Schedule of Domina Claire

She has one cancelled session tomorrow(30th Sun).
Please call us back again about her schedule of tomorrow.

She will be on holiday from December.
She has 6th,7th off, and, 13th and 14th are undecided yet.

New domina joined!


New domina Erina who has eleagnt,flavor of milady also speaks english because of lived in UK.

It would be possible to join as a observation during your session.
2nd of Dec:from 2pm-last
4th of Dec:full of her trainning
6th of Dec:from 2pm-last
7th of Dec:going to the party “Lady time romance”.

It might be debut from 9th of Dec.

Thank you.

Schedule modified for Murasaki

Domina Murasaki schedules has changed from next week:
Wed & Fri from 2pm until 9pm acceptable time for last session beginning.

She looks cool-strict lady (a slender figure,too!) but you must be stuck on her charm when she smiled!

"Ah...excuse me, mistress Claire. Tie me up please, tightly."

*****Excerpt from [ Claire*blog ]*****

I went to [ Tokyo Narita Musum ] last holiday.
It was my first visiting and I really enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to there?
We can see many beautiful Japanese swords, kimono fashion of Kabuki, solemn big statues of Buddihist gods and more.
They're so nice and have a bunch of historical value. So I think you can enjoy it there, too.
You should go there sometime when you come to Japan.

This picture is one of those statues.
He held a rope in his hand and looked a little embarrassed.
So we played dubbing game during seeing around.

I imagined that I was tying him up by back hands tightly and whispering his ear something dirty.
C"Hey, bad boy. How do you like it?"
G"Yes, mistress. I like it, I like it....feel very good."

Then I put him a gag by Japanese towel which I bought in museum shop that day.
It shows a tasteful looks for your looks in Japanese way.
Then I started excited and touching his nipples gently.
"Oh, you look so cute, baby. You like it, don't you?"

I'm going to stop profanity here for today.:-p
God bless you!

By hearsay...

*****Excerpt from Ayatsuki * blog*****

"absolute area"
If you like"delta area of glamour"...by hearsay...


Hi!This is RIE.
I have heard it,too.
To border of boots from under skirt hem,the area of leg is "absolute area"too...by hearsay...

I think so...Then,how about the" breast"?
"Fruit garden of glamour"???
Pinched-in waist is "dangerous slope way"!!

...Sorry...m(_ _)m
Anyway,Caution with a beautiful woman!!

English speaking reception staff

Our receptionists could talk in english on the phone.
Staff Hiromi has completely came back to LaSiora.
We know you really looking forward to talking with her don't you?
She works on Tue,Thu and Fri (no weekend sorry!)from next week.
[ Wed.13:30-17:00 and Fri. in this week.]

Staff Co will be working on Wed,Sat and Sun.

If the BBS is not indicate 'English speaking reception staff' that meaning of simple words in english handle possibility.

Anyway,don't hesitate to call and mailing us about your preference sesesion,costumes or messages for your mistresses.

Thanks a lot!!

Go in Party season!

Last night,some dominas had a wonderful party!

At soiree of our favorite feteish boutique【Baby Doll】,I,Shinju and Mao,we enjoyed theatergoing.
It was the theater,Argentine tango of famous actress [ Aya Sugimoto ]that we looked.

The theme was emotions.
It was the woman [ Abe Sada ]who caused a famous case in Japan.
Miss Aya Sugimoto played the woman in tango.
It was unusual staging.
Japanese traditionl musical instrument... example [ Shamisen ]and [ Taiko ] were used for the tango!!
It was a mysterious impression and those matched very well!!

After the theater,we went out for dinner at [ restrant along canal ].
I took today's image at there.
All of us did a dress-up.So I wanted image more but my camera had bad condition...]

Our night was continues...

Akiho wore corset.Claire wore a rubber black dress.Of course,we wore mask!
A lot of model and sophisticated woman were at there.They are delight my eyes.
After the party,we went [ Amatanth lounge ].So we enjoyed over night!!We played well...

I have a lot of perty and business meeting over the next 2 months.
I must improve strength!!


Luna's new pictures have come up

Her cut her hair done.

It is a bit different from when she has long hair.

She has glittery big eyes, pure lips and full of attraction.
She has been growing day by day with our members.

Please look after her

For Claire schedules of holidays

We've told you for mistress Claire's holiday schedules which might be shorter than 2weeks,maybe.

We cannot promise you exactly now but it comes chance to meet with cute lady Claire!
Please wait for further info.

This is gloves fetishist

This is gloves fetishist...How about?

{ illustration and text by Domina AYATSUKI. }

Her illustration is a very interesting.
I have heard,she has a lot of her illustration.I want to watch all!!


For booking Claire

She will be on a holiday in first week and second week on December.
To whom plan to have a session with her, she is available this month on 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th and the next time is from on 20th on Sunday.

We will update as soon as possible when she is on temporarily available.

Message from Domina Akiho

This message is from domina Akiho!


I have changed my profile photos without a notice. Excuse me.

I had a photo session with NATHALIE DAOUST,female Canadian photographer,in famous BDSM hotel"Alpha Inn".

My photos on profile page were taken during her interval.

She took photographs of SM girls of Tokyo by full-scale cooperation of" Alpha Inn".

She is not only a superior artist but openhearted and very wonderful.

The room we had the photo shooting is mirrored all over,it is my favorite.
Therefore,I needed to pay attention so that Natalie did not reflect in a mirror.

Tall American slave played a roll as an interpreter and a model.He was very passionate.

NATHALIE drew various of charm from me, for example naturalness and activeness.

As for the photographs, a part is revised, but you please imagine on your own.

I left room of your imagination. It is my tenderness.

Please look forward to.

Click here!![Akiho * image]

Domina Murasaki image!

We uodated Domina Murasaki's image.
Do you remember her because she has a lot of fan of foreigners?
I think that she seems to have matured.Do you think so,too?

Click here!![ MURASAKI * Image ]


Toward new year

Now we strat last sessions at 22:00, phone line is available until at 22:30.
Many businessmans are getting busy toward new year.

From this month to new year's eve, we are able to start last session later.
Please book us earlier or we might not accept your requests.

Thank you for your understandings.

Schedule of Domina Akiho

Domina Akiho,her schedule will be changed from next week.

Thursday : 17:00-22:00Last session start
Saterday : 14:00-22:00Last session start
Sunday : Irregular date Please call us.

Today is regular holiday

Hi!Our members!How are you?
Today is a beautiful day in Tokyo.How about in your city?

The club is closed every Monday.
But today,our domina,we gather together and go on holiday!
We are good friends and we seem to be families sometimes.

"Rie,What is your role?Visiting teache?Mom?"

No!My role is a daddy!


Domina Na:na's Bar!

I told you about a new bar of Na:na[Bar Crank]at the beginning of this month.
The bar was opened on 11 Nov!
The bar is full of a lot of visitors every day.
Of cause,I visited.I visited there with Domina Akiho and a slave.
Domina Na:na gave a present to our menber then.

Yen3,000 discount Ticket for menber of La Siora!!
(It is written as 2,000 yen,but it is a mistake.Actually, 3,000 yen discount.)
The menber needing the ticket please say to our domina.

Thank you very much for Domina Na:na and Domina Yukina!
Click here!![ Bar Crank ]
Many English speaker at the bar.


At Domina Dchool "La Siora"!

To do not be found prostatic gland for baby domina,it is a one of those things.
Our baby domina LUNA is also.And another domina has some question about prostatic gland.
So we gave tuition in "prostatic massage"yeaterday!

Yesterday we had a meeting.All domina participated in the meeting.
So all domina showed up for class"prostatic massage",because the class began soon after the meeting!

Trainer are me and Domina Mai,other skilled hand dominas.
LUNA was dedicated student.
And...molel...He was an inexperienced slave as real BDSM-play.
I needed an inexperienced slave,so I got him at fetish event just the other day.

Serious class,it goes far beyond that.They couldn't over with that alone.
Somebody made fun of him.Next domina follow...They became boundless.
He must have been ashamed.

His pants was not found after a shower.
Domina Mao covered it in her upper thigh.
"You wanna got back your pants?"

The state seems to be a bully and a bullied child at real school.
Do you have such a memory?
I flash back to my childhood.
Lets's reenter the lost world of childhood for once!
How about role-play?


Domina MURASAKI cat and Photographer SHINJU

Entire body tights fetishist presented an entire body tights to Domina Murasaki.
Domina Shinjyu took pictures of Murasaki who wore it.

Murasaki is photographer,so she is the situation that always takes photographs.
But she was in reverse situation today.Murasaki was splendid as a model,too.

Murasaki is associated socially and professionally with Shinju.They are good friends.Can you know it from the imege?

You can watch more image on Murasaki's blog.Murasaki is like a cat!
Click here![ Murasaki * blog ]


New!!Domina Akiho's imege

We updated new Akiho's image.
She has a lot of faces and she is full of charm.

Click here![ Akiho's image ]


Schedule was cancelled of mistress Shinju today!

Everyone knows that beautiful,radiant skin,liberal and tolerant person who is mistress Shinju's schedule was cancelled tonight.
That is really rare case so don't miss the chance!

Profile comments from Claire

My comments are as follows. I send these to you a little early.

[about me]

***To smart-assed masochists and kinky fetishists***
Beautiful,sophisticated, and mature, lifestyle femme fatale Claire's here in Tokyo.
My style is cruel,sweet, sensuous and playful.
As I have very pretty feet and beautiful legs, foot fetish is one of my favorite.
In addition, my specialities include face smacking, whipping, trampling, sensual
torture, CBT, NT, anal/dildo play, forced feminization, cross dressing,
tickling, human spitton, and human urinal.

[for you]

***To all epicureans***
Welcome to La Siora where dominated by beauty, cruelty, and eroticism.
What do you want for dominatrix here?
If you want a pleasure, show nice and polite attitude as a slave.
And you can be pleased with submission and humiliation by us.
Or I enjoy teaching you what means to serve and worship in merciless way.
I am constantly seeking new toys. Which one will be next my favorite?



Domina LUNA

Domina LUNA,She changed her image.
She cut hair,she is wearing her hair short now.
Long hair was good for her,but short hair is good also.
She matches any kind of hairstyle because she is cute!

She cannot yet session with non Japanease speaker.
Please wait for a while till she will get used to it.

I think that LUNA must become a good domina.


Usually we have English speaking reception staff every Thuesday.
But tomorrow,we don't have a good English speaker.
We can accept only easy & simple English.

Thank you for your understand.

Ayatsuki's picture

I abstract Domina Ayatsuki's picture and diary from her blog again.
They are popular with a lot of our member,because in their having good taste.
I think so,too.


*****written AYATSUKI

I recommend this mask to you.
If you can not morph into "HENTAI"(KINKY),for reasons of your excessive sense of shame.

You have another way.
You can morph "pants-men",if you try on a pants.

Click here![ Ayatsuki * blog ]

Thank you for Mr.Harry C and Miss Aya Shindo

Yesterday Domina Akiho was photographed by a world-famous fashion photographer,[ Harry C ]!
This photograph is made a collage by a Japanese famous painter,[ Aya Shindo ].

Mr.Harry C is tender and a charming man!
He was good at relaxing a person,so Akiho's performance was spontaneous and live.
We look forward to their art!

By the way,speaking of a photograph...our domina MURASAKI,she is a photographer also.
We talk about what is fun to do!!Of course,it is to have been related to a photograph.
|Perhaps another time.


Schedule of English speaker in this week

We changed receptionist time from today.
We start telephone acceptance from 13:30 to 22:30 Tue-Sun.
(Last session start from around 22:00)

10 Nov (Mon)
Regular holiday on Mondays of LaSiora
11 Nov (Tue)
Englisn speaking reception staff CO on duty
12 Nov (Wed)
English speaking reception staff HIROMI 13:30-17:00.
We can accept us only simple English from 17:00.
13 Nov (Thu)
We can accept us only simple English.
14 Nov (Fri)
Englisn speaking reception staff HIROMI on duty
15 Nov (Sat) -16 Nov (Sun)
Englisn speaking reception staff CO on duty

Usually we have English speaking reception staff every Thursday.
But in this week,we don't have a good English speaker.


Do you want to become "Monica Bellucci"?

We got a big bust for diva,cross-dressing play.
Please ask our reception if you'd like.
We promise to you,you become a glamourous woman like "Monica Bellucci"!!


Domina Ayatsuki blog

We linked with Domina Ayatsuki blog.
Her blog is written in Japanese.But please check her blog ,it has value!
She sometimes draws some picture on her blog.Her pictures are very interesting and it has a deep meaning.

For example,the picture...
2 (2)

2 (2)

******written Ayatsuki*****

How are you?
Recently, i am not interested in talking about BDSM.
Why am I so?

From what I hear,rank is the top slave than domina at recent SM club.
Recent slave takes the best hospitality from domina.
Any more,no longer slave, "Sir slave" to be here.

But domina must be abusive to slave"Pig!""Maso!""Footman!"and domina must act big for slave.
Slave is "Sir slave."
Domina is like a "Emperor who had no clothes on"...

So I offer to all of you,do not you call slave "SHOGUN"(tycoon)?
We had better say "Shogun" than "Sir slave"?
So,now I say "SHOGUN"in my heart and I play...

...I think that something is wrong...

Is this "BDSM"?
I know,SM club is just like a sex bisiness.So I am just waker.
I'm intending to understand it.

But,I want session with compatible slave and I want enjoy with them...A small wish.
I do not want to do virtual domina,SHOHUN!


I translated it, but I cannot translate it precisely because I am not good at English.
I wish you understand this nuance.
At all,our domina think purely about BDSM.They write about BDSM purely on thir blog.

Click here!![ Ayatsuki * Blog ] ]


Domina Cleire returns!!

Domina Murasaki and Domina Ayatsuki,popular dominas return at our club.So we are happy!!
And in this time...

Domina Cleire returns from next week !!

She is cute and noble,she becomes the femme fatale for you.She makes fun of you.
She is eager in studying English.Please talk with her a lot.

Her schedule:every Sat.and Sun.17:00-22:00 start last session
Click here!![ Domina Cleire ]

RIE ; )

lasiora tokyo

Author:lasiora tokyo
Call : 03-6380-6568
(From overseas : +81 3 6380 6568)

Business hours : 7days a week

Reception : 12:45 - 22:30
Session : 13:00 - Last session starts around 22:00 or later

Location : Shinjuku / TOKYO

Website : lasiora.com


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