweetet you have to wear twin knit and tired mini skirt ASAP!!
Elegant pearl necklase and side-up hair style, his mom may like it.

These 7 outfits is rental available.
If you found a favorite one,please let receptionist know when you make a reservation.
In addition.accesories and shoes is personal effects of model can't go rental.Please understand.


This is Miss.Yuriko's lady time romance part 3.
She said "I have a lot of closes to wearling"with immense amount closes!!
She regurlary going to shopping for get closes and accesories.
We wish shoot all of them but it will take a more a day! :D

This time we would like you to attention her wig also.
She wear a long hair wig til last time but this time she challenged a short one.
And,She's impression totally changed!!
Shor wig emphasis she's chin line then she looks stylish and woman hood.
I realize again hair is change everything!
I recomend you to a short wig if you want to have something change your impression.

We spend a 6hrs for shooting on this time.
Durling a shooting,me and hairmake-stylist domina Shinju and Miss.Yuriko was a chatting with a cake and cookies. girls talk was so fun.

I felt about Miss.Yuriko.
A way she talks,a way she moves,and expression is improving more beautiful lady every each time.
I'm looking forward to how Miss.Yuriko be shiny as a model as a woman.

☆We may hold a perfect transvestite and full-scale shooting "Lady Time Romace for Only you".
We will charge a shinju and murasaki's double domina session,Additionally make-up option and shooting option fee.
We will estimate photography contents and photography place after consultation.
Because a meeting is necessary beforehand, Please don't hesitate to call for information.

What's Lady Time Romance??>>Click Here

Any further,We would love to accept a simple make-up and the shooting without light fixture ight like camera phone or digital camera in the range of as a normal session.
Please feel free to inquire.


Mistress Kai`s favorite play


We receive a lots of questions about domina`s favorite play.
Checking of domina`s blog is the best way to find out the real side of domina`s character than just asking questions to receptipnist.

Kai is the one of the domina we receive questions most about her play.
Please check her blog, you can sneak her real taste!
I believe her every single words.

【Kai`s Blog】

Updated for photo album by Bigyoku


It's updated of my pictures on domina-albums.
Ms.Asagiri photographer has shooting me and baby domina Kai.

It is additional pictures are updating still now and all of dominas surely bring it in their session-bag each sessions.
You sould check them out by the album!

Translated by Hiromi

Can not be wasted in my shelf by Akiha.T

Hey What`s up guys?
Before taking about something, I should announce my schedule, shouldn`t I ?
After next week, I will be able to have a time for session with you guys finally!

I just can not wait to play , really hard SM play!
Here is a surprise!

I will be there on 24 Nov (Tue) as my additional attendance day!`

Lately, I am able to have a sessin on Tuesday.
Do not forget to book me on every Tuesday!

Anyway,,, when I was cleaning my room the other day,
I found so many fun things I want to show you guys!
Here is↓
111009 Akihoblog1

Electoric massager attachment and enemasyringe and vaginal speculum!
Someone who proud yourself your hole, you should try this.

Old one I had before was broken, so here is a new one

It is kind of old stuff but,, do not worry, are well cleaned up.
Glasses are so fragile, have to be careful to handle it.
Do you think I am going to throw hot water or gliceline into it??
I do not think so.

And here is more stuff,,

111009 akihoblog3

Yes,those are dildo~.
I have more actually but those in this photo is just i'm useing now.
111009 akihoblog3

About a tools,I'm not sure to bring them everytime so please ask a front each time please.

I'm be hungly to use a new tools each time I got it.
It sounds like a kids when they get a new toy!lol

Penis Pump by Claire

I got penis pump recently.


It has vibrator inside pump.
I've never used it before.
Does it feel good or pain ?
How many times can I pump it out ?

Shall I make you use as a guinea pig ? ;-)

quoted from claire`s blog

Temporary schedule change November & December

Here is a reminder for all of you,We have some schedule changes during November and December.domina`s temporary day off and urgent additonal attendance days.

110909 news lasiora

12 Nov (Thu) Staff Meeting Day off
* Nana, Bigyoku take a only one session from 13:00pm on this day. Previous Appointment is
available, Please check with our reception. Due to our staff meeting,
reception time/13:00-18:00

Saturday off / 14 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec, 12 Dec
Monday day off/ 23 Nov, 14 Dec
After 19 Dec (Sat), She will take a break untill mid March due to her college schedule.

Day off
21 Nov (sat)-23 Nov (Mon)

Day off
30 Nov(Mon)- 4 Dec(Fri)

Shinju&Murasaki& Akiha
Two weeks off in early December for visiting for Europe

attends every (Wed) day and also15 Nov (Sun)/ 15:00-20:00 & 24 Nov (Tue) /15:00-23:00

12 Dec &19 Dec (Sat) extends request hours
13:00-23:00 available

12 Dec & 19 Dec( Sat) extends request hours
15:00-Last available

addtional attendance day/ 12.Dec ( Sat)
16:00-Last available

We will announce for the schedule of Holiday week and New Years really soon.
Please take a moment.

Thank you very much

La siora Staff

New pics Ayatsuki & Ruiko

110909 news
We updated Ayatsuki & Ruiko`s pictures on their profile page!
Take a look!

【Ayatsuki Profile】

【Ruiko Profile】

face restrain tool by Claire

I love to usea ball gag and restrain tools,nose hook also.
It's so funny that i when you take a face abasement.
So this time,I got a gag which is able to hold your mouth open.


Don't you think this pink color band bring out how's he hoon.
It's such as like a pony.how pretty is he!!


and back.

You can't close your mouth so I put to it my finger or toy and bully you.
This an be fun that i pull my fluid that hole.

I like to see your face turn distorted with this mask.
Oh you think you can run away from me? hell no.
Just open your mouth.I'll treat you so sweet ever.


Updating of Mao!

It's updated Kimono style in last time pictures for Mao but now,everyone who likes lingeries photographs has updated!

In addition updated of profiles-comment (Japanese text only) since one year or so?
We think it is possible to feel growth of her.

【Mao * Index】

Photo album of dominas

We've been updating photo album (Shinju,Mao,Bigyoku and Nana) in parallel with pictures on the web-site 【Domina Index】

Also add pictures of Ayatsuki and Ruiko in next week,please wait for further info.

Dominas photo albums that it could be easily comprehensible for real atmosphere of dominas than web-site pix,maybe?.

Our dominas surely to bring the album when they have a session with you.
There is possibly changed skill-level the profile on it,so please check them out if you didn't see an album recently.

Of course baby domina Kai and Yumeji pictures,too!!

Our staffs could offer you to take a look the albums free if we are available.
Please ask to us anytime if you have interested in.

Thank you very much.

Leather boots by Bigyoku

I've bought real leather boots that famous brand in Japan called "COMEX".

A leather material of COMEX makes flexible,tha't why I wanted to brush my cheek with it.
COMEX heels-line absolutely I like including many of brand!
Don't you think so?

It'll have taken another one in this year ♪

Translated by Hiromi

For anal beginner by Claire

Don't be afraid of big toys!
I also have a cute small toy.

This plug has vibration.
And its head rolls.
I'm sure it brings you pleasure.
Of course it's not big one.

Quoted from 【Theater Claire】

Inflatable dildo by Claire

I have an inflatable dildo.
When I pump it up, I feel kind of fun !

①This is it.

②Pump it up 5 times and comepared with my fist.

③Pump it up 10 times.

④Pump it up 15 times.
It's already bigger than my fist.

How do you like it?
You can feel its pressure in your ass little by little.
It'll please your naughty ass hole.
Shall we try it?

【Theater * Claire】

Do you want to have aDentist Play ? by Nana

Hello guys, I got some items for denstist play!
I want to talk about my fantasy with dentist.

I can look your back of your teeth, push your tongue, and spread of your nose wholes, or let unable to close your mouth. Don`t you ashame yourself by teasing your face?

` What am I doing at dentist??`role play might be sounds good, humiliate with tied up your body will be fun too. I got other nice idea! I want to throw something on your hard thing.


I want to dress up like a real nurse.
I hate the fact that real nurse unifrom never see through!
Don`t you think so??

Plese check my blog too!nana blog
I expressed my wishes for dentists. I think I am a dentist fetish.

By Nana

Translated by K

Long whip by Claire

How are you people? I got a new long whip even I can whip you at the small regular size hotel room. I ordered it to make it shorter than normal that able to use it in lower selling.
Instead of that, the top of the whip is flat and bigger than normal , it will cause more pain!

I already had a white whip , and I used to get to play with. I wanted to get that something hard.
So here it is! I got a new one,
This is still new, it will cause you such a fresh hardly pain!
I want to whip you body really hard and get to used to use this new baby.
By claire
Claire blog

Translated by K

Updated New picture Kai ( Baby domina)

We updated our new baby domina Kai`s pictures and some profile informations. Please
check it out.

All of you who has been waiting for her coming back, finally here she is!


lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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