New male nurse costume for domina by Murasaki

I got it 2 or 3 years ago,was for a joke at one of really famouse shop in Tokyo.
It was only used for costumes shooting.
This is size S but could be possible to wear it till M size girls also for lend of dominas.
Shine and thin material looke like pornographic!I think useful for roll playing session.

【Works done】

Oh,I'm done at last,I want to change my clothes for grab a drink with friend Nancy.

Oh! Doctor,you are in my locker to take a peep when I was taking off!?

Doctor,,,you should told me first if you are interesting me.
Will I do healing tonight?But you should prepare yourself for my treatment,a bit cruel may be?
Is is good for you?...oh dear nothig problems cause of your boy is waking up already.
I don't know something happens from now on.
This is punishment you'd peep.


Did you enjoy it?
It'll be continuing in my session.


Tamaki new costume!

Hello,this is Tamaki.
I've got PVC white costumes!I want to introduce one of my new one.

PVC mermaid-long skirt and corset.
I mayby have an image "the black" that someone who told me before so I just wanted to get white one and looked for to find white color like this.

Long skirt,a littile not so suitable for acting diring a session.
Hmmm,you need to take it off by not your hands,unzip by your mouth...

I will show some pics on my blog another new one.

【Tamaki * blog】


Hotel "Balian" by Mao

I think there is no necessary to say any more "Balian" is maybe most famous fashion hotel around there.
That's a good news of there!Especially for public session lovers!

I also pleasured to go the other place with slave sometimes,I felt throb and had fun.
E.g. I like to meet each other at outside but prepare something or had a session a bit inside first then we will go somewhere!
It looks including shameful,find out your liking unexpectedly maybe??

For Balian,this is good services whch is wide space,good equipments addition soft drinks and dessert services,too.
The limited time for rest is long time that this is really helpful for long course session.

Rest time table as folowwing below;
Enter the room from 12pm until 4pm available rest for 5 hours.
After 4 pm to 6pm available rest for 4 hours.
After 6pm available rest for 4 hours.

It'll be changing the time schedules on weekends so please ask to there.


It is crowded place especially on weekends (a bit useful on weekdays?)
I recomend you to go early time to keep the room in advance ( before 30minutes or so) of your session starting time.
It might be available some rooms are vacancy.


My New Costume☆ By T.Akiha

I'm the one who love a fit and shiny material.

I got a new color cat suits which i really in love.


I choiced white color.
And I coordinate black lace up boots with this cat suits.

I know some people think like,
What the heck that you chozen this in damn hot summer season?
masochistic behavior,eh?

I love this tight silhouette and shiny material like I told you~.

This is toatally spanking new dress so, reflect your face by any chance.
I can't stop imagine a session when i in this new dress!!!

What kind of costumes you like?


New chastity belt by Shinju

That new one looks like really cool and my favorite one!

It weigh a lot and as a metal toy.

I'll set on that not limited to just put mask on your face without something infom you.
Sounds cruelty,I won't likely to take it off easily.

I've been using the castity belt which was plastic but now I really most favorite one for metal type.

You want me to fit in on your P?

Let's see,,,
depending on how well you could be a good boy or naughty.

That's the point of your behavior during our session.


Updated for Domina Akiha.T "Kinbaku"

Domina Akiha.T who has wanderful skills of Kinbaku,she could offer you a kind of session-technique and also artistic Kinbaku skills.
As you know in Japan Kinbaku which has big funs from abroaod so we've updated including pics that we were conscious of Japanism like a Kimono.

Click Here!![ Akiha.T * Kinbaku Gallery ]

New Bondage By Ruiko

I bought two bondages.
Let me introduce one of them.


This bondage is dress type,red color.
Can you see my lace-up back style?
Do you like the lenth like this mini?
I'm so into this red color.
And I love this costume where can be fit on my body.

I didn't have a skirt type bondage before.
I who wear this wanna step over then ride on you.

I make you go crazy.


Lino out going..

Domina Lino,who looks elegant very much and speaking good english.
But She has to left this La Siora as of this month unfortunally.
Thank you very much everything you all done to her and We are sorry to announce suddenly.
She left a message below.


Hi slaves,
I am going to start up a new bisiness so unfortunately I have to quit working for Lasiora as a domina.
I really had a great time in sessions with each of you. Thank you so much. Enjoy your sm life!

Mistress Lino.



Hi there,it's me,Mai,how's it going?
This is a souvenir by Rie she's bought it in Paris.
It looks,,,not light than it looks.

This ring could be separate half nad half.Your balls set in there, addition fixed by some screws on your balls-crotch.
I suppose it's hurt like hell cause of heavy and not so easily to take off.

You are sure to feel wearing a zoned!


I'm Back!!!!

Haven't seen you for yonks.
La Siora producer,Rie.

I went to the Europe,Paris,Bruxelles and Mons in Belgium.
Belgium is my adopted hometown.I have many remembrances of my dog.
I indulged in reminiscences my dog at cafe which came well,
near the house where I lived in before,forest...
I am tugged by memories of my dog.I want to meet once again.

It is important for me to touch foreign culture.
But I was not be able to trip abroad around a year.
I'd like to go to abroad from now on no matter how even if I am busy.
I have to make efforts to heighten sensitivity at all times.

Don't get too used to it.
Our domina and me,we are starting all over from scratch,
about skill,health and safety protection,professional attitude...
It is difficult to start something new.
But continued efforts and sustained action,it is more difficult.

I gave our dominas a lot of assignment.Of course,to myself also.
And I had gone to Europe never to return around ten days.
And now, our dominas take it seriously,so they are having highly-motivated.
I'll help them all I can.


Lady Time Romance.. By Murasaki & Shinju

Lady Yuriko Machida who is one of our customer.
We got 6 item clothes compliments by her.
She bought out these clothes for this shooting,so skin applied just twice or thrice.
She donate these clothes because she wants La Siora's member use it.
Thank you very much Ms Yuriko.

Well,Let us show you these new clothes donation by Ms Yuriko.
We held a "Lady Time Romance"only for her this time.
Make-up by Shinju, shooted by Murasaki.
Model is Ms Yuriko.
It's time to start her own fashion show.
Lace leggings is essencial point.

【1、White×Black・Knee lenth casual dress】
maoh1 2.jpg

【2、Black mini lenth dress】
2-1.jpg 2-2.jpg

【3、yellow ensemble×Black Long Skirt】
3-1.jpg 12.jpg

【4、beige color racy dress】
3-2.jpg 13.jpg

【5、white×black short lenth dress】
 4-1.jpg 4-2.jpg

【6、Teal color dress×yellow ensemble tops】
5-1.jpg 5-2.jpg

All these clothes are rental available.
Please order the reception staff when you make a reservation.

☆We may hold a perfect transvestite and full-scale shooting "Lady Time Romace for Only you"
that time like this.
We will charge a shinju and murasaki's double domina session,Additionally make-up option and shooting option fee.
We will estimate photography contents and photography place after consultation.
Because a meeting is necessary beforehand, Please don't hesitate to call for information.

What's Lady Time Romance??>>Click Here

Any further,We would love to accept a simple make-up and the shooting without light fixture ight like camera phone or digital camera in the range of as a normal session so Please feel free to inquire.


Baby domina Bigyoku Blog.


Domina Bigyoku,she will have made a blog.
We are going to upload as soon as possible on the web-site today.

Please wait for a sec,good boy!?

CBT & Whip Torture By Ayatsuki


I have chosen a S3 studio's B-room for today's excruciate.

As you may already know,this studio is possible to hung up and really gorgeous.
This place has a mysterious atmosphere.

I restrain his foot and arms and order to put him "P"on the rest.
I tread it with pin heel boots.
I will let go when it became purple.

When he too move to a pain,
I hit a back and the buttocks with my whip which I held in the left hand.

But he still raise a terrible cry so I ask him
"P is good whether a whip is good."
Then He say that P is more better.

I who heard it, grin gleefully then I tread his "P" by double strength of a while ago.

Then he was
"Ohhhh!! P!!!!! My P is really heart though!!"
He raises what a miserable voice, so I hit a whip to his back again again again.

After all,His berry was bled internally by my whips.
What a killer whip..

And I tried this play which SM club in Eurpe was declined because too danger.

Human trampoline.
This is ultimate torture.

More details on my blog,,, (Only Japanese)
[Ayatsuki * Blog]

Translator: Angelica

New tool by Akiho

I will show you the new one Ball torture toy.
【Humbler】 which is possible to give you a pressure surround your balls but this is generally press,hold and crash.
Bottom of your "P" might feeling of oppression.(depending thick or not).

I have another one that C&B both are pressed instead of not put hole on your "P".
Never tried yet so welcome for testing human,by Akiho.

It is not limited to just looks really strong impact that screw could make a different angle,it makes me pleasure exactly.
Btw,I'll have given your "P" free rein because of I could do anything that I wanted to ...
It's a cruel but it make you can't wait by my torture,fondle with technique.
I can't show you but it was flat-balls of my slave.

The "P" was like a glued on clarity-plate that it makes me more exciting.
On the same day,I 've gave an urithral torture and toys for "P",was sounds Kinky night!!

You out with it!


Session gallery for Akiho

We've updated of session photos "Dr,Akiho"Part 2.

You must be prurient patient and you should be good horse in front of Akiho,see?

Click here;
【Akiho * Gallery】

Hotel Info By Claire

Which hotel is nice to have a hang up session?
I'd say a Daimatsu.

This hotel Daimatsu isn't our walk within area, but price of rest is 3000yen uniform price and you can have a kinbaku session with safety.
So,This hotel is one of the handful places for kinbaku lovers.
Take off your shoes at the entrance.
It's Japanese inspired style hotel. You must be feel nostalgic.


(He sit to a kinbaku model manytimes.He permited to that I post this photo. )
He smell out of we lasiora are a burning desire to kinbaku now.

And I tied up his arms and legs then put in THAT to his THERE.
I played a little trick on him.I was enjoy.

This is old building actually,but tiled bath was polish to a sheen so seems really clean.
You must be feel nostalgic like when you get your granma's house.
But I know that you wanted to do an indecent things.
I might to fall into the habit of doing this.

【Hotel Daimatsu】


Dear all members.

We've had our meeting that was reflective about skills of BDSM
for all dominas and valuable time each other.

Ever since each of dominas tried to find practices opportunity and discussion frequently.
Every dominas wanted to know how you feel in you mind during my session?how was my session? was it fun,enjoyable for you?
Please tell us your mind in your session including bad points as well.

We would like to announce that we have questionnaire on the web-site (Japanese text only).
There is a form that is useful for brush up to get any honest opinions from you as members.
Feedback as well.

If you feel hesitation to give us on the form (nobody except our staff can see that),anonymity is no problems also e-mail,too.

We would appreciate if you give us a kind cooperation to get increase for BDSM skills.

This is URL for;
【Questionnaire * Japanese text】

LaSiora E-mail;
【La Siora】

New domina Bigyoku has debuted!

Bigyoku,she has a tall,slender beautiful legs and almond eyed.
We could receive solo reservation without high skilled BDSM from tomorrow schedules.
And in addition we recomend you to have session with our english speaker domina for a while because of she speaks english a bit.

Now we've updated profile and some pics of Bigyoku.
Please check them out below;
【Bigyoku * Profile】


A member of LaSiora made it "whip" by umbrella which was trash to the edge of dust box.
Why don't you order it if you want to try someday?

That's sound fit perfectry in rainy season!
♪Let's sing in the rain~♪

Hotel info by Ayatsuki


The place in Shibuya and Roppongi which is helpful in secret.

I recomend you that there is an entrance which is not easily to find you.
Taxe fare approx 2,000yen or 3,000yen for one way.
Why don't you take a shower before the mistress will arriving there?

【◆P&A plaza hotel in Shibuya】
Rest for 2 hours / 5,600yen~
Free time from 6am ~ 5pm.

It looks like a luxury space and a bit famous to equip a pool inside the room.
And then thare are many costumes for lending (there is a charge).
LaSiora also could borrow some costumes but you should choice sometimes and try another types of outfit,is it good idea,see?


【◆Roppongi plaza hotel】
Rest for 3 hours / 6,500yen

This hotels is rare to find it cause of there is 6th floors inside of a pinball saloon.


Gallery of Akiho part 2

We have updated Akiho's Gallery 2.
We take the photos at medical room in [ S3studio] .

We got a news about the room.
The medical room will be close during one or two months!
You had better hurry if you'd like to use the room!
And a new room will be made.We shall see how I do!

Click Here![ Akiho * gallery 2]

Mao's Garalley has been undated!

Part one is male address to a women.
The women write a responce in part two.
Click here!!We Japan has[ Kigo ] and we could find which season was written it.

That men sent a letter her in spring,But she responce that in begining of Summer.
Women being a cold,and it's a one of the sadistic acts irritate,,
You might feel she is far away.

The poesy was written by [ Akiko Yosano ].
This poem was written about a woman's sexual.
What a beautiful it is.
However, it was written in the times when it wasn't thought that a woman expressed them self and sexual love.so people was shocking, and it seems to have been the thing which was hard to be accepted.

disordered black hair as heart is confused.

Next pesy.
[ Kanoko Okamoto ]wrote.
If people now adays saying,It's like,"I don't need a chance to succeed.weak and beautifully,I don't care even i am nature intended."
I understand this beautifully weakly is about a heart, but there will be a meaning else.
I can't explain how deep this poem by such a this simple explanation.

It's hard to write and explain about such kind of this poem and I have no time to look over a dictiionary,you know.
I asked to Angelica to translate today's my blog.
It's not just english,It's hard to figure out old-Japanese.
Oh god,There is so many difficult things around me!!


lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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