Nana and Lino have become regular dominas

As we noticed last week, Nana and Lino have formaly become regular dominas.
So from today. 1st Feb, their nomination fees will be \2000.
The bookings, which accepted by today, are \1000 the same as before.

They still are not yet well skilled.
However they always will make efforts to improove their skilles.
Please look after them.

We do not charge nomination fee when you have a session with first time dominas.

Akiha' schedule info!


One of LaSiora domina Akiha.T will be coming on Sundays from 2pm.
This chance is very valuable to you.Because of she is able to make a stable schedules around April.
Do you see what are we trying to say??You got it,don't miss the chance.That's all!


For the all CBT lovers "The humbler Nana 1st"

A CBT lover slave C have brought us a CBT boom thesedays.

C ordered a humbler from oversea.
We couldn't find hunblers in Japan despite we could find them on the oversea's websites.
The C's humbler gave us a lof of ideas.
And our natural bone bullyer Nana and C had started to make their original humbler.

They brought a material to Tokyu Hands where process woods.
And a Tokyu Hands' staff, who doesn't know a humbler, asked them "Haven't we got this stuff?"

This picture is when it was underprocessing.
We found what kind of wood we should use for next one.

And it's done! It named "The humbler Nana 1st"
Why 1st? Because 2nd is lol

And try!



We could see Nana's Sadism when she was doing all of this.
Why she's like this though cute...she's a kind of freak(She is a English speaker by the way)

We will paint on it for a hygienic reason.
It will be for rent after that.
Nana can use it well the most and, as watching the process, Emi, Ayatsuki and Lino follow.

Please wait for new stuff of "La Siora factory"(?)

Let's walk on your body!

It must be raise my feelings just put it on!That is over 13cm metal-heels.

You know,I love to step on a fluffy your..there!It could be dig into deeply with metal-heels.
By the way,mostly I like point of my own entire body ''instep''.
Indescribable how beautiful figures that especially when I take high heels on.
Sometimes Im getting excitement to see a sensitive ''instep'' of the other girls in the town.
Im a kind of foot-fetish maybe?
By Nana(English speaker)

New boots&lingeries by Murasaki

This is new boots of Murasaki who has got in the bedinning of this month.PVC with high heels but it seems that not too much high-heels that's why it could be energetic session maybe?
And everything else e.g.PVC up to thigh boots and black / red PVC costumes.

Do I tread on your ... ?by Murasaki.

One more thing,sweet white-lingeries isn't it?
We've recieved requests almost black,leather or PVC costumes,so in this time why don't you ask once in a while for sweet color?

New Lether Boots

I show Shinju's new boots.

The boots is a made by lether,beautiful below-knee and 12cm heel.
Tip of toe is sharpen and rhinestones sticks to the point of the heel.

Shinju has many session-use lether boots.
She loves boots ,so she also wears boots well in her private.


lazy pig

I love humiliation.
Then I got new item for face humiliation; nose hook.

Wow... you look like a low pig.
Otherwise you are a pig already.

C"Hey pig! Say something!"

P"Oink, oink!"

C"Well done. Come on, let's take a walk!"


Akiha-T is coming soon!

Akiha-T will be available from 1st Feb(Sun).
She will be available on
Sunday 14:00-Last

She will have been available until 1st Mar(Sun) so do not miss this oppotunity to have a session with her.

Become a regular dominas!

It's decieded to become a regular positions for baby dominas.
Now we have way on notice information about them as well as to change nomination fee to 2,000yen.

Btw,each of the baby domianas has variety of personality.
It seems that one member has met one domina who had a difference expressive face than before during the session.
We think really important to make a differ from every time session with imagination,but it is unforced by LaSiora,just impression of them.

Kindest regards in 2009,too!

spring has come By Claire

I got a bouquet of spring flowers from one of my student of St.Siora high school.
There are cherry blossoms, tulips, roses, sweet peas and more.

She's often late for school because of overslept.
So I give her hard punishment; spankings.

That bouquet brought early spring to my room.
Thank you bad girl!
I feel so happy these days.
Hope you have nice days too.


Wer carry a quotation from [Claire*Blog]

Lino will be on the next sunday

She is available next sunday.15:00-22:00
If you only can make time on sunday why do not play with her?
She is talented.
She has learnt many things already

Akiha's new info!

Are you really waiting for mistress Akiha-T.?
She has just decided scheduling at La Siora on Sundays in February but she's been considering time shedules on the day.
She's traind knowledge for Japanese rope bondage by bondage-professional Ms Miyabi Asakura,
she made well skill her own style then.
It has the reputation of her style of rope-bondage could be contrast favorably with BDSM show.

Our dominas really looking forward to meeting her like you!
Wait for further info,see?

Akiha's DVD and movies on sales by Qween road.

Ayatsuki's blog "Gathering Shoguns"

We have translated Ayatsuki's blog's entry [Sir,slave] before.
This is a sequel of it.


How are you, Shoguns?!

I have written an entry called a "Sir slave" on 11th Nov.
To introduce to who haven't read the entry, recent slaves' position has been raising.
Their existances are already a "sir slave"
If we have to call them a "sir slave" why don't we call them a "Shogun"(a Shogun means an old Japanese king)
I stated it in the entry.

This "Shogun" has been well accepted in other dominas
"That one is a Shogun"
"Do you think you are a Shogun?" etc
(Sioras don't use those languages)
A Shogun is becoming (I think) a well known none as they use in usual conversations.

I am going to tell about those Shoguns are continuously coming to me.
They say
"I am a Shogun"
Even one of them (Shogun A) calls me
"Hey, Ayatsuki!"

Did you say "hey" to me!?

Well, it is a better case rather than call me "Mistress Ayatsuki"even they do not think about me like that.

The Shogun A says
"Don't update about me!"

And I smack him and he says
"Would you please touch my nipples? I beg you. I am a "Biichi kun"(means a nipple man)"

You read my blog.

And his language becomes polite..

There are many self-confident Shoguns
And many Shoguns come to me since I wrote the entry...

They are devil's advocates!!

I too don't say "welcome"
because I'm the one too.

For spanking! by Lino

Please give your pritty bum to me.
I shall spank your bum a lot!

The spanking could be painful!
No, it would be confy.

It should be better nuts instead of a bum♪

New gender change stuff have come: Lingerie

Purple and pink as flowers, chic and monotone brassieres and underwears, black laces and vivid colourded inners have arrived.

When you do not imagine what to wear then please ask our receptionists about what you imagine and your sizes of your body.

An office lady's, feminine, as a gal... anything you feel.

We are only in prepare at the moment and might not be well enough , however we are making an effort to do so

New PVC outfits by Lino

It's one month past since I came La Siora.
I hoped to have cool outfits thesedays...

I got two black brilliant PVC outfits!

First one is a leotard.
Its back is a thong.
I like this.

Second one is separated suit.
The skirt is so tight and short.
These ones are more feminine than first one.
I'd love to use them for leg fetish ones.

When I have new outfits I just will want to use them soon.

Mis Shinju got new mask!

It's updated on the 【Theater-U-La-Siora】 picture of a new mask by mis Shinju.
[ Click here!! ]

We would lend out some full-mask for members during your session if you needs e.g. full-leather mask,cat-mask of PVC half-blindfold and normal leather type as well.

New toys of domina Akiho.

Mis Akiho's got new goods the pics on her blog here;[ Click here!! ]

In Akiho's blog English transtrater doesn't indicate some pics of toys but Japanese text could watch them!

New gender change stuff : Whigs

We are getting more gender change stuff.
We have got whigs yesterday.
We ordered two whigs this time.
They are heat-resistant ones so they are available set with an aron.
Luna can make them up elegant because she was a hairdresser.
You might feel as if you are in a salon.
You would know a woman's mind deeper then ever.

First one.
It is a Norika Fujiwara(Japanese famous model)'s style whig.
It is a one of everlasting common ellegant hair style with colourof subtle brown.
Please tell us "request No,1" when you call us.


Second one.
Asian long hair.
It can be set in many ways.
Please tell us "request No.2" when you order us.


These are new stuff.
If they work well we will have another heat-resistant ones.
We already have other whigs.
We are going to introduce them with serial numbers when we take photos of them.

Murasaki becomes a Tiara domina

Despite Murasaki had had many experiences and skills when she came back to La Siora, she wished to restart from as a baby domina.
From the 15th(thu) she becomes a Tiara domina.

About her nomination fee, it will be 3000yen from the 15th(thu)

We do not charge nomination fee when you have a session with who you have not had a session

Thank you for your understandings.

Add new outfits for gender change!

We have bought some outfits for gender-change for pretty ladies.That's you!
Feminin style,glamorous style....

First one / Red knit style dress with schorl.
chest measurement 101cm;waist 85cm;hip 105cm

Second / Tops is pink with collar/ chest measurement 101cm and middle sleeves.
skirt is mixed-tweeds / waist size 110cm (too large?)

Third / It looks like pink-baloon style dress.
chest measurement 108cm / waist 93cm / hip size over 110cm.

Fourth / White non-sleeves dress and feminin jacket with girly collar.
chest measurement 100cm / hip size 105cm

Last one / Orange color shoes size 26.5cm

Domina's possessions


All of dominas gives you some informations about session tools by all dominas.

【On the pic's leather gloves by Emi bought them recently.】

【Pump ball gags by Shinju】

【New restraint tools by Nana】

Schedules modified.

We are sorry on this Saturday 10th is on the wating cancellations for Lino.

But this is good news for you!
Elegant and intelligent lady Lino will be coming on 11st from 3pm to last as irregular!
You must be regretful if you miss the chance.
Lino might be possible on Sundays sometimes so plwase ask to reception staff anytime.

For cute domina Claire will have changed schedule on Sundays which is from 2pm to last.
If you planning to meet her on early time,it is possible on Thurday&Sundays from 2pm,
on Saturdays from 5pm.

Do you prefer to spend time with Claire during sunshine or night scene?
Off schedule of Claire are below;
from 11st (Sun) to 15th (Thu).

Thank you for your understanding.

Pray for...?

We opened from today 6th in peaceful circumstances.
Dominas visited at shrine for new year-pray for each wishes.
Kimono that appear attractive Japanese cultures by mis Shinju was wearing.

We have some ideas such enjoyable for members and of course for dominas,too.
It must be amazing plans!
Thank you very much and we hope to continue for many more years with us!

After shrine,dominas had some cup of tea.
Seldom have the opportunity to talk gathering dominas,so it was non-stop conversation.

Look at the pic that mis Shinju keep going to explain for something...
New domina Lino and Luna having a lot of curious for what she saying because of lecture for ball torture!
It looks like a gentle atmosphere but fact is full of BDSM.
Sounds irresistible subject isn't it?

Gallery page Updated! Domina "MAO"

We updated new contents on the gallery page "Let's play with MAO".

During New Year holidays

Hello,I am during New Year holidays.
I took champagne yesterday with my longstanding slave.
I'm having an enjoyable holiday period

I put "Kadomatsu" over our office front door befor the holidays.
Imege of today,it's a "Kadomatsu".
The kadomatsu symbolizes a tree provided for the descent of the gods.

The details about Kadomatu.
[ Kadomatsu / English ]
[ Kadomatsu / French ]

Our holidays is till next tomorrow,we start from 13:30 on 6th Jan.
Our dominas and staff,we go to "Hatsumoude" before hours.
Hatsumoude means New year's visits to shrines.
We wish you happiness and world peace.

Our dear slave, Let's have a blessed time with each other!




A happy New Year to you.
May 2009 be a happy and wonderful year.

Rie Asagiri

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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