The last day of 2008

We thank all our members.

Many things have happened to us in 2008.
This year of 2008 was very impressive and tough and moving.
We could overcome because of our members' helps.

We will be 12 years old next year.
We still are imperfect however our passions let us go.
We will think many things to share the atraction of BDSM more then last year.
And we wish to meet our members with smiles the next year too.

We really appriciate your cooperations.
Thank you very much.

La Siora 2008

Nana's schedules from new year

Her work time will be extended from new year.



Call us

For the members who only could make your time late time, she could extend work time on thursday.

We are open tomorrow Monday

Tomorrow, 29th (mon), We are on working.








Christmas chocolates!

How's your christmas night?
We Siora dominas have really enjoyed with some chocolates,cakes and candies.

One of the lady has brought chocolates for us that the name of Patchi,it seems called GODIVA comes from Middle East.

Patchi doesn't have set up a branch office in Japan.
Dominas cannot stop smiling due to taste so good.

But you realized that she, on the picture lady who was wearing dressed girly such as christmas gift by herself.Don't you think so?

Siora dominas must be getting imagination to take the dress off..knee on the floor.. be servant..... Because of she is really cute!

Domina NANA' blog started!

This is blog of domina NANA below;the title is...

Click here!Nana * Blog 【If there is a hole, I want to question】

New costumes and long-boots by Akiho

Domina Akiho,she has bought some costumes which is leather and style of leotard also leather up to thigh boots on the picture.

Look at these pics by Akiho blog by Japanese text // 【english-here】 could indicates comments on right side her blog.
Click here![ Ahiho * Blog ]

Schedules modify for Mao.

We've announced that domina Mao's schdules will have tentative but now
she could take a stable appointment from this weekend!

27th (Sat) 4pm to last
29th (Mon) 3pm to last
30th (Tue) 4pm to last

In January,2009
6th (Tue) 5pm to last
normal schedules in a week.[ Click here! ]

It must be full schedules as soon as she comes back.
Don't miss the chance![ Click here! ]

La Siora's Christmas


A turkey with ruspberry sause,
A cake and poinsettias.
Santa Claus printed paper plates.
Red forks and green knives.

This is how we stay La Siora office on Christmas day.


We had them as every year's.
We wish everyone a merry Christmas!

Mao's schdules have changed

Mao' schdules have been changed for some reason.
She will be off until 27th(fri).

And we could only accept her bookings as sub bookings for 28th(sat), 29th(sun), 30th(mon)

She will be on regular business from 6th(tue)

We are afraid to say this to our members.
Please contact us about sessions with her by time.

We are so sorry for this.

New image of Claire

We updated a new image of Claire!
She is ever cute!

Click here!![ Claire * image ]

New image of Shinju

We updated a new image of Shinju.
She has a lot of costumes!!You can look 4 new one on the image!

Click here![ Shinju * image ]

Domina Lino * blog

Lino's blog starts.English comment sometime.
So exciting!

Click here!![ Lino * blog ]

New year's schedules

We open from 6th (tue) January.

6th(tue) January
Nana  14:00-20:00
Claire 14:00-Last
Akiho 14:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last

And we are back in on normal business.

the end of year's schedules 26th-31st

We open until 31st and open from 6th January 2009.

Luna 14:00-19:00
Murasaki 14:00-23:00
Emi 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last
Mao dayoff
We are sorry for such short notice, but Mao has had something come up and will be unable to accept her book.

Murasaki 14:00-23:00
Claire 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last
Mao 16:00-Last(* Tentative book)

Claire 14:00-18:00
Luna 14:00-20:00
Emi 14:00-Last

29th (mon) Irregular business
Nana  14:00-20:00
Murasaki  14:00-23:00
Claire 14:00-Last
Emi 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Akiho 18:00-Last
Mao 15:00-Last(* Tentative book)

Nana  14:00-20:00
Emi  14:00-Last
Claire 14:00-Last
Akiho 14:00-Last
Ayatsuki 15:00-Last
Mao  16:00-Last(* Tentative book)

31st(wed) New year's eve 
*Phone line is available until 6pm, Last session starts 6pm.
Nana  14:00-20:00
Akiho 14:00-20:30
Claire 14:00-19:30

For Christmas 23rd - 25th

We have many calls for Christmas.
So we shall show Christmas schedules again.

23rd (tue)
Emi 14:00-Last
Akiho 14:00-Last
Nana  14:00-Last
Lino 15:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last
Ayatsuki 17:00-Last

24th (wed)
Lina 14:00-19:00
Nana  14:00-20:00
Murasaki  14:00-23:00
Akiho 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last
Akiho 14:00-Last
We are sorry for such short notice, but Mao has had something come up and will be unable to accept her book.

25th (thu)
Nana  14:00-20:00
Ayatsuki 15:00-Last
Shinju 22:00-Last

Our dominas are on irregular work at the moment.
So they might be available when you ask us.
We are going to update the end of year domina schedules

Luna got a bondage

Luna bought a bondage which has a zipper and it has become her first one.
She says that her bondages need zippers.
And, also, should be simple one.
Now, which she chose was

Luna bondage

How is it?

She is planing to have a pair of PVC boots the next

Ayatsuki has been recovered from the cold

Now she has come back in business.

Her schdules of the rest of the year are

23rd (tue) 17:00-Last
25th (thu) 17:00-Last
30th (tue) 15:00-Last

Please contact us sooner.

Domina LINO / images update

Newface domina LINO, sophisticated ,very beautiful, so talented lady, is already so popular for our customers.She speaks English very well and so interested in foreign customers.


Update for Gallery.

Corset-sory pics have updated now.

Look out them on the Gallery page.

Ayatsuki will be absent tomorrow because of having fever

She has caught a cold therefore she will be off tomorrow.
Business of our reopening might be cause of it.
We are awfully sorry for who are planning to have session with her tomorrow.
We hope she gets recovery soon.

Domina Emi has bought new one!

Domina Emi with great drive has bought new toy now.
Please tell us if you need it during your session.
For busy business man who cannot visit to have a session with her,
why don't you images with it in your dream?

[ Click here!! ]

Schedules on Christmas


Here are our dominas' schedules on Christmas day, for whom plan to stay with our dominas.

24th (Wed) Christmas eve

Nana 14:00-20:00
Luna 14:00-20:00
Murasaki 14:00-23:00
Akiho 14:00-Last
Shinju 15:00-Last
Mao 17:00-Last

25th (Thu) Christmas

Nana 14:00-20:00
Ayatsuki 17:00-Last

We organise turkey and cakes on christmas every year.
Our dominas feel Christmas and have some joy between sessions.
We wish you merry Christmas

Akiho's schedules in December

Her schedules in December are quite different from other months.
She in on holiday until 16th.
From then to the end of the month, she will be on business many more than usual and the schedules are different from usual so please contact us about her further schedules.

Mao's schedule today

Her session has been cancelled today and now she is available till 19:30.
To the members who wanted to have sessions with Mao today, please contact us once again.
And the members who have not had sessions with Mao also,it would be a nice oppotunity to have it with her.

First image * Domina Lino

We have updated 2 new images of Domina Lino in the meantime.
We will update more images and her comments in a few days.

She is a good English speaker and she is a lady of a fine person!
She is now training bondage slkill because she is a beginner.

Click here![ Image * Domina Lino ]

New image * Domina Mao

We have updated some new images of Domina Mao.
She puts on a new back lace-up skirt and a pair red boots.Those are sexy and fetish!
[ Mao * image ]

New year's holiday and the end of year schedules.


Good evening.
Autamn has just passed and the year 2008 is almost closing...
How do you do?

We are going to tell you our the end of year schedules.

English speaking reception staff on duty:CO 13:30-22:30

SHINJU 15:00-Last
MAO 17:00-Last
CLAIRE 14:00-Last(English speaker)
LINO 15:00-Last(Baby Domina&English speaker)
MURASAKI 14:00-23:00

English speaking reception staff on duty:CO 13:30-22:30

LUNA 14:00-20:00(Baby Domina)
EMI 14:00-Last
CLAIRE 14:00-18:00(English speaker)
LINO ask us (English speaker&Baby Domina)

*29(Mon.) Irregular business
Reception staff:YOKO(Only simple English) 13:30-22:30

SHINJU 15:00-Last
MAO 16:00-Last
EMI   14:00-Last
AKIHO  18:00-Last(English speaker)
CLAIRE 14:00-Last(English speaker)
NANA 14:00-20:00(English speaker)
MURASAKI 14:00-23:00


MAO 17:00-Last
EMI   14:00-Last
AKIHO  14:00-Last(English speaker)
AYATSUKI 17:00-Last
CLAIRE 14:00-Last(English speaker)
NANA  14:00-20:00(English speaker)

13:30-18:00(Last session start from 18:00)

AKIHO 14:00-20:30(English speaker)
CLAIRE 14:00-18:00(English speaker)
NANA 14:00-20:00(English speaker)

29th(Mon)...On irregular business

31st(Wed) December...Phone line is open at 13:30 - 18:00.

La Siora : Year-end through New Year holidays
1st Jan.(Thu.)-5 Jan.(Mon.) 

English speaking reception staff HIROMI :Year-end through New Year holidays
28 Dec.(Sun.)-5 Jan.(Mon.) 

Start regular work...From 6th(Tue) January.

We all wish you have a happy merry christmas and a new year!

About Nana's position

Despite she has ever worked in La Siora and she is a well skilled domina, she has hoped to start from baby domina position.
She thinks that her skills have been deprogressed.
And she would not like our members to be desapointed on her so she has determined to have the trainings again.

We now have three baby dominas Luna, Lino and Nana.
We would like your helps for them watching your sessions with other dominas for them to learn.

However it will only be a practice so they might have to leave during the session and some hotels charge another fee(apporoximately 1.5times more from their official prices).
If you would like to have proper time of the sessions it is better to book double sessions.

We appriciate your fully understandings.

Christmas icon

Do you know?

I changed the crest of La Siora into the icons of a domina and a slave for Christmas one in limited time.
The domina transformed herself into Santa Claus,the slave transformed himself into a Christmas tree.

I made the icons.
And I have started to make next limited time ones for new year!


New outfits for Gender-change lovers.


We've informed before fake breast by bra-style.
Now,bought polyurethane material which size are cup B (top and under size between 12.5cm) and C (top and under size between 15cm).

We use this opportunity to prepare bra,this size cover completely cup C.That will be good match for large girl,around under size is 85cm.
But sorry we could not find a shorts good accompaniment to this bra.It will be preparing different one.

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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