Domina schedules

New baby domina "Bigyoku" schdules has fixed.
Wed,Thu,Sat and Sun from 2pm to Last

We also has changed the time schedules for phone line and eariest time session.
Open to closed / 1pm to 10:30pm
Eariest appointment from 1pm (meeting time should be 1:10pm around).

Please refer to below;

Thank you!

Akiha.T and Tamaki at Party tonight...!!


Any time now open one of fetish event at tonight,Our domina Akiha.T and Tamaki are in on there.

Rather and Rabber dress code like basic fetish style fasion additionly,Japanese-Style is theme tonight also.
This party is near by Hanazono-jinjya.
You can feel a nice emotion at to and form,don't you?

It's time to get crazy.
Shall we get going?


Reschedule of LaSiora.

We've rescheduled the phone line from today and reservation from July.
1pm - 10:30pm for 7 days a week

Call : 03-6380-6568 / From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568

Session Appointment
1pm - Last session starts around 10:00pm or later

Besides some dominas has changed schedules.

Sun,Mon,Thu : 1pm to last
Sat : 5pm to last

Sat : 1pm to 9pm
Mon : 3pm to 10pm

Tue,Fri : 1pm to last if you make a appointment by the day before.
On current day : 2pm to last

Sun : 1pm to 11:30pm
**For Tueesday,itmight be possible depends on the week.
InJuly 7th & 21st : 1pm to 11:30pm

Ayatsuki has came back from long vacation!
She is available from 1st of July.
Wed,Fri,Sat : 1pm to 8:30pm

Be sure to look at your schedule books!

Baby Domina " Bigyoku "

New baby domina "Bigyoku" that the name meaning of clear-skin and slender nice legs and looks healthy also pure and brightly lady.
She is available to watch and learn observation during your session that is for free.
We would appreciate if you could kind cooperation.

Bigyoku schedules as below;
1st of July (Wed)14:00-Last

She might be debut after joined some session of senio dominas so we will be inform soon.

She really likes lingeries that this is a collection of her!She said it's going to be great that I'm getting chance to wear them from now on!

Domina Mao gallery part 1 "Dear Mao"

We have updated gallery part 1 of Domina Mao"Dear Mao."

We challenged it unusual type of gallery because we had a lot of the best pictures of Mao having on Japanease-kimono.
The gallery is for romantic and fantasist slaves.
But we have not make English sentence on the pictures.
We are sorry,we see to prevent the souring of Japanease atmosphere.

The title is "Dear Mao"
It's a male-to-female love letter,wrriten in Japanease old-fashioned word.

"Dear Mao,
Coming of spring,I hope you are all well.
Do you remember?You took me by the hand,as simple as a child...
I was not able to touch your hand as the years rolled by...
I'm tugged by memories of your hand.
Best Wishes"

Next we make to rider a poesy with pictuers.
The poesy was wrriten by [ Takuboku Ishikawa ].
It's a old Japanease and lovely phrase,wistful and sweet poem.

"I was not able to have a chance to tell you something important at the time.
It is staying in my heart,still feel the same."

The poesy is writen by "Takuboku Ishikawa" also,smoothie Japanease and in the profound sense.

"Snow-white lampshade is having defect.The defect is inexpungible.
I am not able to erase memories also,like the snow-white lampshade."

Be continued...Japanease strong fetishism is expressed in part 2.

Click Here![Mao gallery part1 : Dear Mao ]

Canopy bed by Shinju

I recomend you to use early time the hotel "Bagus" which is stay-time from 11pm.
Canopybed space has good atmosphere and not so narrow,might have known that something would it is possible to hang,there is stiff pole!

Everyone watching you.

You were forced to open your legs,mouth by restraints and Japanese rope bondage so let's get start slave training.
Oh my...can see ***** clearly.
You ready accept my torture XXXX and @@@ when you lie sprawled.
I know you'd act a shamefaced but you're feeling delicate points are sooo sensitive.Why?
because,it getting the horn appearing your D....
What a bad boy!
Let's me think,I'll give you more discipline
Be sure to following me.

You'll have got my color of my own.
It's going to be great!

【Hotel Bagus #401】


trash bag and pet`s pad

Hello- My name is Miss K. I am a new reception staff at La siora!
I have so many friends of freaks like a drugqueens, tranies, and kinky slaves,,etc,,,so I already have seen pretty much all about taboo & wired world enough. But Enough is not enough, my new exprience in here looks just like one of normal day chatting with girls. Since I have never experienced as a domina before, sometime i get confused and shocked by domina girls`s habits.
Today,when one domina girls was preparering for session, she was holding bunch of black trash bags and pet`s pads. I was just wondering `hummm, what are those for? is she gonna do play with puppy??` ` Is she gonna put her slave in trash bag and throw away on the street?? ` ( that`s odd huh??) I could not resist to ask her what those are for. what do you guys think??
answer is

These items are for keeping clean your play room!!!
Some play might need a lots of lotion and some other liquid STUFF might spread over the room.
Trash bags will keep clean play room and pet`s pad will absorb water and liquid!
How cleaver is that?? just wrap your trash bags and throw away after your play, Nobody will never notice that you had been whipped! Maybe you can try this at home and even at office??(Wow!)
SM is deep and smart. I am getting learning new ideas and habits from domina girls.
I will keep updating more stuff when I see.

Okay, see you next time! Have a safe and CLEAN play guys!

Miss K

Gallery New pics are UP! Casual lunch meeting

Here are some new pics from lunch meeting last month!
Everbody seems really exciting mood because the special event was coming up. We were talking about from event`s costume to reguler work. It was raining little bit during the lunch even we were sitting at terrace, But we all had fabulous casual lunch in the afternoon.
We were joking around each other and laughing a lot. You can sneak out some domina`s real face.:) Do you love it?

Click Here![ Lunch Meeting May2009]


Do you know the area "Human animal roll play"?
It seems that meaning of a person who handle a human such as an animals and then to feel horny for sexual taste.
Is it easy to imagine that like a dog-training,horse and pig-play?
In Western culture,it's usual that pull ahead while standing than riding on slave back by on all fours.
I and domina Nana have talked pony-session that sooo nice and pleasure!
Nana also has experence horse riding,I hold admiration for her.
She is looking for an anal plug with horse and pig tails.
I think it must be cute hip!
Meanwhile,I am looking for head harness for pony.
I've serched from Nana told me that thare are some small one for especially for ladies.
Let's see,,,should I buy it or...??

Btw,here it is!
Cute one,isn't it?
We LaSiora has prepared head harness for horse.
Pink bar on my chin that called in Japanese "Hami"
You chew it!
So pretty both sides blindfold.

You want to try it?
You could be attractive pony.
You should order for head harness to our reception staff.
By Claire


Pics updated for baby domina Kouki.


She has fair-skinned and long black hairs with clear-cut features.
Combined slender figure also looks like a stately such as a domina and mature lady.

She has experience for BDSM so possible to have a session soon,but we still accept Mistress KOUKI visit and join your session interval her own appointment

【Kouki * Index】

Add pics of Ruiko!

Domina Ruiko bacame regular domina!
It must be a potential great mistress due to wealthy sensitivity,pure curiosity and so young.
She has already huge funs and some members who might be stuck on her attractive as soon as spending time more with Ruiko.

After 22nd reservation,she will completely become a regular midtress therefore it'll be 2,000yen for nomination fee of Ruiko.
(But if you never had a session before with the domina and you are in 20minutes area from our office that not necessary to prepare for nomination fee.)

We've updated to add 3 pics of last party event.
It maybe was getting a little by little nwe costumes that could to take more pictures again.
Thatwould be make you satisfactory to read her blog (Japanese text only).

Ruiko profile here:
【Ruiko * index】

S3 studio & session-photography

Do you want to take some pictures your figures or at the moment of your session?
We are requested from members sometimes.

Some request was needed that such as pro-photographer "Murasaki" to prepare equipment and materials for real shooting.

In that case,please ask us in advance on the phone or by the e-mail that there is necesay to have a consultation and might be add option fee.
We've recieved just a little while ago to ask for real photo-session at S3 studio.

The place a bit far from the shaded area is not necessary taxi fare.(on the our web-site indicate).
To some degree we need to keep the time to move between each places before or after your appointment that appreciate to ask us in advence.

All room is 20% off costs until end of June.
Also they offer 20%off ticket for next time when you using.

【S3 studio】

Schedules info of Ruiko&Murasaki.

Modified schedules for Ruiko and Murasaki in this week.

For Ruiko (irregular) / 17th (Wed) from 4pm to 9:30pm
*She is able to meet you between 4pm to 6:30pm cause of already booked by the 7pm.
Also Ruiko will coming on 21st (Sun) from 4pm to 10:30pm instead of off on this Saturday (20th).

For Murasaki / 17th (Wed) from 7pm to 11pm,the day is a bit short schedule but you could meet her on next day 18th (Thu) from 2pm to 11pm.(irregular)

Please ask to reception staff more details!

Updated gallery "Shinju festivel"2

We've updated continuing Shinju festival.
It was sooo delightful night and amazing that everyone,domians and slaves made knot perfectly.
We are realized we have totally awesome members.
In daily,not so stay together but prostrated ourself in time of need solidification and going thier way.
And so more appreciate to join this party from another clubs.
Thank you for coming all the way.

We would appreciate to make greatly good relationship.

Click here!![ Shinju Festivel 2 ]

Updated gallery "Shinju festivel"1

We and slaves have planned behind closed doors to make surprise party for Shinju 7th anniversary and birthday.
It was unexpected to gathered 40 people.
So sorry it's not able to contact in advance cause of couldn't reach your address,phone number.
Domina Mao took charge of to pick her up to the secret place and a bit hard work to put eye-mask on Shinju's face.
Mao:"Anyway,come over,following with me!"

She was blindfold and caucious to enter the take a seat room and take a seat.
Check them out on the gallery!

Click here![ Shinju Festival 1 ]

The Party By Domina Claire

Domina Claire writes about the party of 6th June on her blog.
[ Claire * Blog ]
As well,the party got a favorable reception!
So the party is held again on 7th Nov.!


We held a party "Alice & Queen Wonder Night Party" last Saturday.
It was super fun night, you know.

There are our dominas.
*the upper row left hand side;
Koki, Mao, Tamaki, Ayatsuki, Akiha.T, Mai

*The lower row left hand side;
Ruiko, Claire, Nana, Murasaki, Shinju, Akiho, Rino

Lady Gaga appeared Japanese TV program in this morning.
She talked about fashion and dressup mind.
It was very interesting for me.

She said "It's idea. I wear inexpensive stuffs, even hairstyle."
And her hairstyle is inspired Hello Kitty.
I'm familiar with her immidiately. Am I too simple minded?

Anyway we all love party, fashion and fun.
Come on girls! Be edgy!

By Claire


Gallery updated!Birth of [ M-lin★Rouge ]?

This is continuing from last time updated for "Alice and Queen's Wonder Night Party" that dominas have unforeseen digressed during the photography.
In situations slaves tried to make funny story and dancing for dominas, also Rie called to slaves [Masochist-lin★Rouge]=[M-lin★Rouge] to dance "CanCan" and then they've performed in festival of domina Shinju anniversary.

By started for Shinju event that to hold them up to ridicule...oh no,to perform CanCan necessity.

We will have updated from now on for Shinju festival and last party pics!
Check their growing-progress!

Dominas were really in a good mood than slaves(!!).
↓Click here!!
[ Accident during shooting 2 ]

Practice!Practice! by Claire

Do you love to leave your entire body to domina?
Have you tried it before?

That'll involve an accident if could't see for general so we sure to concentrate seriously in everytime.
But unfortunately,a bit hard to hang you enough in a usual fashion hotels.
I think slaves a little bit anxious no matter how using head-jamb and beams.
Everyone want to take a relief surrounding,don't you think so?

Then I've visited at the facility to practice for hanging.
Possible to do upside and downward.

If the space has limited that is not enough to do variety method,example only the way for open your legs hanging style or single leg hanging...
Of course I really like them but surely want to do more during my session.

It is pendent completely.
I'm goint to make stimulate and provoke.
By this time next meeting with me you could have forgotten cause of too exciting.

→【Theater CLAIRE】←


New baby domina "Kouki"

We have welcomed new domina Kouki.

Have you met her in the party at last weekend?
She has fair-skinned and long black hairs with clear-cut features.
Combined slender figure also looks like a stately such as a domina and mature lady.

Kouki who has experience for BDSM but it is necessary to settle into our club first.
We could offer you for session observation with our dominas apointment on this Sunday (14th).
Please ask yo our reception staff the schedules.
(To check hygiene skills and Kinbaku sklills has already done.)

For schedules on 14th (Sun) & 16th (Tue) from 2pm to 11pm.
(depending the week for Tuesdays,ask us.)

Updated! "Accident during shooting part1"

Durling a shooting or durling a meeting, or between a event ,what else...
When we on that situation,some of our customer helping us out.
And on that time,They and our domina starting to play for no reason at all.
At the offstage of LaSiora,we often see this little sexy spectacle. ulala~~

We caught a play scene durling one of shooting!

Here is a scene what we saw part one.
And we should post this part 2 on tomorrow .

Hope you all enjoy this and join oneday.haha.

Click here!![ Accident during shooting part1 ]

Thank you for joining Alice and Queen's Wonder Night Party on last Saturday.

Thank you for joining Alice and Queen's Wonder Night Party on last Saterday.

Did you spend an evening enjoying on the night?
The party was fashionable and fun!
Of course,our domina did a dressed up!
We will update the image on gallery of our website in a few days!

Image today "Alice and Queen's Wonder Night Party "@ Tramp room on 6th June.
From left to right in the front row
Ruiko / Claire / Nana / Murasaki / Shinju / Lino
From left to right in the rear rank
Kohki(Baby Domina)/ Mao / Tamaki / Ayatsuki / Akiha.T / Mai

Emi was not in!
She had a book next day,so she came back home.
We will be update her image in a few days.

Schedules info of Ayatsuki&Lino

Domina Ayatsuki has decided to take a vacations until the end of June.
For domina Lino is available until 20th of June after that she will be take a month or 2 months vacations.

Recent days, dominas have tight schedules that on this occasion they might be trying to learn something,refresh by themselves or to tidy up e.g. for session bags because of so many tools stocked.

Some dominas will have take a long vacations regularly in the fure.

Thank you very much for your always supporting us and appreciate it.

Schedules on this weekends of LaSiora.

It's party tomorow night.
We are off on 6th and 7th due to event and refresh vacation.
Acceptable for only inquiry by e-mail in english on 7th.(6th is completely closed,sorry!)
For reservations are available from 8th (Mon).
**We are sorry for inconvenient but we're going to enjoy the party instead of you!!**

Please check it the programs came out on the blog ;
【Alice and Queen's blog】

It must be wonderful night that many performers will have gathered from 【La Siora】 / 【mode et Baroque】 in Roppongi / 【Pink★Crystal】 in Shinjuku.

And show dancer "Tamayo" she is going to fascinated with real perform "CanCan".
Can't wait!!
Do you got a ticket already?
If no,this is not available reserve in advance but you could buy it by entrance-fees on the day.
Please ask more details here;
【Baby doll】 in Harajuku

Please ask on current day below;
03-5489-2587(until 9pm)
1-12-14 Hoshi building,Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Phone is available after 9pm on surrent day;

New sandals by Claire

It has come summer season!

Back style has so many bright decorations.
Sounds cool!
Dressed up from below dressed up.
I am always wearing these one recently.This is not become a humid but enjoyable flavor of my feet,toes and heels.

And I could give you feet worship during putting these on.
Get down on your knees ,and kiss my sandals by submissiveness.

But I've been clean up when I get back home.
Because I love to keep for a long long time when I stuck in pretty tools and slave,too.

【Theater Claire * Domina Claire】


Hotel info by Emi

There is looks like SM atomosphere additionally possible to lend a lot of costumes!
First time to visit there that I 've heard to finish rebuild for VIP room recently.

There are many costumes at left side of front desk.Sounds great all of costumes for free!
Don't be hesitate to choice them!

This is a way to the VIP space.It looks like a inside of space shuttle.

Then,open the door,living space which is large space in Western style.
High ceiling,is possible to enjoy the snake whips.


There are 2 double beds a curtain in the back.
I enjoyed face-sitting and smothering session.
Addition,electronic machine (called in Japanese "Denma") put it in by the bed.

And!one more space in the back.Looks Japanese style that possibility to hang you.
Unfortunately,my slave has a bit problems on his back so I did paying attension carefully then enjoyed only hang a part of body of my slave.

I was surprised cause of so large space that I felt pleasure water touture which is my own boom.
Btw,my feedback to use this area was enjoyed enough space and variety of things to do possible.
I think a bit higher than Kabukicho normal hotels but I really recomend you.

VIP space / 9,000yen for rest time.
It might be a taxi fare around minimum charge.


For Maya schedules.

We've announced when mistress Maya has joined before,she will have taken a holidays around the end of June due to main works in Australia.
But she needs to take a holiday one more additionally from this week.
Also it might be not attend on the party 6th event.
We are sorry that looking forward to meet with Maya on the party and session.

After this schedules of Maya that we will notice on the web-site or thie blog as soon as we get her stable schedules from Maya.
She might be having sometimes urgent business trip,so it will be suited to main works for LaSiora schedules.

Wait for a while for Maya,she said she wanted to meet again with members.I am sooo regretful right now.
Maya's blog is going to update a little by little but continuing by her own pace.

We are going to more reinforce hygiene by her cooperation because she works in Australia for counselor including hygienic knowledge.

Some dominas are interesting about BDSM of Australia after Maya joined our club.
We've got motivation from Maya!

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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