Ruiko's new photo!!

We've updated Domina Ruiko's new photo.

Look,It's pretty unlike other pics we've updated til this time.
You may attractive on her long and very slender legs.


Now you can't miss it!

【Ruiko's Gallery】

Information on 12nd of Nov.

We'll have had a meeting all of dominas and reception staff,too in this time.

It is able to inquire on the phone line available between 1pm to 6:30pm on 12nd of November.

We think it is really important to improve all of dominas skills and education of reception staffs.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and appreciate it.


New leather high heel By Claire

Please look at my new fabulous shoes!

claire shoes1

It made by a leather, and 12 cm heels!
Also its a open toes that my toes are peek a boo.
It will stimulate your fetisism a lot.

claire shoes3

Actually this is not a pin heels but I really love the design the way they are cutted , and laced up.
It made me feel sexier and want to do something naughty.
I am a shoe fetish and also back of feet is one of my sexual sensitive part..
Hope you understand that.

I will be able to wear this for a session.
Please let reception know as your request if you want.
Everyone who has a leather fetish, I hope this shoes will make your day.
You know what.. I really want to get some leather costumes goes with this shoes.


translated by K

New items and Tools from Claire & Shinju

Both items will steal your attention!?

Claire is showing her new leather open toe shoes.
It is not a pin heels, but if she steps on you with it,it will pressure hardly your body.
Leather high heel by Claire

Here is another thing from Shinju.
It is a electoric tool that is so popular!
I think you really should try it! You will never get disappointed!
Shinju new electoric new tool

New baby dominas debut and blogs!

Our new baby dominas ( Yumeji &Kai just started their blog and session!)
Now both girls accept their own session, but we apppreciate all your understanding of not having their high skills since they are still under training.

Yumeji is completely new biginner for this business, and Kai has some experiences but she took a break for a while, please take a moment untill she gets back all her senses for play.

Also they started their blogs. Both girls have different characters, but it seems that they have a huge motivations, and try to learn from the best for their new career and looks so talented.

Yumeji Blog `Yumeji Romance
Kai`s blog ` Deep Sea`

Ruiko started Hanging Play!

All our dominas except baby dominas has been practicing of basic hanging.
Only Ruiko was not be able to paticipate to practice of hanging due to her school schedule before, however now she can accepet a request of hanging play!

Great Domina = Can Hanging Play That was Ruiko`s philosophy as mistress.
She says ` Now I feel like I have just started my career`
` I have so much things to learn` Ohh How hard worker she is!

She is born to be a mistress and she is just 20 years old with full of talents!
I wonder how great Mistress she is going to be.

This is a pic of training of upside downwards hanging.
Now she can Upside downwards, Face down, and open legs !!

Her next step is learning of these hanging arrangements, and some other hanging that not tied up arms in backwards. Keep your eye on her!!!

Translated by K

The Night Porter of Akiho's Show Gallery By Akiho

Have you guys checked Gallery of Alice & Queen party which held inJune on lasiora's website?

And finally mine,Akiho's show case pics updated!!

Back in that day.
So many peoples were there and some people coudn't watch my show unfortunally.
B-U-T. You'll able to remind that such as sweet dream time.

Actually,I was being selfish to do this show case so I'm really appriciate.
I copied Charlotte Rampling singing scen byone of my favolite movie"The Night Poter"with my arrange.
Accordion,Piano played by Tamaki..How absolutely fabulous live music!!
That's because "The Night Poter"which have been deeply engraved in my heart so,
Why can't I be swankly???right?

A men who pretending to be tough,front of me that men is just bitty bitty boys.
Hey,I like this M-rin's in officer costume!
You have to please me laying your life.You understand? hehe.

Whip clacking and projectile(ejaculate?lol)!!
this game is no permits to child,you know.

So many thanks that shooted and posted a wonderful gallarey such as this follow by previous show gallery.
I'm really appriciate.

I'm so be in love this gallery ,I want you to check it,seriouslie!!

Translated by Angelica

English brush up tour By Claire

I went to US to study English for a week.
There is flat and green around here.

Do you know where it is?

And it was already cold. It was minimum 6 degrees there.
So I couldn't go outside without boots or winter coat.

"Woo... It's cold here!"

And I have another exciting experience.
I watched the game of American football for the first time.
It was the most exciting game of which I've ever watched.
I didn't know actually the Americans were so excited in football till then.

I was happy to watch a good game.
And I hope my English make progress through this tour even little by little.

*Quated by 【Theater Claire】

Decadence-recurrence by Claire

I visited to【saloon event】"Decadence-recurrence we, successor to it" to participate reception with Rie producer,Mis. Shinju,Mis.Bigyoku.

Do you remember Mis.Na:na who has joined LaSiora before,she is owner "【BAR CRANK】" now.
This time she's invited us for this event.

Rie said "It might be watching good things",was completely correct that there are many amazing exhibits.
I've spending long time here unexpectedly.
Decadence,painting with aesthetic or some pictures,items of colecters,books etc...
Costumes,real-tools of session and fetish exhibits in there,too!

Can you take a look on right side in the picture?
You may be remember it don't you?
And more,you can see from right side bondage,anake whip,marabou by fur,cat-o-nine-tails and cat-suit and put bootson the floor,bring back memories.
Keep under restraint by four legs,that is good thing to tie you up and roll over.
I used to enjoy the session before.
And high-hels.

Continuing exhibit display.
【Mistress HIBIKI】 presidency of ABSOLUTE Nagoya's photos and panels and latex costumes.Wonderful.
Addition,I think latex costumes so beautiful .It's a lovely.

There is explanation for beginners e.g. brand,thickness and design episode of costumes,,,
I will have bought latex costumes in Europe!I promice!!


A corset exhibition at wagon at center space.
Many of corset and catalog and sample materials.
It corset with emphasis on beautiful out line figure.
Has anyone had curious no matter men and women?

On left side,boots and cloak.
「Sharp toe and high heels 5~12cm is better」 on the text.I think that's correct.
My custom to serch only pointed-toe in a shoe shop.
Shoes are really sexy,isn't it?I love elegant but aggressive the hig heels.

"Decadence-recurrence we, successor to it"
In Japan, decadence took up such as "art for art's sake"on the other hand someone who told it "hedonism" until now.
Decadance spirit is gothic,avant garde,Surréalisme,fetish that many of method and consept,movement gave a significant impact but what is decadance?I think not so many responce from this question.

And so we've planed to take place this event now,decadance is not unzip,just feel and gove yourself over to it.
2009/22nd of Oct(Thu)~8th of Nov (Sun)
12:00~20:00 Monday closed

Entrance charge:whole day\500/1 drink
Tickets for 6days\2,000/1 drink each day

Nishiki cho Yasuda building B1F,3-20 Kanda Nishikicho Chiyoda ward Tokyo
TOKYO ART SHOP tel:03-5577-6373

Yasukuni street Surugadai cross over point,near by Tokyo electricity-university

《Near station》
Toei Mita line/Shinjuku line/Tokyo metro Hanzomon line/Jinbocho station A9 exit 3minutes by walk
Toei Shinjuku line/ Ogawamachi station B7 exit 5 minutes by walk
Tokyo metro Tozai line/ Takebashi station 3b exit 10minutes by walk
JR and Tokyo metro Ginza line/ Kanda station 10minutes by walk
JR line/ Ochanomizu station 15minuets by walk

※During this event,it will be taking place live talk show by expert of each area.
Why don't you try to go there once?

Tranlated by Hiromi

Baby domina Kai's pic updated!

Experienced Baby domina Kai who never had gender-change session.
Can I make a sweet girl?
How does it make it??
She has a lot interest in gender-change.

Please cooperation if you love to be a cute-girl!

New Baby Domina came in!!

How's been up to?
We welcomed a new baby domina as followed baby domina Yumeji.
Her name is "Kai",She has a well-difined eyes and nose, beautiful domina.

She has experiensed of BDSM so,She may have start her own solo session soon.
However We would like to ask all of our member for her visits and see your session (it's free!) on this Friday 23th.

Curently ,her flexible shift is
Every wednesday and friday.
She may working on twice of a week for a while.
Thank you very much.

Translated by Angelica

New Profile Pic/ Shinju !

Shinju updated her new profile picture! Check it out!

shinju pro pic

Its been a year since she updated her photos last time.
She wears leathe suits, lingerie etc,, Shinju is such a fashionista as always!
We love her.

【Shinju * Photos】

translated By K

Show time! `Alice and Queen`s Wonder Night Party vo.2` Akiho, Emi, and Tamaki

We updated some more pictures from ` Alice and Queen`s Wonder Night Party Vol.2` which was held 6 Jun, 2009.

You can take a look some pictutres of Akiho,Emi & Tamaki `s shows.
They always play and have a session only in small room with few people.
But all girls did a acutal show in front of many crowds more than 200 audiences were watching shows at the party.

It was such a new experience for dominas.

【Akiho's show】
【Emi&Tamaki's show】

Translated By K

Body harness by Claire

Hello, everyone, How are you doing? This is Mistress Claire.
Hope all you are good behaving.
Today, let me show you the image of Body harness that I talked about it last time.
It is a free size,so will fits most of you.

So here is,,,
He is a Boots Fetish and such a perve slave.
He made me mad because he was late to meet me for 5 minutes!
I am a strictly time keeper! Do not make me wait ever!
`hey you, You waisted my important time for 5 minutes!
You must be panished really bad. Here, put on this. and cross your arms around your chest!`

Miss Claire directed him so, and she put his arms around chest quickly.
`Look. you can not move at all ,, haha` she said and smiled.
Miss Claire show him off her shiney boots that he is dying for it in front of him.
He can not resist to touch it so badly but he can`t.
Miss Claire knows everything what he wants, she steps and teese on his body with her boots.
*this penis is not real. put on right spot to make it real just for this shooting.

We can tell that his face on pleasure from full mask.
He almost hang slaver down on the floor.
That makes her feel really good.

`Now. kiss on my feet.` she said.

It is really hard for him to do it because of the body harness makes his arms stick on his chest.
Miss Claire is so mean to him. She move away her boots when almost his lip reach on her feet.
She was just teasing him.

He can not be so happy beacause she has never let him have what he wants.
However, he can not give up anything for that Miss Claire`s shiney boots.
There is nothing he can do except he have to obey whatever she said.

`Ok, now, you can lick it, go ahead honey`

What a surprise! Here is a permission finally!
She thought it was so funny to see that he is trying so hard.
It seems that makes her really happy now.
His toungue was all over her boots.
It looks some kind of unusual creature on the planet.
What is feel like it?? Yes, Miss Claire feel really good as you know.

Can you see it?
This is how his arms were stick together around his chest as I descrive it earlier.
There are 12 rings to adjust arms
Otherwise you can put arms around your waist, or also can be put one in other position and the other is somewhere you like.Use your imagination! Be creative.

His agressive tougue makes Miss Claire happy.
She took off her boots and trying to give a some rewards for endurance.

`Huh, you seems so happy, don`t you. Do you want it?`
`Yes, Mistress `
` All right honey, your tongue play gave me a satisfaction. You can have it for your rewards.
Here, have it untill you are satisfied !!`

Miss Claire loves feet finger play.
His toungue gave her such a preasure.
Miss Claire said in the end

` Just being a good boy, so you can have a rewards from me again.`

Happy Ending!

The End

translated by K

The Cock Fair 2009 @ Hanazono shrine

Rie have update about The Cock Fair 2009 @ Hanazono shrine.
Please cheak her blog!![ hearts Mosaic * The Cock Fair 2009 ]

We wrote about it on our blog.
Click here!![ The Cock Fair 2008 @ Hanazono shrine ]

The shrine is very near from our meeting point.
Please drop into there the way of your back to home!

Shift of Yumeji

Domina Yumeji started her solo session today and decided her working shift finally.

*Mon & Tue PM7-0:00
*Sat PM2-8

Please give her a moement that high skilled BDSM session.
We would appriciate if you understanding.

Thank you very much.

La Siora

Notice☆Hot party information☆By T.Akiha

Hey!This is Akiha.T.
How ya doing?
It's been getting colder bit by bit.
I hope you feel well.

Me,I'm pretty good everyday,and this month has a halloween!
Have you already got special costume?hehe
So many party hold in everywhere every year,of cause I'll be get there too!

I let you know this hot halloween party!!
I have a part in Fetish fashion show and Rope art both though.
Let's have a fetish and erotic one night.
It's coming soon,babe!

Libido M&J、Tokyo Perve、and Torture Garden Japan / Wet Dream.
This 4party consolidated to ho a big halloween party at club Erebos Akasaka.
Halloween Contest is available. Who's gonna get a luxury prize?!
You'll definitely join this hottest party!!

Libido-Special "nyotai-mori" Show
lulu&keiko Fetish Performance
Yuuki Nanase ☆KiraKira☆ Agitation
ALK Dark Pole Dance solo
and more...

New Brand "abilletage" Preview Fashion Show
http://www.abilletage.com/  (coming soon...)

2009 Halloween Costume Contest

Spice Rope Art Booth
from "Set Me Free"
with Takanashi Akiha and SMF Models
Libido Mask
and more...

Sota.S (Torture Garden Japan)
Zil (Tokyo Perve)
and more...

●Place:Akasaka Erebos
address:Continental Akasaka 2F 3-11-14 Akasaka,Minatoku,Tokyo

●more info

Translated by Angelica

Holidays on SM [1] by Claire

I arrived at the hotel.
This is one of my favorite hotels.
When I entered the room, the paint gave me greeting.

I could stay quite comfortable here.
The have Jacuzzi. And I love drinking Champagne while I'm in hot tub.
It was a little cold at night, but still okay.

As the night went on, the time for fun was going to come to us.
We got excited for it.
I really looked forward to playing BDSM in nice hotel every time.
Then I lined up my toys. I'll show you them.

First, do you know what it is?
The left hand side one is prick meter which I introduced you on this blog before.

And the center one is "frisk".
I like to put it in urethra. It feels "SHARPENS YOU UP"! :-p

At last the right hand side one is a stocking.
I was going to tie cock and balls by it.
It's soft and flexible, so good for tying in part. And red. It's a color of passion.

Next one is dices.
There are "playing dices" and "anal playing dices" which I got in Singapore.
Bigger ones are for anal play.

Hey boy, come on! Roll the dice.
I'm going to show you how to play.

What is the pips on dices?
Let me see...

"Lick what mistress decide" and "Insert something on doggy style"

So Lick my feet well first.
When you did good job, I'll give you my cock naughty baby.

It didn't finish yet our night, has just started.
To be continued in Japanese.

Quoted from 【Theater Claire】

Cat-suit by Akiho

I was shooting at S3 studio a couple weeks ago, I hope to carry my pleasant atmosphere!


It's gone summer season already but I really like to wear "it" with a lot sweat.
Cat-suit tempted me excited such as one more similar skin coverd on my entire body.

Let's make more perspire I'll give you consecutive whip.
I'm planning,,,sniff and trow on you my own water,must be pleasure of course I am.

My taste and flavor makes stimulation into your brain.

You seriously sniff-figure which really cute♪
Whining-dog makes me relaxing for me.

Btw,it was impressed my dog told me that smell could be savor inside brain.

Translated by Hiromi

Photos of baby domin "Yumeji"

We have updated Yumeji's first photos.
Her name have beautiful meaning.
"Yume"is "dream","ji"is "street"or "way".

She finished her first training as baby domina.
She will be able to accept book this weekend or the first half of next week.
Let you know her schedule ASAP.

Click here![ Yumeji * profile ]

A question from slave.

Our producer Rie answers a question from slave on her English blog [ Hearts Mosaic ].
Click here!![ Hearts Mosaic * Jealousy ]

Let me know to La Siora by e-mail or clap comment on her blog if you have some questions.

SM-studio"S3 studio"in Shinjuku

We often-use"S3 studio"(SM studio) in Shinjuku for our photo shooting and Japanease bondage trainnig.

Clich here to see what its like !![ S3 studio ]
sorry its in only Japanease.
But you can take a look some photos.

Near station: "C8 exit" of "Shinjuku san-chome station"
Usualy our meeting point is "E1 exit of Shinjuku san-chome station."
But this meeting point for S3 studio is not "E1",
And we can offer their 20%discount tickets.

We use this studio only by client`s request.
They require a reservation for this studio, so please let us know in advance if you would like to use this place. We do not have a service to reserve a room for customers, but we may provide a language help who has a difficulties to comunicate in Japenese.

commodious room/cross/suspen system/pully block
Yen 14,000- for 2hours(20% dismount Yen 11,200-)

commodious room/cage/moved pully block
Yen 14,000- for 2hours (20% discount Yen 11,200-)

modern Japanease and small room/suspen system
Yen 8,000- for 2hours(20%discount Yen6,400-)

small medical room
Yen 8,000- for 2hours(20%discount Yen6,400-)

Claire in Singapore 3

I went out for the sight of Fomula 1to Marina area..

There are "a Fountain of wealth". It's a symbol of luck and wealth.
Walk around the central base of the Fountain three times during touching the water at all times, and you would gain some good luck of your own.


On Saturday, I went to see races by Boat Quay the end part of Singapore river.
There were peaceful moods in the afternoon.
And the races were held even around midnight.

The antique cars were displayed there.
There were beautiful, nice-shaped cars in a straight line.

It's beautiful and developed city here, and it's still continue to advance.
How futuristic and smart design it is!
That's why I liked it here.

Finally, I arrived at the stand along the circuit.
First race of the day was not actually Fomula 1, but I enjoyed the air of a race.

Wow, they're still so fast for me!
Now how fast and beautiful Fomula 1 is?
When I was going to the airport for departure,
I saw down main circuit driving Fomula1s from a taxi above the highway.
That looked so exciting and energetic.
I won't forget its sight.

Quoted from 【Theater Claire】

New-real toy by Claire

◆This is useful toy for anal only

First,you fly a dice for body posture by your right hand and then on indicate figure,you should wait until throw the dice by me.
So you obey the signals on the dice "fingers" or "insert" then I will play until I tire.
One more afterthat.
Is that will be funny result?
It will be by chance nasty dice♪
And there is a half responsibility

I've seen before that Mai had bought it since then I've been thinking to buy it or not.

Next one,
◆Measurement for only "P"

I've heard from Akiho who has same one and stuck on playing-measurement.
Well let's get to measure between bottom of P to head.16cm?

Say again?
Please try to again due to more big than before....
Oh boy,16.8cm
You want to show it!

Forgot!I need to measure surround P,next I will never forget it.
I'll be came back to LaSiora on this Sat (10th),you must be my toy by my new toy,hahaha♪
You come to meet me!

Translated by Hiromi

Claire in Singapole 2

I looked forward to seeing festivals in Singapore.
They holded free walking tour.
So I dropped by Little India and Chinatown.
Happy Deepavali!
This is known as "the festival of lights" for Hindus and celebrated worldwide.
I like beauty of temples.
There are many gods on the roof. I like it. :-)
In Chinatown, people celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival.
I stayed near Chinatown.
When I was taking a walk, I took this picture.
At night.
This is known as "Moon Festival".
So Takashimaya holded "Mooncake festival" as a event recently.
People eat mooncakes for Moon Festival.

The streets were like lightearted by festivals.
Oh my, exactly, Deepavali is a festival of the lights!
I mean they were ready for flight to festivals.
Ah, Mid Autumn Festival is a moon festival! They must flight to the moon. ;-)

Quoted from 【Theater Claire】

First of Yumeji's photos and change of top image!

As you aware,We've renewal our website top page.
Shinju and Mao.They two remind you a such as resbian sean. tell a tale.lol

Also,We've done that baby domina Yumeji's first photo shooting.
She is cute seriously,but unfortunaly we can't show you her face on the web...
However,You already attractive on her by this picture,don't you?

We'll able to show off her photo on a web site or album til end of this week to next week.
Please feel to ask a reception.

Some of her pic already posted on Rie's blog,please check this above all.
Click here!
Rie English Blog [ Hearts Mosaic * 7th Oct. ]

Training at Osaka of Tamaki

She's having enthusiasm LaSiora also performance at a show with spirit.
At【Pink★Crystal】,she got initiation of show by Ms.Hibiki.
It has decided to go to Osaka (west side of Japan) by learing more and more!

In Osaka,there are many events and interesting city,it seems many opportunity to perform there.
I just visited to Osaka in this summer so I absolutely understanding it must be warm up town!

She just into 21years,it is important to watch and learn about many things.
During traing in Osaka,it might be less than Tokyo-performance but she is continuity that going to belongs to LaSiora and Pink★Crystal.
Don't be cry because there is a chance to meet her in the future again.

I am planing to visit for meeting with Tamaki.
Until then,please get more information about famous in Osaka "Okonomiyaki" & "Takoyaki" please!!!

Wait for a while about further info in future.
In October,she worls in Pink★Crystal & LaSiora that schedules which is a bit irregular.
You should go there ASAP if you have a hard time to go Osaka!


Translated by Hiromi

Claire in Singapole

I stayed at Gallery Hotel in Singapore.
It is said first hip art designed hotel in Singapore.
It places along the Singapore river,
near Robertson Quay as famous for night spot and Chinatown.
Then it's quite useful for going to Orchard road here.

Pass this bridge, and you can take exciting night life.
I didn't go out to drink this time, but it would be nice.

Below is night view of the hotel.
Hmm, not bad.
There are even desiners rooms.

Actually, mine was not but I found a small trick in my room
and I hanged nuts there and played.
That was fun. :-)
And I like the colour of here.

Quoted from 【Theater Claire】

Shinju declined the offer "excellent-position"

Domina Shinju is proud with popularity and well skills for BDSM.
We've been conversation for promotion to become a top of the position of LaSiora since this spring but Shinju declined the offer "excellent-position".

Quoted from Rie Asagiri mail-magazine

I've got name of LaSiora for 12 years at Venezia,restart LaSiora going on still now since last October.
During 8 years,I and Shinju has spending time a lot,was over half term in 8years.
She maybe knows well more than me about members or LaSiora?,hahaha.
Shinju has keep going effort with new sence of BDSM still now.
Her personal charm also was polish more than ever.
Proof by Shinju human can improve all the time

LaSiora has domina-ranking like baby-domina / regular / tiara and excellent that is completely depending on skills of thier own.
I love for all of dominas,it is squirrel cage if I put my own emotion on LaSiora.
It could be possible to make a success in a flash but hard to keep on so I've been looking at them in the long term.
I think that there are many dominas who could make a well-session,but after all it is really important thing "personal-power".
Everyone easy to say motherhood or tender love,I thought a domina could became an excellent dominas when these motherhood or tender love had fit in with physical.

This time Shinju has declined but she said that I am going to keep up my own efforts with faith.

Best regards

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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