stepped-up measure

Public health,We pay very careful attention this.
Of cause swine flu meansures too.
On this,We asking to all of our customers kind coopertion,thank you for your understanding.

We domina and staff are required to wash them hands and disinfect and gargle before into the office.
And,Not only a domina, We asking to visiters of company to cooperate.

We may asking you all cutomer that wash your hands and gargle at the moement when check in to your hotel.
We appriciate your understanding very much.

We originally in the habit to washing hands and gargle.
But sometimes we take that noncommittal at the busy time.. ;(

This is what we want to thoroughgoing habit so, this is good opportunity for us too.

New toy by Shinju

I got new toy (this meant not new slave,,,,just kidding).
It is a kinf of bite-gag.

I want to put it on your mouth by my authority,that's good thing with collars,too!
And look at me on all fours.
You could be so cute dog!

Increasing number of gag-collection from now on.
Which is your favorite one?
By Shinju


Japanese rope-bondage.By Domina Murasaki and Akiha.T

Japanese rope-bondage.By Domina Murasaki

Place in Shimo-ochiai that it takes about 30minutes from Shinjuku area.
The hotel called "Takemine".Sounds Japanese style of fashion hotel that I really to recomend you so amazing place for me.
The located in narrow street that is not looks like a fashion hotel.
There is a traditional Japanese restaurant in front of theat hotel which connected opposite side.

This is B-rank/rest for 3 hours :8,000yen.
Wide space and reasonable with 10~12 tatami mats.Also bed room has 6 tatami mats.
It is really good atomosphere and space!

View of living space.

This is bedroom,it is so clean isn't it?

Bathroom as well,so wide!

The beam was made stiff and large that possible to hang,to leave you here,and good thing due to stone carpet so it must be torture if you on the knees.

I've never seen before like this facility (wide&stiff equipments),additionally,I think high quality and reasonable style is rare.

As I said that traditional Japanese restaurant could serving to bring room directly.

【Hotel * Takemine】 by Murasaki

I think Kinbaku based on how get along together to tie you up.
Sling up based on the place,with whom there are some conditions necessary I think.
It takes a taxi fare around minimum the hotel called "bagus"# 305.

Not so wide space but canopy in there.

Possible to hang you up.

You float by my Kinbaku like pic.

Open your legs...

And upside and downwards..

During tie your body,in progress,the slave be silent and leave himself to my rope-bondage.
Spending time with only breath each other and to feel sence like a silent talk.
But I've realized the boy of slave still exciting.
I am also same feeling you were so good boy...

More details?
Check it on my blog;◆【Hotel *Bagus#305 】By Akiha.T

My health and safety medical fetish! by Domina Maya

In La Siora,our dominas have looked after your and our health meticulously.
Domina Maya is professional of sanitary supervision,so our dominas are able to learn much about hygiene control more perfect from her.

We and our skave must to look straight our health.
Domina Maya wrrites about it on her blog.

Click here!![Maya Blog * My health and safety medical fetish! ]

Autoclave is appeared in her blog.
We substitute a pressure cooker for a autoclave.But we are sending up for it.

We have conducted lecture class on health and safety protection regularly.
Healthcare practitioner have helped us.
So we are able to keep a grip on motivation of hygienic concept.
We will be conduct the lecture within days.

In La Siora,our dominas have a requirement of health checkup one times for four month.
*Health checkup-hepatitis screening,HVV...etc..
We'd like to join a session with you having a sense of security.

Domina Murasaki irregular schedules info.


She is available on tomorrow and next Friday 29th,on Wednesdays also possible as a regular.

Refer to below:
23rd (Sat) from 2pm to 8pm
29th (Fri) from 3:30pm to 11pm
Regular on Wed / from 2pm to 11pm

Haven't you met her before?Never?
Oh, what a poor boy...
Don't missed the chance on weekend!

the Mmoulin★Rouge dancer recruitment By AKIHO

We let our slaves dance, in "Alice and Queen's Wonder Night Party -vol.2-" performed on Saturday, June 6.

I work out the lineup of the dance now.

The fascinating night theme is "fetish cancan".

At the festival that we celebrated a mistress Shinju,the other day,Our slaves formed cancan dance team "Mmoulin★Rouge ".
We want to add a new member to the team.
If you are the slave thinking that
"I deserve to be a member", apply for a member.
And dance and be humiliated.
With a comment function, please apply.

However, you receive severe training from us. Please consider it well.

"This event is not a one-night stand.It is held many times"Mistress Rie who is Principal of mistress school said.

Therefore we hope dancers to play an active part ?for a long period.

Let's dance happily, scandalously.

In addition, we are recruiting the M performers pleasing a guest.
A person of woman's disguise performed a striptease last time.

How? Are you interested??

You do not need to be shy.
AKIHO recalls your unexploited talent.

Let's cancan♪


S3 studio -Medical Room- By Akiho

My Session gallery has been updated.
Did you already check my new session galarey??

When I was a little I really wanted to be a doctor...
But,I noticed that proposed it out of impure motives though I was only a child.

Now.It's time about "medical room from delusions (Part 1)".
If you have not check this yet,please check this out.

Buhhh,after you check this.... Your condition may turned for the worse.hehe


This studio is medical D room at S3studio which we high frequency of use for photo shooting.
This studio has 4 types of room so, If you haven't been here yet,you should have a session in here.

Patient model Mr.Y who shooted with me,
He is getting along well with me since I started domina.
(Thank you verymuch Mr,Y. You're disease is worse kinky sick.)


Medical Play is tickled my feel even just goods.
I love a that cold feel of material about medical stainless steal.
When I just taking that in my hand,my feel is so excite.

And patient can't move in my check up..
I check my patient's body from top to bottom because I need to grasp a all about patieant.

And Palpate.
Make sure a emperature,shape and feel of body.
sometimes I insert my fingers to inside of patient's body and test reaction


Can you stand this strong stimulation for this part or not?
You seem your feel comftable by alian substance.
How does it?

Say louder again.I can't hear you like that small birds voice.
You have to tell me about reaction that what's happend on your body .

Patient who can't resist was watching and measurement by me and i play with it.

You can't not say anything and must to obey what's your docter saying.
This is just a medical examination so..

Im so lived it up this situation of medical play.
Because I was in those picture with mean smile.But I like that.
Am I smiling always like that when i in session with you?



Kinbaku in Hotel by Akiha.T

I'm so hungry for KINBAKU lately.

Kinbaku,it mean is stop you move but also mean as hugging you..

When I was just learned kinbaku(hung up),I was looking for someone who could be my guinea pig and hung up everyday.hahaha
These months or week,I am interesting in another play too but this topic should be another day.

Today,I introduce you all about one of hotel around kabukicho-area "New Elegance".

This hotel,New Elegance has some room able to hook up and I recommend a room 305 today.

Room 305.
This room has a beamed celling that you already noticed so...

It means...we can hung up.
This is what i wanted!

And this pic is I tied up he with a rope actual.

It's almost able to hang up also,I guess.

And price is pretty cheap besides.
When you want to hang up in session sometimes.. What about we make it on toghether?

By Akiha.T
Translator : Angelica

Gallery of Domina Akiho

We've upload gallery of Akiho pictures at S3 shooting studio D-room in Shinjuku 2-chome.
Look at the URL;
【Gallery * Akiho】 or 【Main menu】

Other pictures has upload at another room in S3stuio.
This place is possible to walk from our office that useful for photography!!

In March and Jun studio fee is 20% discount!
【S3 studio * web site】

New reception staff


We've got new reception staff who is Koren,she's been learning reception work also english till now.
She regulally work here on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 pm to 6pm
With senior receptionist Hiromi.

We receive comparatively smooth that sign up if you are not a member of LaSiora yet or to look at the our dominas album before your making reservation on both days and time.

Please feel welcome to ask,call us without hesitation anytime.
We for sure happy to assist you on the other days,too!!

Thanks a lot!

**The picture is different staff one.**

Workshop by Domina Shinju and Murasaki


Domina Shinju and Murasaki held a workshop of "make-up for diva"to our dominas on 13th,Wednesday.

All of the dominas who came to the workshop had interest in gender change session.
Domina Maya,Tamaki and Akiha.T,Claire and Mao,they attended the workshop.

There were the dominas who wanted to attend elsewhere,
but thier schedules was really tight that it was not able to permit to attend in this time.
They hope to take place like same one in near future,so Shinju and Murasaki will have hold it once again.

Our dominas,they expect holding the workshop of Japanease bondage also.
We have some good rope-artists.
Akiha.T has much skill and her Japanease bondage is artistic.
Shinju and Murasaki are disciple of brilliant Japanease bondage artist and they have a name of Japanease Bondage artist.

Our dominas have a great deal of curiosity!

New image of Domina Claire

We have updated new image of Domina Claire.
She is always in fashion.
She has a cute face,but...sadistic lady!

Click here![ Claire * Image ]

Japanese blog of Maya!

We have made a blog in Japanese of domina Maya.
She could to write and read in Japanese also speaks fluently,no problems to communicate,that's perfect!
But for Maya,it seems that it's hard a bit to translate by especially the nuances Japanese expression.
That's why we reception staff wil have tried to update in Japanese blog for Maya.
It is really interesting for us that how express is the best words or easy to make an appeal to reader's mind.This time translated by Angelica of LaSiora receptionist.

We Japanese are not good at touch to english,as we know some our dominas as well.
A session would be stimulate through the other cultures but it's a kind of feel anxious,isn't it?
Then we recomend you to meet with 2 dominas.
*English speaking dominas;
Native : Maya
Fluently : Lino
Good : Claire Akiho Nana

Some dominas they have wonderful communication skills also huge funs,too.
But in their mind,,,,
Want to conversation and cross feeling each other.
Imagine,what happens in the world if we were have only one language??

Domina Maya Blog
[ Domina Maya Blog * Japaneae ]
[ Domina Maya Blog * English ]

Hotel info by Claire

This is most cheepest hotel in Kabukicho,the cost is 3,500yen till 3hours.
But there are two cane-chairs,the other room has a couch....
I 've been getting imaginations with varied thought!
This kind of mood such as 80's drama.

Unfortunately,it doesn't work a bit A/C and music sounds system.
In other words it must be ring through your breath,heartbeat and making sounds by Claire.
There is Tatami style and bed style in #401.

Tatami looks like a Japanese-style atomosphere in front of bed room.

A sliding door above has a beam which is possible to do simple hang.

We've tried hang down each other but it sounds durable.

◆New elegance #401 by Claire

Hotels info in Kabukicho Shinjuku!

Image of today is "Cherry blossom viewing 2009".


One of fashion hotel for humiliation area by Lino.
◆Hotel Excellent #203
Basic cost on weekdays / 5,900yen for 3 hours
on weekends (national holidays) / 7,300yen for for 3 hours
*In 2 hours is 4,300yen for all of rooms
Sounds inexpensive!

This area is minimum charge from meeting spot by Shinju.
◆I found it for hanging space.
Here is overcanopy which is made by real woods,a little bit lean space.
Cost is 6,500yen approximetely.

【Theater-U-La-Siora * 『BAGUS』】l

Translator : Hiromi

Kinky Flasher Bitch 2 By Ayatsuki

This is Continued from the [ Kinky Flasher Bitch 1 ]
Hope you guys Enjoy.

Translator : Angelica

Kinky Flasher Bitch 2 By Ayatsuki

My abnormal bizarre character.
It turn to mild little by little after I became a officelady.
While working weekday,I have started working in SM club for just out of curiosity.

Just When I started, I just played with them being impertinent.
But i have chatted with them little by little,I finally learnt feelings of kinky.

Some of them, there is a person who can get sexual excited only in that act.
Rather than, there were a lot of people who were able to put out the true self only by the act.
What a social plessure.

I'm the one who were thinking "boy is bull sh*t"
but passed age little by little,my mind has changed just these years.
Like,even boys are bull shit,but they are docile as a human being.

I know this is irronical but I have to say
my mind was twisted by kinky and
that kinky made my mind sensibility.

So,it mean is I've been living with them almost of my life.

Or rather personally kinky I am.
And besides same as them as
"An act of kinky,It's the only way I could find what I am."
This psychological analyse might be truth.

"The kinky flasher bitch"is early whom stay on my mind also kinky's mind.

Thank you, kinky flasher bitch.
You are a just bull shit but hustle to living.

Everytime Bitch say,
Be obedient, What else could make me happy?

Someone was strugging and desire to runaway from being kinky.
You may escape,You may face each other from kinky.
Whatever.It's your state of things.
Because This is your irreplaceble life.

But only I can say
Kinky..it's not so bad.That's it.

On the contrary,It's a special when you compare with normal.
But, It should be your special plesure,I think.

Just because We live our life only once.
Why don't you live it up??

Left that words,
Kinky flasher bitch flew away to the sky for looking for his mommy.

Adios, My beloved Bitch.

New image of Domina Tamaki and Blog of Domina Maya

We have updated new image of Domina Tamaki.
She is young 21 years old,but she is a domina who cannot be ignored.

Click here!![ Domina Tamaki * image ]
Click here!![ Domina Tamaki * Blog inJapanease ]

We will update new image of Domina Maya also in a few days.
She has smarts,both charm and talent.
You are able to know her on her blog.
Maya alreday started her blog and she writes it in English.

Click here!![ Domina Maya * Blog in English ]


Kinky flasher bitch1 By Ayatsuki

DSC_0061 (2)

Haven't we introduced you all about Domina Ayatsuki's writer talent and sence of drawing and her fabulous opinion?
If she could speaks english, We bet you must crazy about her.
Well, today we post her lately intresting article.

Domina Ayatsyuki's work & English Blog til today
[ "Gathering Shoguns" ]
[ By hearsay... ]
[ This is gloves fetishist ]
[ Ayatsuki's picture ]
[ Domina Ayatsuki's Blog ]

Translator : Angelica


Kinky flasher bitch By Ayatsuki

Have I ever told this story before?

I'm easily to forget like an Alzheimer's disease that I say same thing manytimes.
Sweet aporogize.

Since when I was a child,I have encountered so many kinky flasher.
If I say "get used them"sounds wired,but I'm too get used them raher than I feel cross them.

They were...yes, They were frequrent show them self up like this fine and warm wether.
cherry blossom gone instead new sowl began to bud,
spring glory, exactlly this season.

For example.
On entrance ceremony.
The way I get home with refreshed ,Kinky was in the dark.

On activities.
When I was running around my school,kinky was musterbated with looked at gym kit.

On the way home from school.
One guy asked me a direction then i get closer to his car.Finally I saw there was a kinky sitting driving seat with naked lower body actually.

Why are men wants to show them own thing up to me.
Text book never taught me.
Of cause adult never taught me either.

If them excited just show up is okay yet
(oh noooo, it's public indecency. )
But when I was a child,I attemped kid napping by an adult men,
One men was trying to snathed me to his car.
So if you have a sweet daughter small yet, you should carefully when her way on the private school more than the way to school and home.

But nothing happend on me ever because of luck was always on my side.
Inaddition I run really fast from a trouble.
You should watch your daughter seriouslly so.

By the way,back to that we were talking.
I'm the one who got used a kinky from i was a kid.
This experiences taught me to know what a mens erectioned thing perfectlly.

The age of puberty, my stance was above mentiond so,
before I fail in love with someone,these experiences made my mind like,,,
"Boy is bull sh*t"

This thought never changed even I grew up an adult,
even became working member society.

This is why I was so stricted to a men who closes me,
Use violent language to a men who coudn't escaute.
Treat them like a gopher,beat and kick with no excuses.
Especially "slapped"and "kicked crotch"and "forced smell"on purpose.
I did so many things to do a men..
Looking back in the days,I did such a exorbitant things..

Such a kind of people example me,
my love expression is distortedly also.
"You can drink my golden-shower,if you like me,don't you?"
"Of cause you can eat my copharagy,hun?"
said something bizarre utterance.

Go further,I have had a strong monopolistic desires so
I said to my boyfriend
"I'm gonna stab you If you cheated on me" something like that.
Yes,I know I am Narural born bizarre girl friend.

But Im still wonderling why didn't they run away from me. haha..

However,Kinky was influence of under my character building.

Are you doubt me that such of my character is not reason of kinky, just my problem by nature?
Huh,who knows.

(to be continue..)

New image of Domina Akiha.T

We have updated new image of Domina Akiha.T.
Click here!![ Akiha.T * Image ]

We made updated a lot of nice and a true face of Akiha.T.
Because photographer is Domina Murasaki in this time.
She knows about Akiha.T very well,so Akiha.T is able to express her identity as a domina.

Akiha.T has a lot of repeat slaves.
Her thought is with a flexible mind everytime.


lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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