Renew pix...Akiho!

Been in long vacation Akiho, She has been enegetically to working anotherelse what she likes and trip ablaod.
We renewal her profile pictures.
You could felt her infinity charm from her many expression in those pix.

She back to LaSiora then start session from 27th Apr,
but after she came back she will on work fourth a week.

Click here!![ Akiho * New image]

Cherry blossom viewing by Lino

Hi!!I carry a quotation from[Lino * Blog].
She written her blog in English.


Cherry blossom viewing

It is getting warmer in Tokyo these days and I feel spring is almost here.
Speaking of spring, Japanese people think of the cherry blossom viewing.
The flowers start blooming at this time of the year. Many peopel go out for
the cherry blossom veiwing and enjoy eating and drinking (like a picnic)
under cherry trees in full bloom , called "hanami", one of the popular our costoms.

If you are staying in Japan at this time, you must go and see the incredibly pretty flowers.
I hope we are having a good weather while cherry trees in full blossom.

What Moved My Heart * Claire Blog

Domina Claire returned to Japan from London and she come La Siora from today.
She has a lot of spark!

She written her blog in English on 26th March.
I carry a quotation from[ Claire * Blog ].


What Moved My Heart

Today I went to see mummies and tried to learn how to mummificate well on right way.
Maybe there is nothing "right" way, but I knew basic and standard way.

And of course there are many anciant Egyptian statues and more.
I'm interested in that kind of Egyptian god and strange animals like that has human face, big wing and horse body.

Greece collections were also beautiful.
Many statues and architects attracted me.
I've never been there, but I'd like to go someday.
Did you watch the movie "Manma Mia"?
I don't yet, but I know it filmed there and must be beautiful movie.

To say "Manma Mia", I enjoyed a musical "Priscilla" also.
It's an old queer road movie about drag queen in Australia.
It was fabulous! I really enjoyed it.

There are gorgeous and crazy costumes, nice dancers, a plenty of fun, dance musics, and even love!
And they're very positive and never give up! That's the best part which spoke to me.

They have some probrems each other, but every guys are wonderful on the stage.
Actually, they play even almost 100,000yen shows sometime!

I love queer things as well, and their costumes always inspire me.
They even dance on koaras and cupcakes costumes! That was so cute.
They sang "I will survive!" That moved my heart at all.
I feel thankful to you. Let's keep going on our way.

Baby domina finally coming out

you can check them on your web site from 29th Sunday finally.
Don't missed to check our new baby domina's pix.
Also experienced domina's photo might be change new one.
Each domina bring a album so that please check them out when you have a session.

She will has independent from next week.
She has already decided to work at 30th Mon,14:00-21:00.
as a day she will decide to her fixed schedule.
Even before she independent,one of our member nominated her twice.
She is young but she has a traditional BDSM ability.

She has done whole training now,she need to see and learn.
She has main occupation that sometime she has not enough time.
Thank you for your cooperate and understanding.
After she independent,she planning to work on friday as a fixed scheedule.

Mistress Shinju's real session

What do you feel you saw this fabulous pic?


This pic by at Mistress Shinju's session.
We don't even know hows this session going,just they know.
But let we show to you all one of session part.


You like it,huh?

Check it out our new connent.

We have had a new contents "special" on english website for english user.
You would like this new contents.

Our SM counseler Mai interviewed to our domina.
After you read this, you will absolutely to know about our domina's thought for SM.

We just update a few article,but We will have up more sooner.
please check it out!!

Special ←click here★

session photos of Lino

Ellegant lady Lino who has joined Lasiora for 3 months in this March.
She has became a favorit session with enthusiasm,trying new contents a little by little
We hope to enjoy the session photo of her first photographing below

session Lino

Session Photo of Nana

This is first time shooting of Nana' pics!
What a pity you cannot see the face in the pics.She's had a session with absolutely enjoy it!

Besides in this time,domina Lino,Ayatsuki,Akiho and Akiha.T,their pics must be update as soon as possible.
Before photographing, but now they don't update yet of Akiho,Claire and Murasaki's pictuers that we are doing edit and then show you on the web near the future.

We've already finished update from last shooting for Lino,Akiha.T and Ayatsuki of profiles,for gallery of Claire and Murasaki,too.

But,to be honest we have so many pics like a playful with each dominas and...??
Also Shinju anniversary.too.
We are going to on special pics for Mao!Additionally two of baby dominas will be challenge in next week for first photo!

Soooo many pics we've keeping and edit,please wait for further info.

This is gallery of Nana↓
[ Session * Nana ]

Session photos of Emi

In last gallery were main sounds for beginners and soft line,take a walk around park or tea-room and the place of hotel space we've shooted using mild atmosphere.
But in this time,it looks completely ''The BDSM''!

We've been taking session-photos still continuing.
At restaurant,hotel,studio and have a dinner or shopping such as daily scene,of course including
generic domina profile and real face during the events something like that.

We want to try to update your most favorite situation pics,so tell us if you have a request!.

This is gallery of domina Emi↓
[ Session * Emi ]

She decided her domina name!

As Ruiko joined LaSiora as same time,we welcomed new comer also.
She decided her neme today finally.
Her name is Jessica, Officelady 21years old.

She is mixed Brazil that you must be attractive on her Passionate eyes.
160cm height,she has experienced modeling also.
Possible to speak standard portuguese.

She was been curious about SM since when she young.
But she have no idea to where she was able to declared that her passion.
On that time she could met a friend who knows La Siora then she finally decided to start her new life with SM.

Today,she done training and starting to free joined session &watch session with experienced domina from next week.
So now,if you think you would like to her join your session with experienced domina,please tell us when you make a reservation.

Thu 14:00-19:00
Fri 14:00-Last
Sun 19:00-Last

Mistress Ruiko has had First Session!

Ruiko,College student 20 years old.

She love SM from bottom of her hert.Her attitude of SM is sincere.
so that experienced domina wonderling to hows she grow up.

She hasn't independ as a domina yet,but she had a first session on yesterday by one of our member requested .
As she has a slaves on her private,she has already her own play tools to please slaves.
Oh yes, there was a pink doggy bowl also ..!!!

When she go out,she seems not nurvous.seems just she wanted to have a fun.
after she had a her first session then she came back with smie.
We hope to her to growing up to soundly.

Next week,we still accept of her join the session with experienced domina also as a visiter.
Inadditional,she will became a INDEPENDENT domina on end of next week to up coming april.

Ruiko's Schedule of Next week

Tue 15:30-21:00
Thr 14:00-21:00
Fri 14:00-19:00

Shinju Festival -7th anniversary and birthday-

At 18th wednesday, we organized a party "Shinju Festival"for Mistress Shinju's 7th anniversary that she be on at LaSiora and her birthday.
She has been domina of ourclub for 7 years even she still maintain on the top.

This Shinju-Festival wasn't notice to her actually...
it means, she doesn't even know what happens going on til today!

We were telling lie to call her "You've got a session on holiday"then when she gets off eleveter with blind,we guided her to chair of center.
Finally she took off her eyemask...she could see there were 40people who would love to celebrate her!!

This festival located at Shibuya TrumpRoom which has a beautiful and gorgeous inside decoration.
Our Domina and our Slaves did a funny show to makes Shinju laughed.
It was really funny tho.

Also we weared funny costume like halloween to tried make Shinju laughed and happy too.

We really laughd a lot and drinked a lot.
It was such a lovely day.
Our club is close nowhere else.

It's hard and struggle to living with a fun everyday.
but we won't lose the effort that enjoy our life!!

Oh yes,Mistress Lino wants to have a party that could chat with many slaves one day.
Don't you think it is sounds great?
Well,I wish to organaize that one day..


New baby domina has joined!

The Newcomer Ruiko whom we introduced you all last week.
Just 3days later that since she joind us,we welcomed new baby domina.

She is 21 years old,haven't decide name yet, alike Ruiko she is also sophisticated.
Also she is Mixed Brazil then grew up in Japan,possible to speak standard portuguese.
But she has regular occupation so we and she is going to be fixed schedules exchange counsel
Could you wait just little longer?

They two start traing from today.
First,trying to hard for Kinbaku for all of baby domians.
The photo is below;

You know we've got a new reception staff,Anjelica also just in the 20 years.
Every newcomer makes like a energetic atmosphere in office!!


Holiday schdule

Our Domina take a vacation in turn during March and April.

Yesterday Nana came back from petit holiday.
Akiho and Claire are during the holiday.
And Mao takes a leave of absence from latter part of this month.

I give out information of their holiday at one time.

21 March(Sat)-29 March (Sun)
26 April (Sun)-2nd May(Sat.)

13 March(Fri.)-26 April(Sun.)

31 March(Tue)-15 April(Wed)

I'd like to take a vacation and be bound for Europe

Shinju's PVC high-heels pic for you!


This is 10cm black PVC high-heels of Shinju.
She has so many costumes,PVC,leather and rubber too.What kind of dress do you like most?

We have got a wonderful view from this angle,don't you think so?

Who is kindergartner?

Our last sunday was relatively busy schedules but had quiet time before income tax report.
It's unhurried schedule,too.

Normally that the domina who doesn't have a time for tea-break,tight schedules dominas they are possible to take a relax time today.
It's preciousness time isn't it?

Mistress Shinju dressed us as a teacher for kids that popular-character in LaSiora kindergarden!

Is it such as a smell-session,see?

SM live show by Akiha T!

La Siora domina Akiha T will join for SM live show at Kabukicho DX theater.
She will have made an aesthetic Kinbaku performance in front of audience there!
Sounds terrific.

Time tables are below;
On 27th of March from 3pm & 7pm.
If you are interested ,please ask our mistresses.
They have flyers
Click here!(Japanease only)[ Kabuki-cho-DX ]

Click here!(Japanease only)[ Kabuki-cho-DX ]

Look! My new gloves.

Domina Lino has updated new info of new gloves on her blog[Lino].

Hello there, how are you doing?

I have got new leather gloves and I am already sooooo excited about using them in my session. They smell and feel great so I am sure leather fetish LOVE them.
Shall I slap your face or cover your mouth with the amazing gloves? Wanna try?

And , let me show you my two more gloves,

these are black lace gloves, look very beautiful and elegant.

the others are PVC long gloves. They are also fabulous.

They are so beautiful and shining!

Which one do you like?

A Schedule of Next Week.

Some domina is no available on next week.
They have own vacance,own bussiness..
Please don't miss understanding for make an appointment.

20th (Fri) Day Off

She's off at 17th(Tue) ,instead she's on at 20th(Fri) PM5 to last.

The cause of trip abrod that she is off until thursday.
She will be back from 20th(Fri).

As we noticed as she took a long vacation that she is off from this week to 21th April.

Thank you very much.

Newcomer " Ruiko "is joined us.


Ruiko, new domina, join us on the coming Sunday.

She is a college student,studies Italian,the youngest"20years old" in our club.
Though she is young but sophisticated and intellectualized.
She was anxious to join La Siora when she was a high school student.
She waited untill she became 20 years old and now she was a member of our club.
Definitely she has no experience to work at BDSM-club.
She got her private slave to practice for session.
She is full of fire and courage now.

You could make her join for free on your session with other domina.
You have a session for single fee with Ruiko and another domina.
Ruiko is training now so she do not have skills and experience.
The followings are her schedule recently.

15(Sun.) 14:00-22:30
17(Tue.) 16:00-21:00
19(Thu.) 15:00-21:00
21(Sat.) 15:00-21:00

We appreciate your cooperation for her growth.
Thank you

La Siora producer RIE

New image!!Domina Lino and Ayatsuki

I have updated images of Domina Lino and Domina Ayatsuki.



Click for more!![ Profile photos : LINO ]

Click for more!![ Profile photos : AYATSUKI ]

They are attractive
I update a new image from now on.
I'm having a lot of nice image.I just can't make a dicision!

One of session pic in Kabuki-cho hotel by Akiho


Akiho said this barred which could be simple open-legs hanging style.
This is well rewarded various way also Tatami karpet that real Japanese style!!

She is going to stuff Tenugui (a kind of traditional towel) into your mouth and tied you up and then Akiho has a view your shameful figure.

New leather costume of Domina Murasaki

Domina Murasaki has updated new info of a new leather costume on the blog[Backstage dressing room of La Siora].

She has received a lot of request of leather costume from our members recently.
She looked for it all the time,but there was only a bad fitting pair of leather costume.
The leather costumes in Japan products have many import goods,so those are too big for almost Japanese women.
And good shop of leather order is not found.

Murasaki is particularly thin so it is too difficult for her to get a suitable leather costume.
But she found it!
She wants to collect leather little by little when she sees the good stuff.

New costume of Murasaki.

Her leather jacket,boots and gloves.The riding whips is made of leather.

It's a popular boots.

She wants to get a leather corset and a leather skirt.
I have a custom-made corset.It's my favorite.
The shop which has stopped leather custom-made.
Our dominas are looking for a good shop now.

New tools of Shinju

New tool of Mao:Ring type harness

Shinju of new tool:Wrist and ankle spreaders.

All is wonderful.
I want a new whip soon...

Long vacation * Akiho

Domina Akiho goes on an extended vacation from 13(Fri.) to 26 April(Sun.).
She visits America and everything else...she spends a holiday actively!

Next week schedule
9 March(Mon.) 14:30-20:00
12 March (Thu.) 16:00-22:30
Her first day back in La Siora will be Monday the 27 of April.

Let's look at your vacation. What are you planning to do?
Me?I go to Europe and I do some shopping for BDSM goods.
And I'd like to lesson of sports whip.
There is always a lot to do.

Provisionally booking of Akiha. T

Domina Akiha.T is taking a vacation in this month.
But she accepts her book at 14:00-19:00 on 17 March(Tue.)!
Please make early reservations!She has a lot of fans!

Schedule of Akiho from April
Mon.&Tue.&Fri.&Sat. 14:00-Last

Her Japanease Bondage is an exquisite!Taste it

New receptionist Angelica

A One of our reseptionist Co has left La Siora by February.
he was absolutlly to helped comunication between overseas members and domina from the experience that he lived in London.
thanks for you all supported.

even just turned 21years old with wish handsome guy,Co,
he made already his own masterclub,it's name called "Sadister".
All ladies has no permission in to this club.
yes,this club is offer by sadist Men for masochist men.

*****Massage from CO*****
A Japanese master clud located in Shinjuku.
Which is into all masochisms and fetishisms.
We are only for men and our masters give you all of ecstacies.
Click here!!Sadister

after he left,we welcomed new reception staff,Anjelica.
She is 20yrs old young and friendly.
then she speaks english also little chinese.
so now that we had have a staff one can rely on.
also she is a most youngest one in lasiora that we treat her as a little sister.

*****Massage from Angelica*****
Dear all customer of La Siora.

I guess i dont know really much about BDSM yet,
but i like and sooo curious about it.
all i know is..it's HOT!! isnt it?
also my reception skill is pretty bad yet,
but ill try my best to set you guys has wonderful session...!
so please get allong well with la siora and me,
glad to join La Siora.

Seasonal festival in Japan!

I carry a quotation from[Claire * Blog].


It was a seasonal festival of peach on 3rd March.
It was girls' one.

Boys' one is on 5th May and gay's one is on 4th April.
I was just joking about April, but they really celebrate on that day as their festival.

We celebrate peach festival to display dolls called "Ohina-sama".
These dolls are prince and princess, and big one has many of their servants with them.
It shows wedding celemony in old days.
So parents display it to wish their daughter's fabulous wedding.

I went to hot spring on that day. I feel so relaxed.
There were peach blooming already.
I did none, just ate, drank, and did a little yoga...

At last, I totally refreshed.
Tell me how do you refresh when you feel tired?

4th April,the day is for gay's.I think so!
Well...I announce the establishment of Domina day on 7 July.
Because floral language of Casa Blanca lily is "majesty""grandest beauty".
Blooming season of Casa Blanca lily,it is around July.
What do you think?

New image and massage * Domina Nana

I've updated image and massage of Domina Nana.

She is the youngest in our club.
She loves BDSM world purely and she is interested to make various play-tools.

She always wears soft atmospheres and she hit a healing aura.
She is pretty like a mischievous child when she enjoys SM-session.
Sometime she is sexy.
Sometime she is a stern teacher.

Click here!![New photo and image * Nana]

New whigs!!

We are getting more gender change stuff again.
Please tell us request No. when you order us.

Request No.3

Request No.4

Click here!![RequestNo.1&No.2 image]

We are always looking for something nice whigs and dress for our ladys at any time!

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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