Favor about Baby domina free join to your session

We welcomed New baby domina.
She hasn't decide her name yet.

She is early 20s old and girlish and beautiful.
Once in a while her eyes make us feel a spiritual beauty.

She's in about fetish fasion,lacy and satin corset from the beggining.
And those reasons became to her join to La Siora.
She still working as office lady then we will backup her training and study to visit someone's session.

For this week,She is on this Saturday.
If you are interesting in her to join your session,Please let us know when you make a reservation.

◆5th Sep (Sat)PM3 to PM8
Anything you could do for her would be very much appreciated.

*If you planning to have a session in casual hotel costs be one and half time as usually.
(S3 studio is same price by 4people)

Domina`s fashion check Part2 by Tamaki

Hello Hello ! My name is TAMAKIN, no I am Tamaki.

Let`s start another domia`s fashion check!
This time is Domina Ruiko! She is still 20 years old and real college student!

She is the youngest domina in La Siora team, but she already have so many experiences
in SM world even her private life.
All of you may know already, she has been writing about her vision of SM on her blog.
She does always her the best for everything, and go for everything.
I can tell she really loves SM!

However,When I chat with her, I can see her real face as just a 20 years old girl.
She is so bubbly and innocent sometime, she is so girly girl!
When I see her like that, secretly I feel like I am such a lucky person.

Here is Ruiko`s private clothes!

Theme is `innocent girl`, White dress and bag and shoes are in pink!

Material of her dress is so summerly!
Its a see through material but not like a skanky.
Sofy material is a must have item for innocent girly girl.
She put sense of pritty with pastel pink.
Another important item is shoes!!

She put wedge pumps, not a pin heel shoes.
A lots of rounded shape make her looks more girly.

She says ` Wedge sole is really comfortable to walk`
Shoes has some studs on part of sole. It is so charming.
I really recomend this type of shoes to the guy who love to dress like a girl, you can walk properly even you are not get use to wear on heels.

OMG! her nail is even PINK!

Color of accessories and chain of her bag matches too!
She is such a perfect coordinator!
Guys who loves to dress in a girl, don`t you love this moment??/
When we does nails, and also put some lip on, that is the most girly moment. Don`t you think so???

Domina`s fashion check by Tamaki by part 2
Please give her some claps for her!
Who will be on fashon check part 3??

translated by K

Information from TAMAKI

Today, Tamaki will be in the Fashoin Show! We should have informed more earlier.
She just let us know about in her blog Yesterday...
I hope to hear from her how the fashoion show was like.
Here is from Tamaki`s blog.

This fashion show is for a new brand called `La vie en rose` by JAP KOUBO.
They use a lots of leather and enamel materials on their clothes.
I will walk on runway like a fetish show performer, it is not just a normal fashion show.

I just went to the reharsal today, I really love all of their clothes!
My skin will be exposed a lot! Please feel free to come to see me!

「fashion show of “La vie en rose”」

`La vie en rose` was born from B.C.L.S which is originally part of B.C.R.P.
B.C.L.S has a image of active and strong girl, but La vi en rose is inspired by more darker fetish and feminin girls.
In addition, they have many `MASKS` which is really artistic. They will bring you the world that deep and spooky.

People who is outlaw praised toward to the difficult world.
What a wonderful ` A life in a color of rose`

La vie en rose is sold only at Web shop. (sounds like so black market)
They show their collection only at the fashion show.

It will be held at live house. It is JAP KOUBO `s original way to show, I think.
There are not so many opportunities to see their entire collection directly.Please come to the show. Hair and make up by Mr. Kaoru Mitsukura.
Do not miss gorgeous and fetish fashion show!

<fashion show of “La vie en rose”>
Place:Kichijoji PLANET K
Tokyo musashino city kichijoji honmachi 1-8-10 Hachibankan bldg B1

* JRchuou line. Keio Inokashira line Exit chuou Walk by 5min
     TIme :2009年8月30日(日) 19:00~
Entrance:1500 yen、Drink from 500yen~
Produced by:JAP KOUBO
Official HP:http://www.jap-inc.com/

<Designer:YOU-KO profiel>
JAP Koubo chief designer
She has produced many brands from JAP KOUBO
`B.C.L.S` `Barbara` `Planet Dark`
Also she designed costumes for musician,performer, and film and play.
Seikimatsu2 Sentofuku /musician , Takahiko Takamizawa( Alfee)/ musician,
Ongaku Butokai Kokuhitshuzi sono hitsuzi. Yuko/Play (2009)

Ice shavings!!


I came near our office and called just afternoon tea time yesterday Friday.
Our dominas was not so busy on the day than usual,
so I went Japanese-style confection store with them.
The store has tea room.
Only Japanese:[ Hanazono Manjyu ]
The store is front of our meeting spot E1 exit of Shinjuku station and shrine gate of [ Hanazono shrine ].

We ate ice shavings!
Akiha.T,Ayatsuki,Akiho,they ate it for the first time in this summer.
End of summer is coming but it is still hot.
So we ate our ice shavings with pleasure!!

Ice shavings and watermelon are my great favorite.
I don't like summer but a lot of goody in summer.
I'd like to eat again with our dominas during summer.

Hide & Sex By Claire

Hide & Sex
【Nathalie Daoust photo exhibition"Hide& Sex"】

I went out a photo exhibition held by canadian photographer.
The story is set by hotel alphain which in beloved by BDSM lovers.
Me and domina akiho and counselor Mai also ex la siora domina effort as a model.

I have been thought BDSM is dirty but I remind again that BDSM is hidden beauty
For me, dirty means Nasty and Naughty.
I take this mean granted.don't you?
If that nasty more of it,it makes me exite.I know you exite it too.right?


I was the Opening Reception Party.
There were so many of beautiful ladys so there was pomp-filled atmosphere.

Me and domina Akiho went to there with a flower bouque.
Miss Rie was there also.

Nathaliey really wonderling to see Rie actually
ecause she couldn't have a chance to see her in last June.
When she met Rie finally, She said"How cute are she!!"
She seems happy.

I guess Nathalie is cute also.
Be modest and diverting but she hidden her unshakable confidence.
I have so much learnd by her who inspired me.

This photo exhibition is opend by 12th September (Sat).
You would love this special atmosphere that frail on the surface,passionate and sexy and fantasy her whole new way of world view colaborat with Hotel Alphain and Mistress who always offers a fetish of Tokyo.

Now,why don't you get it?
I'm planning to get there one more time.

  『Hide & Sex Tokyo』
  (Portraits in the S&M Alpha-in hotel in Japan)

■ 24th Aug (Mon)-12th Sep(Sat)

■ Vanilla Gallery in Ginza

■ 4F Kamata 2nd Bld, 6-10-10 Ginza,Chu-ou,Tokyo  
TEL&FAX 03-5568-1233

■Bussiness hours
weekday PM12-PM7  week end & holiday PM12~17
close every sunday.

In addition those photos filed be album.
We will update more information about this★

Translated by Angelica

Ride on your face with New Costume By Bigyoku

Look at my new costume!!
I got a new bontage one!!
I chose something cool design with enamel and see through material.
Don`t you think this is so cool??

By the way, my body is so flexible.
LOOK !LOOK at me!
Photo by Ayatsuki, Hand by Akiha

I can do this too!

After taking this photo, Ayatshuki asked me ` why don`t you ride on my face??`
I refused a little while,,,, but I DID IT.
I am riding on boss domina ayatshuki!
( Ayatshuki says `comon, comon`)
( Yes! I am top on her!)

There are nothing to afraid anymore!
I had such a great time. I really enjoyed it.


translated by K

Domina training in September By Rie


Hello,I'm Rie.
We won't able to accept a reservation of session on 11 September Friday cause of domina training which please note.
Only telephone receptionist is opened from 13:00 to 22:30 as a regurarlly.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

We held training for dominas in July.
Our dominas gained inspiration from that training.
They spent each time worthwhile in August and lively atmosphere in our office.
They addressed each challenge.

All dominas buckled to rope-bondage while August because it is placed a guard at rope-bondage at domina training in July.
But they became to have a strong desire to learn about all things by so doing that they made a breakthrough to training of rope-bondage.

BDSM session will be stupid things,no-fantasy if dominas attach importance to only skill.
I am having to do my best to resist it in training for dominas but it is difficult for me...
If I consider skill is unimportant not too,it is a ploblem as professional dominas...
If I attach importance to skill so much,no fantasy and it would be just a act...
I'd like to get out only strong point from each professional and amateur.lol

We keep up the training of skill in the future but all together we go with brush up on hygienic safety and deep understanding about fetishism,psychology of mazochism...etc...all things.
And they are crucial for training to keep charming domianas.
I think that beauty and personal magnetism is important for dominas.

This training are not over within a few hours.
We need all through the day.
So we close a time for two or three months which please note.
We always appriciate our member understanding.


New tool information by T.Akiha

Today, i will show you my tool!
I just bought it recently, and I have already tried it on couple people.

Here it is.....
This is called ` Nipple Fire!`
There are three rotors, two of rotors have clips.
Of course, it is possible to place not only nipple in it, also somewhere elese..where do you think?

I will let you guess how I am going to use it untill I see you!
They have 4levels of vibration, I can bring you any levels of orgasm by my choice of vibration.

I really want to see you going crazy in mad orgasm..


translated by K

New image of Domina Bigyoku

We have updated image of domina Bigyoku.

She is a Baby Domina but she got already has fans and she makes them crazy.
She has a promise and feels like trying,as good domina.
Click Here!![ Bigyoku * profile ]


Updated for Murasaki and Claire pictures!

Last shooting,the room with nothing in it but there are some ropes and whips that each Murasaki&slave have spending time was just simple atmosphere.
Murasaki has been given a lot fascination to like fetish,variety type of submissive men,real-discipline,too.
You know Murasaki's image was rope bondage but recently, she could realized to find pleasure identify with each other during her session.

It's absolutely white-room,and fake-leather of sharpe black color.
Completely black costume is contrast favorably with white.

Click here!!
[ Murasaki * session gallery1 ]
[ Murasaki * session gallery2 ]

We've updated pics of domina Claire.
These pictures of red-rubber costumes are looks like a eccentric!
Really suitable with her cute smile and red costume.
It will have updated soon e.g.normal outfit and also lingeries.too!

Wait for a while,good boy!?
Click here![ Claire * profile ]

Domina Fashion check!By Tamaki

Hello,I'm Tamaki.
I really like clothings on the other hand I love stylish person also wearing,too!
Ex,unsymmetrical or drape one like original design something.
I usually check them out collection-photos,run-way-photos and domestic also import brand
add ladies style and mens,too!
It is costume of everyday,of course refer to domina's fashions.

Are you curious for daily outfit of dominas?
Then I am may be going to update that called "Domina fashion check by Tamaki"with pictures!
First time domina is ...【T.Akiha】
(would it be series from now?)

Refreshing summer maximum-length dress.It was makes shape waist line and bottom-flitter.
Dress makes a point for slim waist of Akiha.
Normally,she has like airly figures but how does she make a session in front of you?
Similar basic images or completely defferent type?
She is attractive person that sha has many expression during her own session



Schedule of Domina Akiho and Nana


Domina Akiha has irregular chedule next week.
Domina Nana had holiday next time.

Schedule of Akiho
24th Aug.(Mon.) 20:00-Last
31st Aug.(Mon.) OFF
1st Sep.(Tue.) 17:00-Last

Schedule of Nana
26th Aug.(Wed.)-31st Aug.(Mon.) OFF

In this season,fatigue in summer must be setting in.
I sincerely hope you'll take good care of yourself.

English speaking reception staff

Our new receptioninst K who is english speaker.
Unfortunately,she is not coming tomorrow on 22nd by urgent.

But we have reception staff who speaks simple english is possible so a bit slowly conversation is better to ask.

Thank you very much!


I got it finally!

A bit makes by rubber and the other part is made by leather.
A top of head putting on red-wing such as stupid but cute,see?

Fit together feedbowl for puppy so it going to be my own pet in near future?
Pet is cute but a bit hard to care cause of get back home at late time and almost nobody here my house,,,,it is not good situation.

If I could keep it which is possible to speak, not dead additionally if I leave to stand for a while maybe 1 week or so?

Just I like that Human-animal-rollplay.
On four all in front of me then to be my pony.
I'll drag you!




I have many domestic animal,horse,pig,dog and worm...
Today I am going to introduce one of my animals "ill-bred dog" that called Lilly.
She is mottled dog that was leared by my discipline.
It is really important to do discipline at first.Need more hard training and cruel.

It must be fun to lead by collar,teaching something eye-contacts...
I like clever dog but I really like a process to grow up.

What kind of animals you could change for me?Answer me!!



Hanging at Alpha-In by Shinju

Tortured at Alpha-In #401,I love "Kinbaku" based on to feel pleasure and enjoyable.
It is one of my favorite and such as captive.

Today,my slave have an acrophobia so I did hanging low-point.
It seems sounds really cruel style but honesty,not so hard because he said I could to get sleep same position.

It was enjoyed face-sitting or something tortured.

For hanging,depending on how well make a fun by many of method.it must be changing way to hang.
It makes more getting imagination.

Wait for next time...


Plan for trip for Europe and Sweets from Christmass Market

InJapan, Obon was over yesterday.
So many people who went to see their family are coming back to Tokyo, Tokyo gets busy again.
I t has been said that weather will get cooler you will be alable to feel Autum are coming soon
especially night time after OBON. However, I want to talk about winter today.
Clich here![about O-bon]

There is a Fetish week in December 8 to 12th in Paris.
This week is full of events all about fetish and BDSM, such a fantastic week!!
Some dominas from La Siora are going to visit paris during this week.
I can not stop to think about paris fetish week when I look information website.

Click Here!![Nuit Demonia/Fetish week in Paris]
[Demonia in Paris]

I might stop by at Christmas market in Germany.
Because... RIE / producer of La Siora has the favorite sweet that she can not wait to eat again.
She ate it at Chtistmass market in Germany before, she just LOVE IT!!
But we do not know the name of the sweet,,,,,

This is a picture of that sweet.
Hey! Slaves in Germany! Would you find out the name of that sweet for RIE??
She said that she could only find it only in city of Aachen.
She keeps saying ` I really want to go back Aachen just for that sweet!!!!`

And another sweet she really liked was....
It is called ` POFFERT JES`. She had it in Amsterdam.
It is a traditional sweet of Holland but it has been said that it came from France originally.

Dominas might think ` RIE is such a big eater! Why she is talking about Christmas in the summer?? `but anyway,,, she loves sweets.
There are so many delicious sweets in Europe.
But you should try some Japanese sweets as well.
Japanese sweets are good for diets! so all dominas should eat Japanes sweets to keep their beautiful body line. After the trip to Europe, we are all going to be gained weight, I hope not,,,

And we are also thinking to go to the carnival in Venetian in February next year.
Most famous Italian sweet is gelate???


New costumes & boots By Akiho and Ruiko

Today we will show you new costumes and boots from Akiho and Ruiko!

Finally I got a blue costume that reminds you beach and summer!
This is so cute cz it shows my belly and back, like a peek a boo.
I already feels like it is my second skin.
It make me feel more sexier...and confortable.
This one is best for water play.
Hey you ! who has already previously told about water play!!
Don`t you think how perfect i am???

I will show you everything what you want during you can not move at all.

Don`t you want to touch??
I know you can not regist to touch me!
It is not so easy.
You must show me more how much you worship me!!

What do you want to do??
You will open your eyes widely, not be able to say anything.
You will go crazy and say
` I want to touch you, Mistress Akiho!`
And you will go mad
`Please let me lick you, Mistress AKiho!`
You will even say
`I want to be inside of you`
You will realized that you are punished by me in a minutes.
Do not make me laugh.

I love a boy who really is almost dying want something like a little dog.

I will be top on your face and you still can not move at all.
My body wrapped by a luber will be heavier and heavier,,,,

You will not be able to breath at all,,,,,
Luber is so charm but sometime it becomes a horror.
Don`t you love beautiful things but something cause you a fear at the same time?
Blue leotard will bring both pleasure and pain.
I just love it!



I got a new boots.
I bought this at regular shoes shop not at SM store.
I chose one size smaller to made me feel more tight.

One of trend item in this Autum fashion is Knee High Boots like a 80s style.
I hope bontage fashion is coming also....
I saw so many lace up knee high boots , even enamel material one at regular shoes shops.
All boots lovers, you might enjoy autum and winter.

My boots material is leather alike.
I can hold it down untill just above my knee.
I can even remove accesorries came with.

I can not wait to weat this.
I really want to buy another knee high boots in enamel material.

* For cellphone users who can not really see a pictures,
please click the link ` for PC page`


Translate by K

Tamaki`s passion for KINBAKU bontage

Tamaki is always playing with rope whenever she has a spare time.She is such a hard worker!
She is training herself so hard of improving her skill that more variations comes from her huge imaginations. She got advices from one of our slave who love to be tied up all the time.

She is also fashion model that going to be in one of fashion show in end of this month.
She is only 21 years old tall girl, and extremely looking fabulous.
But her character is pretty quiet sometime. She has been still growing up.
It seems like that she has quiet and cool appearance, but she has something hot in her heart.

Slave said ` Hands are such a sensitive area whiere feel sexual feeling a lot.`
Tamaki seems learn a lot from his experiences from today`s lesson.
They seems like holding hands each other from this picture,,,

costume for session! Skirt By Bigyoku

Hello! This is BIGYOKU. I have already showed bontage hard core style last time. Here is my natural favorite style for private. I hope you guys love it!
I start with Skirt style today.

Pencil style tight skirt ( just above knee length, front slit )
Do I remind you a office lady ??
I am the only office lady with a whip!!??

Micro Mini skirt! ( PVC material, Its so tightny!!WOW!)
How about the combination with rope and micromini skirt??

The same skirt with a whip!
Don`t worry i won`t hurt you.
HOWEVER, if you can not follow my order,,, you know what you have to be done!

After the session.
This is the moment I am chilling out. What a exciting day was!

AND here is extra additional style
Sometime I also wear rufflle mini skirt like a girly girl!

This is really cute one cz ruffles are moving everytime I move.I love this.

I am so exciting for collecting new whips.
I want to be a Mistress who I can serve you the best whip play!
I want you to feel the most ecxiting, comfortable and blessing moment from your heart during my session..
I gotta work hard on my practice everyday!

SM and Fetish are really interesting world.
I want to know and learn deeply day by day.
It never end.
Nobody has the same fetish.Nothing is wrong in this world.
Human is awsome!



New pictures of Emi updated!

We've updated of new pictures of tall domina EMI!

Check it below:

【Emi * Index】

Important thing to remember by Rie

Hello,I am producer of La Siora,Rie Asagiri.
I don't like hot and humid weather summer in Japan.
I am prostrated by the heat and lose my power...
I can hardly wait autumn.

Before 64 years from now,in summer 1945...
6th August ,atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima.
9th August ,atomic bombs were droppedon Nagasaki.
Click here! [ Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ]

Never-to-be-forgotten date to Japanese people,but it is not seem like reality for younger generations...me too,I don't know real.
HIROSHIMA is limping toward an episode in history.
But a lot of Japanease silent prayers offer for atomic bomb victim.
The ceremony is hit screens every year on the day.

I 'm trying to write seriously today.
I don't have linguistic talent but I hope I could express my meaning.
So I don't know how can you understand or not what I'd like to say.
But I write the best I can,I ask for your kind understanding a little.

Someone told me that a lot of Americans are feeling right and out of need about HIROSHIMA.
But they take a second look surely when they visit atom bomb museum in Hiroshima.
Lose and win,right and wrong of warped view in war,those hang around war.
But we human have demarcation of good and evil as a human,also a heart to think to be sad.
I feel sure the Americans who visited the atom bomb museum feel something.
The thing which affects a heart at atom bomb museum.

People all over the world know Japan is only country to have suffered nuclear attacks.
We Japanease are forgetful person it is a good point of Japanease, and it is a bad point also....
Because passage of time have a rapid current and busy.
But I think it is important to call to remembrance and have a think about war and peace just once a year.We must relearn things that we has forgotten.
We Japanease should have been ever assailants also in some country eyes.

Forgiveness and oblivescence,those are more different than might first be surmised.

At any time in life,forgiveness is important.
It had better closure and advance than heartache,heartbroken,anger anally-retentive...
Nothing is provided by oblivescence.
But we are able to get open mind and knowledge of life in the future by forgiveness.

Somebody forgives somebody,Somebody is forgiven by somebody.
In that manner we are alive.
If we have somebody forgive,we must keep our eye open for avoid the same mistake.

Of course,we must never again proceed a path to war and A-bomb.
Please go to Hiroshima if you visit to Japan.
For the human race to learn about forgiveness for the future.

...But another matter about BDSM.
We might have to unforgiving and give you punishment.lol

...distressing spectacle...

Hotel LA PIA by Murasaki

It's been counstruction in Spring season but finally made it Vip room.
I've heard from 【LA PIA info by Emi】 so I visited a few days ago.

Not so big difference than before inside of vip room.

It was addition new small space that pics here:
It maybe having 3 tatami mats such as Japanese style tes-room.

It just equip a one brace,simple style but enough stiff brace.
You could see the chain but I have no ideas how to use it due to pad lock.(^^;。)

I was hanging there my slave,,,,
Look at this!

This space is really helpful and useful that if you want to take your time for Japanese rope bondage.
I think it waste of space because of the other rooms are so wide!
It seems to be having fun with many people at each spaces,living room,Kinbaku room and bed room,too!

Address: 2-29-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku ward,Tokyo
03-5272-2471(reserved available)

Price:until 2 hours is 7,000yen / Mon to Thu:from 1pm to 8pm (services time) is 8,500yen,
from Fri to Sun is 9,000yen.


Hotel "Yurakuzen #303" by Murasaki

Today,I am going to show you Hotel "Yurakuzen #303".

Almost rooms of Yurakuzen are not so wide spaces but the equipments which supporting point is possible hanging are useful and attractive.
You can see the spaces only hanging,bed but sounds good for humiliation due to in front of mirror.

It is possible to putting ropes on here.
3 poles could be moving,be careful!

There is a balcony over the window of mirror style.
Maybe,could we go outside?I look to next room,,,,
Oh no,we and somebody could come-and-go each other,it was broken a sill.
If you don't like force your way into your room,need to lock not to forget.
It is enough space for bath-room but I think not suitable for long-whip fetish guy.

~~~Let's get started for going another world~~~

Today's theme is "Matanawa" that meaning of like a wearing g-storings by rope.

Cross your arms on your back,I made it puttig on Matanawa then pull-tightly.
I don't make a point to knot rope.
Good hip,see?
You can move and swing like a bird as you like?It must be feeling that you are rape by rope bondage.
Do swinging!

Now,I'm going to pull-tightly from your front.
I can see the rope which bite into around anal.

Hey open your legs more!
Show me your hip!Here is present for you something hot,,,
Don't move if you feel too hot.
I will do punishment without hesitation by riding crop if you refuse my force,you obey me to poke forward by doing this.

Oh what a bad boy,,,you spouted unexpectedly.
I don't know where is comig from?
Your body could be strange.

This is narrow so it is possible to do a session under the pic no,4 or over the bed.
Either way,I think it is enough for tie you up and restraint session.

Address:2-6-14 Kabukicho Shinjuku ward Tokyo.

price:until 2hours is 4,000yen / 3 hours is 5,500yen
From Domina MURASAKI


Summer! Nudy! Sandal! High heel!!

Summer is Comeing!!
What a humed everyday.
Such a hot day,We are presure to bully a slaves seacret spot.

Crush your "P"with my red pin heel shoes.

Or,put my full weight on your "P" by my shiny enamel short boots?

Oh,that's too mean. Well..it's my turn.I cherish your head with my open toe black sandals.

wanna see our nudy legs?

I know what is your desire.
Wanna buried in our leg.Don't you?

Blow thease legs cover...

Tamaki in Red sandals,T.Akiha in Enamel short boots,Murasaki in Black sandal.
Come on slaves,Kneel at our feet.We'll crash on you!!


White costume "neat and clean"?

I like high-cut costumes which makes me smileing by naturally.
So it might be enjoyable session.

That colored white sound really suitable especially in summer!
On the picture is introduced hotel "Balian" is good good services.
I completely recomend it if you never used there.

I already updated some the other costumes and tools on my own blog.
Be sure to look my blog!

【Bigyoku * blog】

Full-covered stockings!

I could show you the costume that I've found it when cleaned up my drawer☆☆

Let's get started!
Here is Pink-ranger○○○&beauty shocker○○○○!!

I (Pink-ranger) am enchanted by beauty shocker.(but to be honest I cannot see anything).
Oh no,what are doing shocker!?

I don't want to give my virgin by "the guy" forced.
My important virgin should be give to Red-ranger,he is my superstar!
Pink-ranger try desperately to refuse.

Finally,I was stuck on fascination of the guy,then I bend down with hand in hand.

Btw,who are they ranger and shocker??
Hummmm......the ansewer is,someone will update somewhere,some day.

From Pink-ranger○○○


Wow!!My New Bondagez By Bigyoku

Almost Passed a month since I became a domina.

Before I came in this La Siora I like to collect lingerie ,mini skirt,brouce such a sexy costumes.
But one thing added on my costumes after I became domina.
You know what's that?
It's Bondage!!
Let me introduce my sexy little things.

090722_.jpg 090722_Bigyoku.jpg
These two costumes are made by PVC.basic type is still popular,you know.

090729_Bigyoku3.jpg 090729_Bigyoku4.jpg
These two are a satin material on thepatterned stripe.
Lookis gorgeous.

I feel really good when I in a those bondages.Makes me exited.

I'm going to show you of my lingerie and tools next time.
Please get along well♪



New dildo by Nana

I got new one,this is strap-on which is possible to switch the other one.
The dildo is soft¬ so big type is really helpful for anal-beginner.

「Su*k my d*ck」

I like an enforced sesison.Open your mouth to swallow milk!
Want to ejaculate on your face!
As much as hopeless this,I hope to grow real penis on my groin.

This is new tools it might be full my desire a bit.
I'm going to prepare for several size from now on!


Latex costumes by Shinju

I've getting preparing bit by bit for new lstex costumes,going to show the pics two of them.

First one,jacket style with mini-skirt,bra and G-strings that colored with pink&black leopard.
One of my favorite and sweet costume.

Secondly,black&red Chinese dress.
This is also favorite one.

You know latex material is a bit hard to keep the shiny and laundry but I really like it cause of Fetish!
I have many costume includes latex which never introduce on my web-site...so I'm going to give some pics on my blog little by little.
Wait for a while!


LA PIA vip room by Murasaki

It's been counstruction in Spring season but finally made it Vip room.
I've heard from 【LA PIA info by Emi】 then I visited a few days ago.

Not so big difference than before inside of vip room.

It was addition new small space that pics here:
It maybe having 3 tatami mats such as Japanese style tes-room.

It just equip a one brace,simple style but enough stiff brace.
You could see the chain but I have no ideas how to use it due to pad lock.(^^;。)

I was hanging there my slave,,,,
Look at this!

This space is really helpful and useful that if you want to take your time for Japanese rope bondage.
I think it waste of space because of the other rooms are so wide!
It seems to be having fun with many people at each spaces,living room,Kinbaku room and bed room,too!

Address: 2-29-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku ward,Tokyo
03-5272-2471(reserved available)

Price:until 2 hours is 7,000yen / Mon to Thu:from 1pm to 8pm (services time) is 8,500yen,
from Fri to Sun is 9,000yen.


lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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