Diving to


Hello, guys.
I have a habu.

Ah, let me excuse about it.
It's a poisonous snake found in the Okinawan Islands.
And this bottle which I holded is liquor of habu.
It is said good for sex.
Would you like to try it?

I went to diving trip for a few days last week.
I saw many turtles swimming there. They were cute.
It's my 7th times of scuba diving.
And I'd like to try sky diving next time.
But what I like the best is "muff" one.

Quoted from 【Theater CLAIRE】

New torture tool by Emi

Since I had lesson and heard from trainer at La Siora,I stuck on stun gun.
Then I thought I've been serching it,finally I got it yesterday!!

Turn it on then jump out and 200,000volt power must be giving shock.
Need to try it on my body before my slave is received.
I want to browbeat you into chasing around the room,blackout or getting shocking little by little.
Looks figure is so cool-torture.
This is serious one that in police department.
A realistic picture of pass a current,am going to update on my own blog.

Translated by Hiromi

Only one LTR by Mai

I did realize am I need for make-up more to be elegant lady since I've had training for beauty lesson at last time.

Mis Shinju helped me ,she said that I need to join LTR like an observer,,,hahaha.

So I am going to participat to reach Ms.Yuriko Machida first then I will be catching up with Ms.Yuriko Machida!!

We LaSiora ladies going the way for beauty!Skills!

Brush up!!!

Translated by Hiromi

Fashion hotel info by Shinju

I visited to Pasha which area outside walking area.
The room number 801 with private-garden,asian type.
A bit high grade hotel that the cost is 15,000yen for rest 3 hours.
I recomend first to comfirm that you prefer use it for long time that there is service-time.
This room has private-garden between bathroom to bed room.nobody can see you from outside but we can see the sky due to retractable roof.

Wide bathroom with massage-chair and looks like asian atmosphere.
Inside the private-garden terrace equiped a beam that possible to hang up maybe,,,?
Little bit difficult cause of there is really high position to hang entire body up.

In the pictures that I throw rope to hang up only arms,was open-humiliating and packed.

I was enjoyed to hit to the "P" by my snake whip and he was my human-testing-bench by electronic torture,to be human-bed or stools,water torture,too!No problems for long whip.
I can't stop imagination during there what I can do this one?or this one,,,etc.

It was training one day.

Translated by Hiromi

You wear this? By Claire

I'm pretty like costume play.
Every time I bring a pantie and panty hose for diva.
Oh not only that,I also remain ready to bra and one-piece swim wear like a leotard

I've been playing pony and baby etc...such as roll-playing
So I got this body harnes cuz I wanted to hose dresse this!!
It's free size though bastard size doesn't allow .I'm sorry.


It's not necessary to be pony.
Even though you may enjoy to feel shame like,
"How I silly to wear such like this!"
It may good that you put on this under your cloth and walk around a street♪
Absolutely it's so kinky~~~

Translated by Angelica

Schedule of Claire

September to Octber.
Some domina make a vacation or change them working shift so last time we let you know previously schedule of domina.
Click here![ Schdule of dominas ]

Domina taking each relaxing time to relieve the day's fatigue of summer.
They going to make themself more powerful and will be back through the end of this year.

Inaddition,Domina Claire add few more days for vacation.
We would appriciate if you understand.
She will have back on 9th Oct(Fri) and will be working as usually.
But She will take a vacation 14th Oct(Wed) to 19th Oct(Mon) also.
Thank you very much for your kind coopertion.

Updated by Rie's English blog

We LaSiora producer Rie Asagiri english blog has updated new articles.

Check it out baby!?

【Rie *English blog】

festivals byClaire

I'm going to fly to Singapole.
And there will be F1 race called "Singapole GP" this weekend.
I've never seen F1 race before. So I'm excited to it.
I'd like to feel the atmosphere there,

Andmore there are theree festivals in one city.
First, Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Second, Mid-Autumn Festival.
At last, Deepavali.

I can see all these festivals in this weekend too,
It must be beautiful especially at night time.
And I like the atomosphere of festivals.
Most people looks very happy.
When I see their face, I will find to become happy too.

It's my first destination.
I'd like to go there for a long time.
Can't wait!

Quoted by 【Claire *Blog】

Counterattack of strap-on by Ayatsuki

I really like strap-on made by silicon that figure is such as real but not so stiff material so just looking enough?

You will suck and swallow milk that it must be snug-fitting under-your-mouth.
If not,I'll try it your real mouth by forced oral xxx.

Good idea that forced only your mouth by tie you up by my rope-bondage with mask on such as tortures,see?
Above all,that one stick firmly to your mouth and fulfillment.

And this one which is use always that mini-size.A bit long figure and thin,it is helpful for horny holl.
I just have bought it again different color,same figure.
I think that a little bit not enough for favorite like a real strap-on,but fake-anal-pear demonstrate middle ability as a real one such as winkle from inside.

It is possible to bend around angle,so normal style xxx,back atyle xxx,woman sit on you etc,,,,anything fine!
No problems to do oral xxx by strange angle like 69.

I've been using it rough however it'c not brokern till now,my favorite storong item.
If you say "I love stiff and big" that I recomend it to you.
And depending on my physical capacity....

To be continued on my blog;(ノ´∀`*)
【Ayatsuki * Blog】*Japanese only.

Translated by Hiromi

Teacher costumes byAkiha

Autumn completely has come!
You missed sweat?I think you need to get more sweat during my session!
What about having a session with me wearing teacher outfit like below!?
I put corset on lace-up back style,byw my fetishism also lace-up!
This style add more puch than normal blouse and skirt.I can use during my daily scene.

How you feel or reaction if I am in front of you with the style?
Can you not stop heartbeat quickly?☆

And this one,Do you like PVC,oh boy you are into PVC costumes.
Look at this!
Long gloves made by PVC together sleeveless costume.☆

And I've been having hope to use costumes which is gymnastics-uniform.
Friend of mine who gave me that one by birthday present.
I finally could show it,yeah!!☆☆

In near future I will have got more costumes or tools so you do request withour hesitation.

Information for my own schedules has changed from Oct,click below;
【schedules of domina】
I have a lot energy for also BDSM and the other world.
I want be grow much bigger that turn my previous experience to advantage in my session,too!

If your schedules are not foxed on my schedules,please ask to feel welcome.
I will be doing aggressive off course I hope to meet with many horny boy!

Translated by:Hiromi

Hey,Lether Fetist!! By Murasaki

I finally got Comex's knee high boots which I missed to get last year!!

comex1 2009092302510000001.jpg

It's fit my leg line and make a beautiful line effective.
This leter material is really moist and smooth.
This boots will be coveted by lether mania everywhere.

But I allow you kiss just my boots.you know?

Translated by Angelica

Rie Started English blog!

Our producer Rie has started her English blog "Hearts Mosaic".
click here![ Hearts Mosaic * Rie Blog ]

Her own website, It will takes a more time,
under consideration to make a English pages on it also.
So,She has started a English blog above all then she plan to ask a question that frequently in this blog.

Over 3500 reader of her news letter can know information faster than anybody.
But this news letter is able to delivery in Japan only unfortunally...
This "Hearts Mosaic "will able to tell you her news letter in Englis version.

When Rie has been busy,We receptionist helping her translated in English.
You can't miss it,anyway!!


My school uniform By Ruiko


I pull my school uniform from my closet.
I used to wear this when I was a high school with this Loafer too.

I used to don't like school uniform but,I miss it after I graduated...
It's been a while I slip into this,and it's remind me that I was enjoying to do "SM-ish" play When I was in those days.

I exactly to wear this and tied a boy with my necktie.
Rather I like to step on with high-socks.

I want to bullied you with laughter.
I will stare into you slowly and slowly,it must be fun.

Oh,one more thing.
With naked slave's footrest at my foot,it would be perfect.

Translated by Angelica

Schedule of domina

Some of domina change them working shift.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Change her shift from 5th Octber.
*Every Tue,Wed,Sat,Sun

She is working on twice a week originally butworking only wednesday for a while in the days ahead.
*Every Wed/14:00-22:30

Change her shift from Octber.
Every Wed,Fri,Sat /PM2:00-Last

She will on work only a saturday from Octber.
*Every saturday/PM4:00-Last

She will working a flexible schedule til December.
From end of september,When you would like to make a reservation with Akiho,We ask your prefferd date and time and confirm eatch time.
From Next year resume work as before!

Taking a vacation on September 22th(Tue) to 29th(Sat)

Taking a week vacation from 28th Sep(Mon) to 6th Oct (Tue).

Those mistress will have a 2weeks vacation for trip Europe.
We would appriciate if you understanding.

La Siora Reception

Thank you for Germany slave!

Rie's favorite Germany sweets but it was unknown name.
But,she finally knew what that name it is!!
Our Germany's member let her know that name.
Detail of treets...[ Germany sweet ]

Rie seems really happy.
We wish we could let you know what that name is it,
but Rie left the name written on a piece of memo paper.lol
She wants to say a many thanks for a Germany's member.
(She has been busy now like doesn't have a enough time to write a blog,she apologies. )

Domina settle a schedule for visit Eurpe.
Even it may pretty short amount time though,they planning to drop by German and savored X'mas march also!!

La Siora Receptionist

My Red New Costume By Murasaki

I'm so into red color lately.

redbon1 redbon2

I already have a same type black one as this leotard style bondage which is populer for a fetist.
This time,I made to order red one.
Ofcause I made high-cut like this cuz it's easy to kick-up you.

Come on,What do you think am I in a red?
The best you can do is kneel and look up me.

>>Well,My red lingerie is also beautiful and voluptuous.

Translated by Angelica

sweet sweet nipples friend by Claire

I got a cute friend for nipples mania.

This has a sucker which fit your nipple so tighty add brush with vibration.
I want to try this for whom sensitive kinky.

Oh, I add my wish list on a "Nipple fire" which T.Akiha recomended.
No body can't stop to grow of my fantasy.

Translated by Angelica

Schedule of baby domina Yumeji

Domina Yumeji's schedule about next week and later is below.

◆25th Sep (Fri)/19:15-Last
◆26th Sep (Sat)/13:00-18:00
◆28th Sep (Mon)/19:15-Last

Also,She planning to on working twice in a week with fixed shift.

*Every Monday/19:15-Last
*Every Saturday/Suspence

And She may debut on middle of Octber depending of her confidence,
Before then,We could only accept her just visit and join with senior domina.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Meanwhile,We are going to ready to her photoshooting.
Please just wait till!!

New costumes for gender-change!By Murasaki&Shinju

We have new model in 2009 Autumn collections.
These are possible to lend for trans-gender so you should try them!
Model who is a regular member Ms.Yuriko Machida in LTR group.

1、Tunic dress / moss green
The color is a chic such as Autumn coloer however cute design.
Cute middle of sleeves♪
Why don't you put leggins on if you are shy only wearing a skirt middle of length.

In fact,we got new whig which color is a bit wine-red brown with curling hair style,sweet girl?

2、Shirt dress of white one.
It is look like a celebrity people if you could be dress in only this one for vacation.
You can see Ms.Yuriko has taking vacation at summer resort.

The whig same as above.


On the day,we've shoot the other style.
All of these clothings are poosible to lend below,refer within styling,too.
(Accessories werebrought by model and stylist so impossible to lend).
Dress combination with lacy cardigan.
It's matching the whig's color with night scene.

Above the cardigan could coordinate like a ensemble.
We've emphasised black-long-hair to gather by white scrunchy.
Pearl earrings and necklace could be surrounded with elegant flovers.

Btw,this straight hair without scrunchy has more elegant.

The point is this styling "hair-make "!
*Mori hair and eyes-surround make-up.Have you seen the make up before?
(*Mori means that to decorate higher as much as you can.

We LTR are going to suggest that you want to be,,,cool and erotic addition luxurious&glamour girl!


This time is also cooperate by Ms.Yuriko she and we have took place LTR for only Ms.
I Murasaki was surprised that she's acted all of role in the photographs by her only.
An elegant with black long hair lady and glamour girl,,,I can't believe to act only same person?
She could understand in a minutes with smiling and posture by our images.
Ms.Yuriko said that I've been spending a few time till today for LTR but,,,(be shy a bit).
Oh!you are soooo real model♪

Thank you for cooperate shooting and update on the blog!!


Translated by Hiromi

New chastity belt by Shinju

I got new black one "chastity belt".
One of my ex chastity belt was broken so need to prepare for my slaves who maybe likes plastic instead of metal type.
You can see looks like a grave,hard and you must be persecute during my session.
It is one of my favorite one.

Metal chastity belt stand out from you body and this black one has holding-sense.
Depends on how figures and situations how do I use it in my session,wait for a minutes if you want to try it!

It will be putting on you by my force but you know that definitely you'll be stuck on it cause of the BDSM!
And addition I think it is a pleasant with happening unexpectedly.

I've been getting new tools but one of many slaves who can use the tools only having a session with me.
It's secret for whols tools,see?good boy★

Translated by Hiromi

Ruiko's new pix!!

We've updated domina Ruiko who early20,who really into SM.
We will post more pix of her.


check this out!!
Ruiko's Garalley

Yumeji has done for training &Bigyoku by Mai

Hi there,it's me don't you know?Mai is here!
I am the trainer of Baby domina at LaSiora,I am receiving envious stare from submissive men acuse of I'm lucky girl could have relationship first with baby domina!
We Mai and Yumeji have done for training basic skills of BDSM.

I thought she is sooo cute such as idol on the TV program.Jesus!really cute girl!!
Voice as well she could works at Manga actress maybe.
Yumeji is cute whereas person full of enthusiasm her mind.She will be greatly big domina in the fure I think.

And Bigyoku became a regular domina,she and I have similor schedules here so we have some chane to talk between each intervals.
I know desperate to know a secret her perfect body but I won't do,hahaha.

First,she has clear skin,shiny and lustrous.I want to receive face-sitting from her.
And the other point is surprisingly (rudeness to say so) heal lady.
That meanig of not same as common,she is positive person and accept all of thing by positive thinking.
I could get through relief and get positive mind by her especially we talked.
Addition,she is a sport but ,, but she has an elegant that's amazing!

Translated by Hiromi

Dominas training Part 1 in Sep:Kinbaku by Rie

We've took day off on last Friday for dominas training.
Thank you very much for kind cooperation and appreciate it give us the time for this time.
Fortunately it was greatly spending worthwhile time each other since July training.

Many of my frieds who tortured (just kidding) me that few times to update blog recently.
I am not lazy,,,I work harder undersurface you just cannot see my energy!!

Dominas has got more powerful than before?Because it was a scalding opinions for all of dominas in July's training.Also they're gave a theme then.

This time,it's checked of last training from 10am.Trainers who has high skills for Kinbaku,Domina Shinju,Murasaki and T.Akiha but unfortunately,Shinju got fever.
Everydominas have became a level up than before by comparing.

All of our dominas ( except two of dominas Bigyoku has just become a regular domina and Ruiko hasn't join there ) could give you a hanging sesison from this time.
But we LaSiora is as greedy as a wolf,I have already made a new theme.

You can see many time "Kinbaku",it is basic style cross your arms on your back that it seems begining of Kinbaku.
An autism kid who cannot do "bye-bye" showing hollow of the hand.
It maybe same meaning hollow of the hand that in Europe BDSM person who cross arm on your head to show you the body,in Japanese BDSM person who cross arms onyour back to show up your body.
The style as same as dog that dog won't do that in front of have no faith in men.
But I have a questions that to tie up during keeping cross arms on back and going on a session still keep the same situation.
This is not negative thought,this is not suitable for modern people will it give some damages?

For Kinbaku,it was born by criminal punishment.Does it not pay attention after that?
But members including you need to get back home each place after session thefore we cannot do make it without nothing thought.Surely,we need to keep safety first.
(Who's say what a get relief?Show me your face!)

We show typical examples of an accident by shibari (tie up) is musculospiral paralysis.
It is easily to get paralysis that to put your head on arm especially sleeping.I've given 2 times was big damages in the past to my slaves.

It has been taking long time to make my questions clear that the accident will has came up circumstance if I tie up by basic and safety style.
Almost trainers of Kinbaku could understand how to move fingers or grab it,I as well.
But I have met some situations that he has paralysis however could moving fingers and after take off the ropes.
Then I tried to serch more details,I found it that it is impossible to understand for only comfirm moving fingers or not.
"Musculospiral paralysis",arms could do reach and wrists are able to down but impossible to up.
I tried pay attention by this hint because of not useful even though Kinbaku trainers said move or grab by fingers.
It has never been get an accident since then.

I think that more helpful there is a potential musculospiral paralysis or non beforetie up but I cannot serch yet.
I had conference acupuncture-teacher who said person is easily to get paralysis muscle comes up around back of neck,maybe.This is also not absolutely.
I've left real player for 8 years addition I don't like and skillful basically for Kinbaku so I don't have any opportunity now.
I think there is high risk that arms cross on back under the overload if you work for PC typing,it is image stiff shoulders akways,not routine for exercise it seems low metabolism must be cold terminal nerve.
So The theme of dominas is cutting down stress of nerve,no cross armes on the back and depending situations within enjoyable time + alpha.
It will be end of Kinbaku training this time.

That was take place from 10am to 1pm,we had an electrical lesson by electric-torture-mania teature after luch break.

We will updated ASAP!

My new whip collection By Claire

One of our slave who always made his own hand made whip for Siorars(Domina of La Siora).


This autumn and winter collection is pretty good.
From among these, I picked a nine cat tail whip which is standard one.
It's comfortable and soft sence of touch.

You may change your imagination by this nine tail whip even you dislike a whip.
I go rub your back,the other side,I go spank you harder!
It would be widely popular.

Just kneel to me.
You must take my love stroke of a whip,sweet heart?

Translated by Angelica

Baby domina "Yumeji"'s schedule

New baby domina Yumeji has finished for training of base on BDSM.
But now she needs to join in our senior dominas session as a observation first.

Please cooperate if you have interested in watch and see your session by baby domina.

Yumeji schedule on next Monday 14th from 7:15pm to 12am.

Wait for a while for further schedules!

New tools by T.Akiha

I still have having enthusiasm to collect ner things.
Hi,I am Akiha,in Autumn is my season which is possession than appetite-season.
It is recently a bit cool but a bit hot,strange weather isn't it?How's it going ,are you still horny boy?

Btw,I want to introduce all of things which bought in these days.
First of all,I got in advance for winter!It is leather gloves by short length with fur on each wrists.
Sounds cute☆
You could something variety of things that get compressed,to smell it.

And more,
I've bought for renewal,new clear-clothespin it lookes cute,I'll do pinch on your body somewhere!!

And this one☆
Mini-mini electrical-vibrating.
I have it normal size but not useful a bit if the plug isn't near by me.(I could bring extentiond cord).
But this is attachment for battery charge,so no worry to use it anywhere.
Power is not so strong than normal size but I think enough to torture nipples and there and there....It is opossible to put comdom on,I must be fiddle about,,huhuhu.
I am particular about what I prepare functionality and figure.
Do you feel excitement if you can see an attractive person with impressive toys in fron of you?

In addition I got new nipple fire part 2!
【Nipple fire * Part 1】it was broken cause of fill into inside a lot of water when it was sterile.

Maybe it'll be getting more due to watching DVD a kind of electrical substance tortures (adult one,too).
I've been sarching still now so wait for a moment...By Akiha

Translated by Hiromi

our office :PET bottle cap

La Siora office is Non-smoking,some domina bring a lunchbox,
some is helth fanatic or muscle training mania etc...
We La Siora office is different to what everyone imagines about SM.

Lately, awkward thing comeing again.lol
It's PETbottle cap collection box.
You know,400 Pet bottle cup could be a 10yen, polio vaccine is about 20yen.
Even just not vaccine,it's helpful for co2 reduction.

Domina Ayatsuki set this box who heard just 20yen can save a childs life.

It's easy to do in everyday so,Would you like to correct too?
Click here![ about Eco cap ]

Translated by Angelica

princesses by Claire

I tied her wrists and fixed them holded up.
She is a naughty princess.
And I am an evil princess caught her.


Here is my secret castle.
How much you scream, cry and try to call help, oh, it's totally useless.
That's too bad sweety, no one will come here.

No no, I don't mean to hurt you.
I'm just interesting in you.
You look so beautiful today.

Oh, I don't stop it.
I told you...that's why you came here today, princess.
Ah, there're pretty tits!
How do you feel here? I'll try to taste it.

Hmm..not bad.
And you must like it!
I like your way to feel, bitch.

Ah, pretty hip here.
I'll take off your panty.
Oh, don't cry. Do you make me more excited, huh?
I love your crying face. Would you like to show me more tears? It's so cute!

Hello pussy!
Have you ever used here? Oh sorry, of course yes you have!
Let me check inside you...

Shame on you!
How naughty girl you are!
Are you coming? Again? Oh no...
Do you know how many fingers you have?
Almost fisting.

I know you are the dirtiest princess ever!
Do you love me? Oh...I love fucking your pussy too!
Say "thank you for fucking me, lady Claire".
Goood girl.

Selected review by 【Blog * Theater CLAIRE】

New lingerie by Shinju

I love to collect lingeries when I find myself going the shop.
Preparing many lingeries several colors and style.
This time,I got one which is not so similar type that I've had gotten lingeries until now.
A beautiful aquamarine-color with stitchwork,bra,G-strings and suspender belt.
Looks cool,isn't it?

I've having more deep blue color but it maybe gets first time for like this new one color.

What color is your favorite one?

Translated by Hiromi

My New hot shoes introduce★ By Akiha.T

My materialistic attitudes are very strong lately.
Some SM goods..costumes...ofcause shoes too.

Today I let you show My new hot shoes!

First,I got this gold color open toe pumps.
studs gold glitter,it's so shiny.
Don't you want to kiss it not on purpose?haha.

And this knee high long boots.

It's season about a boots,and many shop will selling a boots.
If you are a lether or boots fetish,you absolute like it.see?

Well, Who became a first that steped by my new shoes?
Rather,Who kiss it first?

Translated by Angelica

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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