New image * Domina Akiha T.

I've updated image of Domina Akiha T.

I'd like to take the photo of her session next time because her Japanease bondage is excellent!
I'd like to show you it.

Anyway...She is really beautiful!
Click here!![New image * Akiho T.]

New gallery"My Sadistic Girlfriend 2nd"

I've updated gallery"My Sadistic Girlfriend 2nd".
1st is for Claire,and in this time is for Murasaki.
Clicl here!![Gallery"My Sadistic Girlfriend"Murasaki]

The theme is "If your girlfriend was with a bit taite of sadism".
For details to [Gallery"My Sadistic Girlfriend"Claire]

Whom will the next photograph?Do you have any request?

New photo gallery and Schedules modify of Domina Claire.

I've uproaded for Domina Claire gallery.
The title is "My Sadistic Girlfriend".
I choiced the photos "If your girlfriend was with a bit taite of sadism".
This is an entrance of BDSM-world.

I made the word "sado-ish".Not sadist,but a bit taite of sadism.
My friends said "It is incomprehensible! My girlfriend with a bit taite of sadism is better!"
But it is a joke.I do not have any problem!
...Because it is troublesome to process a title for me...

Click here!![Claire * gallery]

* Schedule of Claire from March *
Sunday & Monday & Thursday 14:00-Last
Sunday 17:00-Last

* Holiday of Claire in March and April*
21 March(Sat.)-29 March(Sun.)
26 April(Sun.)-2nd May(Sat.)

* Claire Blog in English *
[Shonen Merikensack]
[My favorite]

I'm choicing the photos of next "My Sadistic Girlfriend".
The model is Domina Murasaki.
Don't miss the next episode!

I'm busy...!!

We did the photo shooting.
Photographer : Murasaki(professional) & Rie & Piyo
Modal : Akiho& & Akiha T. & Ayatsuki & Claire & Lino & Murasaki & Nana & our slaves

I will change the image of dominas on website and photos of our profile book in a few days.
First, I changed image photos of main menu page and Dialy&Blog page.

Click here!![Main menu]
Model Murasaki & Akiha T.&Lino
Thay wore the same clothes accidentally on the day.They seemed to be teachers.
Cane look nice with them!

Click here!![Dialy&Blog]
Model Lino&Akiha T.
Thay were dressed in colorful PVC. This was accidental, too.
I feel coming of spring

I'm as busy as a bee after photo shooting every time.
There are a lot of good photographs,so I can not choice...

Modify of regular holiday

We change a regular holiday to Wednesday in March.Dominas' new schedule in March is the followings.
Akiha T. takes a vacation in march.
Akiha T. and Akiho works on 4th among one week after April.

Nana(English speaker) 
Claire(English speaker) 
Mai(English speaker) 

Nana(English speaker)  
Lino(English speaker)  

Claire (English speaker) 
Nana(English speaker) 
Lino(English speaker) 
Akiho(English speaker) 

Nana(English speaker) 
Akiho(English speaker) 

Akiho(English speaker) 
Claire(English speaker) 
Lino(English speaker) 
Shinju 15:00-Last

Claire(English speaker)  
Mai(English speaker)  


Nana is developing a next humbler.And she is developing a nipple clips and cane also.
There is no good going both now...( ; ; )

She resembles me because I made a lot of toys when I was a baby domina.

I just associate a dormitory school of the U.K. style when I heard "cane".
Nana has tried to make a cane by fibreglass,but it seems that is was hard makes curve a head of cane like U.K. style.

I have once got the present"videotape of cane" from a British gentleman.It useful the training for our baby dominas.
Now dominas doesn't have VCR,me too.So I am goning to dub it to DVD in a few days.
It was really wonderful videotape.

I've visited SM-club in Germany a few years ago.There were a lot of canes in a big barrel at the club.
The cane made by the stem of the reed.I've heard that reeds grown up at waterside and take them by the club staff.

If you have any ideas or details about cane,please give some info to Nana like suitable material for cane or how make it.

By the way,the ruler which deserves with bamboo-cane in Japan maybe?
Probably I think so... I call it "Japanease cane".
Now most rulers are made with plastic,but it was material with bomboo in the past.The bomboo ruler quite sharp pain...I want to recommend this to you!!
Please order to reception staff "Japanease cane" if you'd like to try.

Humbler"Nana first"

We told the news to you that Domina Nana made a humbler.
It was called "Nana Ichi-go".The meaning is "Nana First".
Please order to reception staff"Nana first"or"Nana Ichi-go".

Our members who used it,they told the impression to us.
So Nana is developing a next humbler.

There is the first...If it is it,there is the second,too.
Nana says "2 next 3".
How many will she make the humbler?


Profile comments of LINO

We updated the profile comments of LINO.
The comments "For you""About me"was written by LINO in English.
She speaks superior English,and intellectual, refined lady. She has already gained popularity among many customers.

Profile of LINO


Some dominas are on irregular work tomorrow

Lino and Nana are on business tomorrow for awnsering our members' voices.
Nana has been full booked already, Lino is available early time.

And tomorrow will be third day for Akiha-T in La Siora.
She is already popular.
She has been booked some hours however still available.

Beauty lesson1 at domina school

When we opened 12 years ago, there was no clubs which offered a BDSM training for dominas.
It is most important skills are hygienic management and safety so we've got cooperations from doctors.
How could we teach session skills to dominas?How far could we give the points in LaSiora school?
It's made a good text somehow.

LaSiora thinks that a domina has to have skills of BDSM,elegance or gentility and humanity.
We've met a person who gave us knowledge how important thing to behave as gracefully.
The trainner also beautiful and intelligent person.

New program of Lasiora school theme is “Beauty lesson1”.
First lesson is walking&posing.

First lecuture is daily care.
Could dominas make full use of submisive bodies if they cannot complete control by themselves?
Movements of a body are important to torment , to tie up..
We guess and calculate to torment, don't we?
We Sioras, we haven't had enough muscles and flexibilites except Akiho.

It's difficult to balance on centre.
Their inner muscles might not be enough from my point of view.
It's important when we whip lol

Only have a walk a bit, cannot use their muscles well. They move stiffly
The lecturer had a walk to show us, it was really graceful.

At a domina school, we have a lot to learn.
It's important to keep beautiful.
They are saying that they had fun though it was hard.
We do it in March next time.

Black attractive hair by Emi.

Domina Emi has beautiful black long hair that one of attractive point of her.
She's been taking care of keeping burnished hair at fixed intervals.
Domina was saying smoothly hair♪I envy Emi-san!
Shinju,Mao,Ayatsuki,Akiho and Akiha haveing as black hair style.And recently Claire has cut and change brown collor to black style.

Nana and Murasaki both dominas wearing slightly brown hair.

Murasaki & Lino pics.

This photo is one of Murasaki's session at Kabukicho hotel in Shinjuku.
Inside room some equipments or furnitures will change immediately up to her pure ingenuity.
She connected Karaoke microphone-table to the DOG ,then she made chair style of person-dog on the chair.That's funny pic!

Lino's leather skirt just joined of her session costumes.
Do you prefer combination with boots of leather or showing with high heels shoes?

An interview of Claire was updated.

Mai interviewed with Claire. Please click the following Click!

Claire speaks an opportunity of the work as Domina, one's thought of BDSM deeply.


For all riding play lovers

There are many fetishisms in the world.
One of it called riding.
There are many kinds of play in it, as to be used as children do, and as to be used as a real horse.

Lino and Nana are the ones who have had a experience of horse riding.

Nana went to a horse riding class with her mother when she was a child.

Lino rode a horse of her friend's when she was a junior high school student.
She has kept doing this since sometimes in Canada, England and Japan..

They like animals very much.
How do you think of playing with them?
Not only as a horse.
As a cat, a pig, as a dog...

New tools&boots by leather

This is a urethral tool by Akiho.Sounds icily but pleasure waiting for you in the way ahead of urethral-torture.
Akiho blog here[ Akiho * Blog ]


This is new pic of over knee leather boots with high heels, it is actually one of favorite boots of Shinju.
Other pic on her blog[ Shinju * Blog ]


Nana completed made humbler that called '' Nana - ichigou''.
Please order to reception staff for perfect pronunciation!

Modify of regular holiday

We change a regular holiday to Wednesday in March.Dominas' new schedule in March is the followings.

Nana 14:00-20:00
Claire 14:00-Last
Shinju 17:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last
Mai 15:00-Last

Murasaki 14:00-23:00
Emi 14:00-Last
Nana 14:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last
Ayatsuki 17:00-Last

Nana 14:00-23:00
Lino 15:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last
Akiho 17:00-Last
Ayatsuki 17:00-Last

Emi 14:00-Last
Nana 14:00-20:00
Murasaki 14:00-23:00
Mao 17:00-Last

Akiho 14:00-Last
Claire 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last

Claire 14:00-Last
Shinju 14:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last
Mai 14:00-Last

Claire * blog

I carry a quotation from [ Claire * Blog].

Sometime she writes her blog in English.
Come visit her blog once in a while!
It is said the pleasure for BDSM is toying death.
When you feel you are next to death,
it makes your heart pounding,
then it makes you nervous and excited.

But you went into hospital already.
I'm worrying that you're going closer to death.
I cannot toy your death no more even now.

Do you remember about a huge BDSM amusement park near Mt.Fuji you told me before?
You must long for it every night in your bed.

You said
S"I'll run on big athletic field there again and again. Then please ride me!"

I would take saddle, hold your reins and hit you hard by the riding crop.

C"Faster! More!!"
S"Forgive me, mistress!"

Oh, no. Hoses don't speak. I cannot hear you.

I want to whip you by snakewhip what you like many times
and I would leave marks on your body for our memory.

Thank you for respecting me as a goddess for now.
Make nice amusement park in heaven.
And wait us for long time.
We will play you there. It's like a dream for you, isn't it?

You are a masochist at last.
Be proud of yourself.
You changed my life at all.

SHINJU's new gloves

SHINJU got a new glove!

The glove is made by leather and tight design.
The looking is cool!!

Rope-bondage for Akiha / dominas english skills

This is inform of Akiha who has worked on last Sunday.
She has high-skill for Kinbaku (rope-bondage) with perfectly fulfill of safeness and artistic.
A heady sense of her technique shot through you.

On dvd only Kinbaku story by Akiha performed.
Why dont you watch it if you like Kinbaku?

Click here!!→[Akiha's DVD"KINBAKU"]

Akiha has been have a concern herself in BDSM for long-term but she's never in Club as LaSiora.
She is a hopeful to meet submissive men and gilrs at here.For now she wants to tight up a lot,so you are able to feel an attractive Kinbaku world by her!
Additionally,she combine wonderful knowledge for communication so that it must be amazing time during the session!
She had some experience with non-native Japanese (but no good at speak english,sorry!).

Schedule;in Feburary on Sundays from 2pm/holiday; whole month of March.

We have both dominas who is english speaker and non-speaking.
If you feel hesitation to meet with non-english speaking dominas that we have good ideas for you.
*We recomend you to make an appointment with 2 dominas (together one of english speaker) that will be inexpensive.
*We think it is useful to tell our fluent english speaking reception staff about your favorite things on the phone or via e-mail.

**We appreciate if you give us your liking in advance because of need a few hours for translation to the dominas.
Especially after our good english speaker staff ''Co'' will have leave LaSiora.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.
With love!

Akiha-T debut

Akiha-T came to our office for the first time.

Has sweets

She is beautiful.
Her atomosphere is so glamorous.
She is on business on Sunday

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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